How many did you watch?

inb4 newfag

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Kill yourself, newfag

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I don't autistically track how much time I passed on watching cartoons.

Fuck off newfag.

Yeah we don't use it to easily keep a backlog so we can go back and re-watch shows we missed or anything.

Why do you even need to list anime like that you autistic retards? Why the fuck do you losers even use that toxic stupid site? I think it's better if you fags get the fuck off from here and continue this dick measuring competition elsewhere like with your normalfag discord friends or MAL losers

You deserve to hang just like anyone who posts on Sup Forums but doesn't actively read manga. Eternal newfags, so to say.

also inb4 thread deletion

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That's why I use programs to do the work for me

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You should also kill yourself for posting MAL-cancer here.

>using MAL to keep track of manga

You're just as bad. Fuck off.

Why not though? Let people do whatever they want


Most of it was shit in hindsight. Marathoning series came to an abrupt halt five years ago when I got married. Oh well, I got too old anyway for teenage high school antics.

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Blog somewhere else you stupid piece of shit.


I just started watching anime this month so my anime dick is not as big as you guys

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This, Excel can't compare.

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How is your dropped count so low
Do you continue the show even though it's bad?

Only low-powerlevel faggots say stupid shit like "I use my head" or "just write it down on notepad hurr".

>MAL e-epeen thread
Holy shit, fuck off.

Kill yourself. Actually, kill everyone else in this thread, and then kill yourself.

You should know that there are hundreds of autists in this very board who don't drop anything they've picked up, no matter how shit it is.

They're either too stupid, literal NEETs or have legit autism, but they're out there alright.

E-Dicklet newfag detected.

Underaged MALturd detected.

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is this the dick measuring thread

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I dont generally drop anime as long as its not too terribly bad like Dragonaut Resonance

Explain to me why the fuck you need to write down what you watched. To show it off to all your school friends? Just fuck off and kill yourself.

What's this?

For record keeping, you brainlet.

>Mean Score: 7.76

Goddamn I hate people like you.

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MAL fags fuck off

>watching anime
Are you 10 ?

Past a certain amount of anime watched, it's impossible to immediatelly recall everything you've seen, or to even remember if you've watched something or not. Especially true for shit you've seen as a kid and for bad to average anime when everything just kind of meshes in as a blur.

It's a worry low-powerlevel faggots like you don't have.

That's why i have
>dropped 140

For what purpose? Unless you're so retarded as to not to keep track of anime in mind. I bet it's just to brag about some numbers with your toxicfag friends

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Low powerlevel faggot indeed.

i don't count it, but i've been watching almost all seasonal anime since 2006.

You just got trash memory retention skills

Nope, i'm 8 year old little girl.

Low memory retention power faggot indeed

you doin' okay, buddy?

Hey same here, I got into it right around Code Geass and S&W release date

>People in this section actually new enough to think we MAL and AniList aren't used by long-time members

You are the actual newfags.

I'm in my late 30s and have likely seen more anime than you even know exist, so my point stands. If you can't even remember if you watched a show, either it was probably not worth remembering in the first place, or you're fucking retarded. My guess is the latter.

List all of the shows you've watched.

If I see a show I want to watch later, I'll jot its name down in a text doc or keep open a tab with it and clean my tabs through periodically. Micromanaging your anime watching takes the fun out of watching anime for the shows.

Please don't take the score into account, I started with my favorite shows, but soon got lazy

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The fuck are you talking about it takes a few seconds to organize a regularly updated list.

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You should fucking kill yourself.

The only people bitching in this thread about the use of lists are people that have never used them before.

been watching every anime on or near the day it airs since the 90s

can't believe you faggots keep anime lists

>Not watching underrated shows and missing gems.

Why even waste time on anime if your average is less than 7? You probably have other better things to do like jumping off a tall building

>only giving 10, 9 pr 8 points

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We are not that much of autistic retards to keep list of fucking japanese cartoons

>Maybe he actually enjoys anime

What a concept

Is this the new teaching from MAL and Plebbit? You should fuck off back there, newshit.

Go be autistic in the 3x3 thread as well

I started to use MAL to keep track of the manga but I would have to do it manually and it's simply too much work.

You don't need to write it down anywhere.
You should have a folder with every fucking show you've seen in there.
And if someone asks if you've watched X, you should have no problems remembering unless you have a legitimate mental disability.

But apparently you are retarded and autistic enough to waste your time shitposting.

Your new is shining brightly, Narutard friend.

You're just casual.

Watched on and off for 15 years now. I watched Death Note and the first arc of Bleach as it aired.

I have no idea how you guys can have so many series completed when I struggle to find anything decent to watch anymore.

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all you have to do is fucking update the chapters or episodes when you finish, how much of a brainlet can you be?

Why would I willingly keep a shit show I gave a few episodes in memory? I don't hate myself enough to do something as stupid as that.

proof that Sup Forums has no sense of perspective. The explosion of their medium means that there are way more games coming out, but the amount of coverage each consumer is going to consume probably hasn't changed much. If 10% of what comes out in a year is great or above, then you can cover only those games, and still have plenty of content now, but you could not do that 20 years ago. Quantity, in a twisted way, is quality.


If you're even using that word as a descriptor you must be really, really new.

>MAL and Plebbit
Those are the places that promote this list making to compare e-peens and you retards should fuck off there

>maybe he has no standards whatsoever and will give a 8 minimum even to the smelliest turd

Want to try rephrasing that question so it makes sense?

>You should have a folder with every fucking show you've seen in there.
It would literally not fit into the empty space of all of my HDDs together.

>keeping shit/mediocre/above average shows in your HDD
Nigga, I only store 'great' and above.

Using MAL (the list not the other retarded functions) is okay. Promoting your shit here is another story.

>Standards=not liking stuff
Great logic

If you don't understand that question you are mentally impaired, it follows the logical constructs of language.

>watching 314
What's the point of the currently watching category if you just jam everything in there?

>Goddamn I hate people like you.
Not him but i hate people like you who rate series from top 100 poorly just to keep your average down. Personally i don't watch anything i consider a 6, i simply drop it.

>Not him but i hate people like you who rate series from top 100 poorly just to keep your average down
I don't think anybody here is obssessed with MAL forums enough to do that, people on Sup Forums just use it as a tool for keeping track of things.

>actually caring about a series' MAL ratings
>and not only caring, but getting buttmad about it
YOU are the real cancer.

English must be your second language.

I didnt count anything I watched in HS as it was mainly every gundam series/ toonami and I feel like I need to reward to actually say I have as its been 10 years + and watch sub.
Also always have issues with adding rewatched shows as a few I rewatch each year.

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You misunderstood what he wrote, he's not getting mad at the mal average at all.

And those low standards allow them to enjoy more of the content that is released. I don't see a problem with that.

Must be hard going through life when you struggle with reading comprehension.

Stop being poor and buy more space.

Explain the faults in the structure of the question.

Re-read it, I'm not going to educate you on how to structure a fucking question so it can actually be read with its intended meaning.

I agree that it's not grammatically wrong, but its construction was a tad clumsy imo. This part:

>Why would I willingly keep a shit show I gave a few episodes in memory?

Anyone who's not a retarded ESL should be able to easily parse this; however, for the sake of writing a more elegant sentence, I would personally restructure this part.

Dubs thread?

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There's no better alternative to track manga except shitty MAL

Real rich people don't waste money buying HDD to store keep anime they don't even like, you poorfag brainlet.