Why does she cry so much?

Why does she cry so much?

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She didn't pop MC's boycherry, she looked away for one second and he's fucking some albino chick he only met recently.

But the blonde one was his gf.


Ms. Bones' Wild Ride

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looks like something Raita woukd draw
not sure


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I would be crying too, she's deformed.


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Judging by she's already straying from the predicted path.

Nah, you just have to add huge boobs on the skelly.

Because she knows she'll never be best girl.

I like tits as much as the next guy but those are horrendous

That's not even the worst they can be.

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No I mean that her bones are sticking out less.

she cucks her friends then cry when she herself gets cucked. the rape on the beach should really have happened not just in a dream.

I almost forgot that Misa wasn't the first girl. She kinda deserves all the harem hijinks the MC gets into considering she straight up homewreckered his first girlfriend.

She's awful.

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TAGENTIAL QUESTION... when does the English translation of chapter 18.0 come out?

Or where can I read it

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Author photos

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Yea my spelling of tangential there in all caps didn’t help... but I just woke up am groggy froggy

raita is a girl

This, my dad works at raita and he told me.

raita is good-looking

where to read ch18 english yo

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