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They just released Frederica's new design for the remake/new adaptation. What do you think? Only 20 days until the anime starts airing.

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It's fine

To no one's great surprise, she looks like a team manager from a sports anime.

A but too young, but still look older than new Yang

I'm okay with it; she's in uniform, not wearing high-heels and her cleavage isn't exposed.

Yeah, because team managers wear berets, cargos and combat boots.

Better than pretty much everything they released before. At least she doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out.

I don't know, the way she's holding that book really reminds me of a generic female team manager holding a clipboard or something.

I hope in remake she and Yang will have sex on screen

Not until autocracy is wiped out from the galaxy.

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I dunno. I thought I hated mullets but now that she doesn't have them anymore she just doesn't look like Frederica.
I'm worried about Hilda now.
Oh well, at least they didn't give a latex form fitting uniform that clashes with the men's.

She was basically a team manager for first two seasons. Her only role was holding papers and remembering numbers for Yang. Only after junta suppression she becam more or less fleshed out.

She looks like a fucking man

Her mullet was absolutely adorable when she was in uniform, but looked weird whe she was in civil clothes

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Now you mention it, yeah, whe looks like nu-Julian, with bangs and longer eyelashes.

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>for first two seasons
The FPA coup was near the end of the first season.

I did think it was Julian in uniform at first.

What do you think someone in her position should look like? A gigantic slut?

Still not a sports team.

My bad then

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It doesn't matter if their marriage was consumated or not, their love still was real and beautiful, unlike Reinhard and Hilde, which felt lika a mix of convenience marriage and shotgun wedding

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>I don't know, the way she's holding that book really reminds me of a generic female team manager holding a clipboard or something.

What is she exactly anyway? Is she an XO, someone who actually makes sure Yang's orders are carried out properly and manage details, or is she an Aide-de-camp, which is effectively secretarial and mostly involve scheduling his daily activities?

I never did figure out which rule she took.

I just realized hair looked better in anime back then

>, unlike Reinhard and Hilde, which felt lika a mix of convenience marriage and shotgun wedding
Reinhard needed an heir, it is as simple as that. Him getting married is just part of his responsibility as a Noble. So no other justification is needed.

I want off the Kuroko no Galactic Heroes ride.

So he didn't have a true love in his matrimony, which makes Yang a winner once again.

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Aren't you all now glad they don't use the Fujisaki Ryu's manga design?

>fluffy hair gone

They are very similar though. Both have military bun and longer bangs.

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two minutes in photoshop

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They look like they're ready to playsome basketball

To no-one's surprise, they pretty much had the same painfully 80s mullet in the original.

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Anyone even watched this this fucking basketball anime? I know logh threads usually are full of fujo and fundashi, so some of you probably would How is this new guy as a director? I mean, sport and fancervice aside, could he create good exposition, imagery, pacing, etc?

She should actually maybe look like a women in combat and not have that total manface.
Honestly I’m already pissed off that this exists just because of the character designs alone and that a plethora of newfags will watch this instead of the original OVAs and ruin discussion of LOGH forever.

Her voice actress is going to be Endou Aya (Sheryl Nome).

>look like a women in combat and not have that total manface
Go read Muv-Luv instead or something

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She doesn't look anywhere as homely as she used to. The hair is not as full, the features are sharper. It may actually work, but I don't like it right now. The old one definitely matched her character better, but maybe this one could work too.

RIP mullet.

The last thing I remember her from was the dead mom in YKA and she sounds pretty close to Frederica so I guess it’s good that they did well on that part.
However how the fuck did they rationalize Suwabe voicing Oberstein instead of Reuenthal? Why the hell did they go with Yuichi Nakamura who would fit more of a Mittermeyer or Staten?

>no mullet
It's shit

Betting money on Sayaka Ohara for Annerose

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Not that I have anything against Endou but anyone here disappointed they couldn't get Maaya Sakamoto? You know, given that Kenichi Suzumura is Yang here?

that's not a manface at all.

I love both of them, but Endou's voice is lower and earthier, which is better for Frederica.

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>I'm worried about Hilda now.
Considering Hilda prefers male clothes and short hair, she is going to be a full-pledged reverse-trap

Right Sup Forums, who is gonna voice Hilda and Annerose?

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You mean like this?

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>expecting moe design in fujo-targeted show

Mamiko Noto for Annerose

You just know they'd go for Saori Hayami instead

Well, maybe Hayami for flashbacks and Noto in the present?

so they were free to design them the way they want? I mean wasn't the original novel had some character designs too?

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Books had pretty detailed descriptions of characters

So far all of new designs more or less accurate to the novels. In some cases even more than old OVA (for example, Oberstein had black hair, not brown). Only canaracters look young in this new style.

>so they were free to design them the way they want?
Yes but they decide to go for Basugay designs.

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Short hair Frederica>every Frederica.

Do we know the VAs yet? I haven't kept up with the news.

>So far all of new designs more or less accurate to the novels.
please tell me mittenmeyer wasn't a manlet

check AniDB

I hate everything about his new show

It's just so goddamn pointless

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You know what they should do? An animal parody, but no, let's make new version because old one is considered as masterpiece or something and teenage girls don't buy it

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He was 172 cm


How tall were Yang and Julian?
They were almost the same height if I remember correctly and Yang doesn't look too tall in LotGH 2018.

They should have made a loli parody instead

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Julian supposed to have a growth spurt in last two years and go over 180

But this is the least-offensive design yet, so I don't know why you're picking today to be offended.

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Kuroko no Basket and new logh director

Is that Dusty next to Schönkopf ?

only good thing is the ship and cg animation, character look like absolute garbage!!

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Dunno about the show, but the books always just said Yang had very average height and built

She was his aide-de-camp. That's why she made the tea.

Wow what a cute guy

Dusty isn't gonna be in this


is it gonna have Lao or Dusty

they are going to ruin Mecklinger

Of all the new designs, her's the one I dislike the least.
The lack of fluffiness is still unforgivable.

Because I that much of Logh autist, I went and found an episode, where Yang asked Julian about his height. Julian said it was 173 cm, and Yang said that next year Julian is going to be taller than him. Basing on their pictures together from that season, I'd gave Yang 178 cm

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Not in this season, but he appears in 2nd book.
Lao is among cast of first episode, so yes, he'll be there, like in the book.

Wasn't there a short animation like this already?


I'd watch 110 episodes of this, instead of the new show.


>only good thing is the ship and cg animation
I prefer old exquisite Brunhilde, new one looks tacky with all this golden filigree

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What the fuck happened to Julian

So, who id going to be revealed next? My bets on Trunich or Rubinsky

It looks way better like that

It's Empire's turn after FPA, Bittenfeld hopefully.

Looks nice, actually. Are there any pictures of the FPA ships? Now sure if I just miss the flying bricks, but the new ones looked like hot garbage in the trailer.

New Brunhilde has too many faces

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Oh my Odin, please tell me that this is a joke. I don't even recognise any of them.

You don't recognize Mittermeyer? Take your hyperbole and fuck off.

If only Kircheis was there.

Is there really so many anons who see these designs for the first time. I mean, ecxept Freddy one, whe whine about them every day for two weeks straight

That is not my Mittermeyer.

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Anime was mistake


>not watching it for drunk bingo with Sup Forums

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LOGH is one of my favourite things ever made. And right now im watching something that is special to me, getting raped right before my eyes, and I can't stop that from happening.