Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

They're not going to look for Shirase's mother, are they?

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How is the plane going to take off again with that hill right there?

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From the way it came from...

Planes have an R shift?

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Would they see Shirase's mother's frozen corpse. Or are they just gonna allude to it?

I can't tell if you're trying to be dumb or if this is a serious question.

>Start out as MC
>Get turned into comedic relief side character

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Well, actually the four of them switch roles for each episode. Maybe in episode 11 she'll be in the spotlight.

Why didn't they show the reaction of the bullies to that?
What a wasted opportunity.

I thought that was actually very well done. It doesn't matter what they replied, because they don't matter to Hinata and her real friends anymore.

Collaboration event

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What looking? She's going to be right where gin left her

they were gonna tell her that her mother died in alaska

i love this show

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God I wish that were me

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her mother is pretty much dead right? her being alive would seriously detract from message or at least what i was making of it.

Yes and yes, it would require an asspull of astronomic proportions

They say she's dead in the episode did you not watch it?

are you saying she could have survived 10+ years in the middle of antarctica with no supplies or shelter?

here's your change, Sup Forums

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Penguins user. Penguins

That's not money you little shit.

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not yet, trying to finish shirobako without watching anything in between for the past 3 days

>final episode
>main cast reaches the area where the mom went missing
>they feel the ground rumbling, and the marching of thousands of tiny feet
>over the horizon, a dark mass is heading towards them
>it's a massive army of penguins, but there's something else...
>in the middle of them is a massive golden throne with someone sitting on it, being carried by the penguins
>it's the mom

we heart of darkness now

s-sorry Shira-chan! Here, have pengin!

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what? i thought it was 3?

also yukuki is best girl

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>what? i thought it was 3?

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Yuzuzu is a dumb autist.

please dont say mean things about yuzu

she's had a rough life

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How are you preparing for the heartwrench next episode, Sup Forums?

It is 3

>Yuzuzu is a cute autist.

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I still don't get why or how she was bullied.
Why did they call her an idiot for standing up and saying Yes when her name was called?

I want to hug her and fug her butt

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I want to sign her contract

Plane can turn by its own
look from 4:02 onwards

I don't understand why Hinata got bullied, what did she do wrong?

Can someone explain to me. I watched the episode twice and still don't get it.

She ran faster than her senpaitachi

Such a hard life being a rich and famous pop star while I'm 30 and own 50 cents and have no check coming.
She had it rough.

>final track competition, really important event
>seniors are usually the ones who go because its their last year and the last time they get to compete
>hinata knows this and wants to be respectful and let them go instead of her
>hinata's friends instead convince her to go and steal their spot
>when she's picked, it makes her seem like a selfish attention-whore for taking a spot the seniors should get
>we later see that hinata's friends are kissing up to the seniors and telling them they tried to stop hinata from trying out (complete bullshit)
>hinata quits track and later school while her friends spread bad rumors about her

>ywn sign yuzu's bf contract

man i want to edit the subs of that scene now to say "boyfriend contract" rather than friend.

i'll do that later today maybe

But SHE was the one called!


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Japan is so fucking stupid.

Based Shirase protected this coconut

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During a (province) sport tournament, her school wanted to pick the participants by an internal competition. Hinata thought that she should let it go, since 3rd year student would only have this opportunity to go before they left the school. Those Hinata's friends encouraged her to do her best, since it would be rude to their senpais not to do their best. Hinata did her best, got picked. 3rd year senpais were not happy, they thought Hinata should have known it better to let it go. Hinata's friends backstabbed Hinata by telling 3rd year senpai, that they have advised Hinata not to go full forced

Maybe if you didn't spend all day shitposting on a forum about cartoons you wouldn't be so poor


she's also a womanlet with g cups who is the track team ace so it all evens out

yes, but only because she tried out for the competition. the honor system or whatever you want to call it meant she, like all other non-senions, should have sat that competition out. instead she signed up at her friends urging and beat the seniors to go to the competition.

this isn't just a japan thing. it's common in american high schools too. a lot of times the final game of the season is played by seniors only since it's their last chance to do so.

>But SHE was the one called!
Because she won the trials, because her shit friends convinced her to go all out instead of sandbagging for respect to her senpais, like she wanted to do (she's not an idiot).

>track team ace
And look where that got her.

Wah wah wah.
Sports is all about who is the BEST.
If you're not the BEST then you LOSE regardless if what grade you're in.
Japan is such a shitty country with retarded social bullshit.

yes thats what i was getting at

They've only stopped being cavemen after ww2, they still have the ideologies.

>the girls are alright!

Are you actually retarded?

Three years have passed, she had no food, water or shelter and a huge blizzard was whiping the hell out of her so she lost all visual contact with the rest of the team. How could she be alive?

They're never gonna get to zenkoku with that kind of attitude.

By running off with some GI.

not trying to defend it, but they could do an asspull in which expedition members from other countries found her by coincidence during trek or whatever, and she hasnt tried to contact her team due to another asspull such as amnesia or whatever. these sort of bullshit is not unheard of, though unlikely in yorimoi

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How about just letting Seniors have their own seniors-only competition if they are so assblasted about it? Fucking emotional retards.

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Even with amnesia you couldn't justify how none of the other people would have the idea that the eastasian looking woman they found must've something to do with the nearby Japanese expedition.

I seriously hope they don't pull any of this shit.

this episode was good, loved the ending

The nips have way too much respect for random cunts just one fucking year older than them.

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they mind find her living among some penguins, sitting on an egg, having forgot she was human and being adopted by a penguin colony who feed her fish

That's not a nip exclusive thing though. Also wouldn't it have been two years?

But can it drift?

Last episode was a Yuzuki drama episode.
This episode was a Hinata drama episode.
Next episode is a Shirase drama episode.
Last episode will be a Kimari drama episode.

Shirase and Kimari parallel Gin and Takako. Kimari will be left in Antarctica.


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That makes little difference.
> That's not a nip exclusive thing though
Maybe a universal Asian thing, Idk. What I do know is that it's not a thing in white societies. If anime is not bullshit, school kids switch to polite language talking to their upperclassmen, that's a bit too much respect.
Well, you're most likely a native English speaker and it's all "you" for you, but in languages with two singular second person pronouns, the polite one is rarely used with fellow students, even if they are a few years older, unless the age gap is really huge, and even then it's up to the kid to decide whether or not he wants to call you "You", which at least in my country they usually don't.

I'm in love with this friendless autistic dork.

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Yuzuki is the cutest

>cute when irritated
>nice thighs and butt
>protective over her friends
>not afraid to speak her mind
God she's great

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It's not an Asian thing either. In American schools it's expected that seniors are the ones on the varsity roster. I'm not sure how people don't think Western sports aren't as toxic.

It's also a priorities thing, whatever was the school Hinata was in probably didnt have a history on track nor great times, so it's not like they were going for nationals or something (otherwise there would be some butthurt, but no bullying), so sending their best was probably pointless. Hinata was fine with not going serious because she understood the mood, it was her friends who were mentally retarded and put her on the spot like that.

I'm so glad I dropped this melodramatic trash.

I honestly didn't buy it. I was like "wut?". I was expecting worse. Megu-chan did worse to Mari, damn it. The climax was okay, but what started her trauma in the first place was just lame.

>I was like "wut?"
fuck you
>but what started her trauma in the first place was just lame
You're lame, they betrayed her, their actions pushed her to drop out of highschool and spread rumours afterwards. Details were probably ommited from her story, so they probably did other things as well, or the third years did something

>Details were probably ommited from her story, so they probably did other things as well, or the third years did something
Problem is they don't show, nor tell that. It was just anticlimatic or poorly handled. Also kinda rushed.

What's up with the resident shitposter for this show anyway? Why can't I open a sorayori thread (or any other thread mentionning it) without some autist telling people to go back to YouTube for liking "melodrama"?

It seems like they only care about Hinata as a prop for their own egos ("do track because then we can say our friend won this big event, but then you became unpopular so we had to dump you, but now that your popular because of antarctica we want you back").
They're cunts, through and through.
>Megu-chan did worse to Mari
Not really. Megu chan simply tried to keep Kimari from going due to her own misguided sense of friendship, but its obvious she felt more of a connection to Kimari than the track girls did wish Hinata.

oh, come on. just ignore him. it's not hard.

Its a troll who copypastes "arguments" from seasonal/stalker/VEG threads. Just report him and move on.

This is Sup Forums. The number of people who probably played, let alone cared about high school sports is probably pretty low. I only know because I joined the tennis team to pad my college application out.

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> do track because then we can say our friend won this big event, but then you became unpopular so we had to dump you, but now that your popular because of antarctica we want you back
Sounds like a typical roastie to me.

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Well, the most obvious answer is that multiple people dislike this show, since Sup Forums isn't a hivemind. You giving them attention and acting like a whiny bitch is definitely not going to change that, though.

You forgot to tell me to go back to Youtube

What are you even talking about? Fuck off.

Yeah, I also had to watch that part more than twice. It was disappointing to see her drop school because of that. She needed to suffer more to make it believable. Hinata overhyped how bad her backstory was.

I want friends

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>Hinata overhyped how bad her backstory was.

That's how I feel about every aspect of this show, not believable reactions to forced drama.