So this shit's getting an anime. If anyone cares

So this shit's getting an anime. If anyone cares.

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I hope she gets fucked

I hope he gets cucked

I've never seen something start so strong, yet fizzle out so quick.

Was that the one where they guy confesses in the first chapter?


The whole premise is them dating, and having to keep it a secret since they're in rival dorms.

Hey a show where i actually read manga before the anime

Shit main girls, shit series. If not Teria and Hazuki i already drop this shit.

Hazuki a shit

Juliet a shit.

China dress lolis best girls. You can not dispute this.

Dumping to test out my Pass.

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Romio Inudzuka: Yuuki Ono
Juliet Perucia: Ai Kayano

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Whoah for real? I remember liking the oneshot, didn't read the serialization that far because I forgot about it.

Dyke best girl

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they are already lovers after that, but there's a catch

Yeah this doesn't look like it'll get boring and generic past the first chapters of the premise.

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>“Grigio Academy Boarding School. The students that attend this school come from two countries, and reside in their own dormitories. Inazuka and Persia are leaders of rival dorms, but in secret they love each other. Now, they have to keep their relationship a secret from their dorm mates or else bad things will happen to them.”

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girls are top tier, pretty sad MC is a disgrace. The become a bitch arc shouldn't have ever happened.

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I assume the rapists become comedy side characters


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Ding ding ding.

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This translation isn't great

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Aaand done.

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Is this some discount Nisekoi?

>mandatory love "rival" that is destined to lose since chapter 1

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She doesn't really seem in love and more like she is very manipulative.

They sure made her more developed...

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So why everyone here hates this?
The dumped chapter was very enjoyable

I am very confused. I thought the whole thing was a war zone and now they are walking to school together?

Reverse Nisekoi, it's a confirmed OTP in the first episode.
Let's hope this and a certain other anime starts setting a pattern, I'm tried of harems all the time.

>Reverse Nisekoi
Or how its also known. Literally Romeo and Juliet.

The first few chapters are cute, but it just kinda stagnated. The main protagonists' relationship is at a standstill, and the author keeps adding side characters for trouble-of-the-arc fodder. And the few times it focuses back on the main couple, it's the same "either one fucks up, or causes a misundestanding, they get over it, something cute-ish happens" loop with neither of em really developing either themselves, or their relationship.

>literally named romeo and juliet
>no one sees it coming

Which studio is animating this?

>war zone
Where'd you get that from?

Seriously nigger? Do you even read the manga?

the only reason I ever knew about this is because of Kaguya

Oh my god.

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>this getting anime earlier than Kaguya and Hoshino
What? It's not that I'm hating the series, it's actually pretty comfy. But, what?

>this garbage gets an anime but kaguya doesn't

Kaguya doesn't really need promotion yet.

what kind of jap names his kid romeo anyway?

I think this started before Kaguya, and definitely before Hoshino.

The one that isn't living in Japan.

It's better than Kaguya though

Dude, Netoge just been adapted out of the blue last year. This shouldn't surprise you anymore.

It's started about the same time as Kaguya. The differences is probably just around 2-3 months earlier

Fucking finally. It's one of the only decent romance shows right now

At least Netoge has Hisasi name on it which is a huge selling point

fucking westaboos

Looking forward to seeing this animated.

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Well that was quick.

As a heroine she's cute, but she seems kind of middle ground to me. Plus her ojou-sama getup just ends up reminding me of LNs.