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Merely. Holding. Back

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Witness Vegeta's SSJ3. The legendary jobber form.

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Hmf, of course. You can't beat absolute strength. even with your cheap powerups

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And I thought Toguro was an asshole when it came to holding back his power. Jiren held back his power for EIGHT FUCKING EPISODES of fighting so far. Damn!

He's going to hold back until he accidentally walks off the side of the arena.

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Just looking at him screams chad.

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why do they keep delaying episodes

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Sport events.
Their viewership surpasses any anime's, so FujiTV replaces it.

Merely. Pretending.

i just binged through all of ToP did we ever find out what the deal with pic related was? it looks like zamasu but i dont think anything came of it

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It seems like Toei tried to associate the red color with the heat that UI creates.
Pic related also has a red aura.

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There is no greater Chad. Needs to be cheap shotted to lose.

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Is chichi a cuck?

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>implying Chadren will lose
He'll revive u7 out of pity for embarrassing them

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You think Goku wants to fuck anyone? Unbelievable.

Superior couple. Chad and Stacy.

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Reminder manga is not canon, it follows a story different from that of Toriyama’s so it is nothing more then fanfiction

damn jiren's ASS

Keep telling yourself that, pal

Don't talk to me or my wife ever again.

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It was just their initial idea for UI's aura. They actually reuse some shots of the opening but recolored white/blue when Goku went UI Omen in the special and Whis was explaining how it happened.

Yeah, that image though

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Wait, I've got it! I'll just combine the power of a Super Sayian with the power of the Kaioken!
I'm a genius!

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thread theme:

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wait a minute this isn't /dbg/

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What do you think they're going to do with the next series?

My prediction
The Saiyans learn that they can use other kinds of god energy with Super Saiyan, and that the blue form is just using super saiyan energy with a generic god energy from red form. They go in different directions like we've started seeing in TOP and it expands more on the god hierarchy.

Goku: Trains under Whis(like he was right before ToP), learns angel energy and UI which only angels can use for a white super saiyan, hence his white hair and ultra instinct that even Gods of Destruction couldn't learn.

Vegeta: Super Saiyan god of Destruction, he's always had the most destructive techniques of the saiyans and pushed himself hardest like the God of Destructions, and he has the most powerful non UI form currently. Can use his Blue 2 form except with GoD energy instead to make a purple super saiyan. He has the personality closest to a GoD. He also said "Screw Kakorott's UI I'll find my own way"

Gohan: They expand on his pre-TOP statement of getting a form no one else has. Super Saiyan God of Creation. Learns from the Kais since he got his powerup from the Elder Kai, learns something similar to Super Saiyan Rose (a kai in training using a Saiyan body). Fits his personality because his first trainer could create clothes and shit, and he has the personality closest to a kai/is the most intelligent.

I say this because there's 3 adult Saiyans, and in the hierarchy there's always pairs of 3 (one angel, one god of destruction, one god of creation). Even with Zeno, the god who created Super Shenron, and the grand priest, we can assume they're a trio. We're starting to learn Zeno isn't actually a great fighter but has absolute destruction energy, similar to how Beerus is compared to Whis, so I assume Zeno is just the greatest god of destruction and his pair is the guy who created the angel.



You guys need to move on and start watching new anime and reading new manga .

Fuck off faggot.

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Why is he such a shit protagonist?

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nah fuck horror, i'm a little bitch

El Hermano

At least Toguro had some level of reason for it.
Jiren has no fucking excuse from going 100% as soon as shit started flying south for his team.

>gets his strongest powerup that GoDs haven't obtained in a million years.
>Jiren was still holding back and defeats him with a ki blast.
Poor little Goku!

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Fuck Jiren, always inferior compare to El Hermano.

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Cell arc happened.

>wanted to train Yusuke to get a good fight and end his own life
>wanted to be some kind of father figure to a fatherless boy after his tragic backstory of losing everyone he was supposed to be responsible for and becoming a demon

>do fuck all for tons of episodes
>oh it was because he wanted his team mates to lose so he could get the wish lol
>still hold back well after he's the only one until Goku finally masters UI
>all this with his entire universe at stake

Fuck Jiren and Super desu

The manga is gonna be strange since Jiren even starts off attacking. Unless he's weaker in the manga he could still end the tournament within a few minutes of staring at people.

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But can he beat EL GRANDE PADRE????

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Yes but the difference is toguro wanted someone who could make him draw out his full power whereas jiren is fighting cause muh justice and muh generic backstory.

I was really hoping they'd use this

>Dragon ball heavily relies on Oni trope
>Goku has always been red, Vegeta blue since the first fight with Kaioken
>Goku finally returns to red and Vegeta blue, they fuck it up by giving Goku blue too and phasing out the red form
>they give Goku Kaioken blue and Vegeta Blue 2 making them diverse again
>finally have the chance to give Goku blue and red mastery before giving him white mastery (see red and blue oni serving the god level white oni, which originally happened with Super Saiyan)
>phase it out and go straight to white

fuck em

Frieza will revive his all clan since the Yamoshi days...and him too

They can just throw some random at Jiren and keep them clashing for a while off screen. No one has established power levels, so they can be as strong as the plot needs them to be.

>we'll never get a well written character in super
Man fuck this show, why can't it be good?

>"Jiren..you're still weak..you've always been far to weak.."

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>Jiren vs. Jiren


Frieza will wish to be a God of Destruction and be the final boss of Super

It's not even that. Super has give zero reasons for why Jiren isn't just tossing people off the ring left and right. At least the manga gives a little panel and makes him say that he isn't ok with killing other universes to save his. The anime couldn't even do that much

That's Jiren vs El Hermano but jiren vs jiren would result in whoever stops holding back first winning.

MUI is just impossible to reach without high level of stress.
Also Demon Worlds

Better than fighting for the sake of fighting/being the strongest because of muh pride/arrogance

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I hope once this arc is over toei will forget about him and we'll never see him again. He has to be the most boring character I've ever seen.

>they both stop holding back at the same time

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I feel toyo saw a bit of how anime jiren was an improved on that cause toriyama was the one that wanted stoic uchiha Jiren and anime staff just turned him into a asshole.

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But that's basically what he started doing once the pride jobbers started losing.

They wouldn't call it Mastered Ultra Instinct if he hadn't mastered it to the point of being able to use it.

Otherwise it'd just be ultra instinct

Look at the OFFICIAL power rankings fags.

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The manga and anime go hand in hand, you really want both to go into such detail about each character right off the bat?

>The fight consist of two jiren floating in the air glaring at eachother as stuff explode around them.

>don't talk to me or my rule 63 alternate universe self ever again

Is goku really mastering it? I doubt. We can only say it when he'll be able to transform in that form at will, without stress

These little bastards have snuffed out countless trillions of lives and yet I can't hate them.

way too cool for anime standards

>No Gohan Blanco Calvo
>No El Tio

That's what I was referring to in my post. He's gonna learn to use it.

I'm going to go ahead and assume they're going to start taking the Saiyans in different directions, judging by Vegeta's "Screw Kakarot's ultra instinct" comment and Gohan's "I'll get my own form no one else has ever achieved" comment.

This shit basically happened between Jiren and Goku on a smaller scale already.

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I bet Vegeta is actually the descendent of Yamoshi and something cool will happen to him

What if his real power is just teleporting shit away and he's just been warping universes around without actually destroying them

Notice how the animation when he erases something is the same as the animation for it being teleported away?

Meanwhile Beerus erases something and it fucking melts and explodes

The Zenos are literally the target audience for the ToP.

>I'm not the same weak little boy anymore,brother! I have trained my body as well as my mind. ALL FOR THIS ONE MOMENT!!!

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I want the world of Void to crumble

Highly doubt that.

I'm not asking for exposition dumps. Just basic info

Well Akira Toriyama did state that we'd get more backstory on the Saiyans and Frieza soon wrote personally by him with the movies and manga

Hopefully we don't get the "Bardock was the first Super Saiyan" bull shit as canon.


Theoretically you could stop by East District (regularly) and fuck Chi Chi silly without ever encountering Goku, so uh...

I mean think about it.
Do you really think they're going to kill all those universes off when they can't even kill off Frieza?

Nah, they're too obsessed with merchandising. I guarantee you at the end of the tournament it's gonna be "oh we just teleported all of them into the winner's universe they're still all alive"


I know... the cringe....

Cabba Hit Magetta and Winnie can live on, the femsaiyans have to go

>A 30 year old person drew that
>That was the best they could do

Kind of sad.

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You forget how autistic gooks are.


>yet another thread that presents an opportunity to love and post Caulifla
Feels good man

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The name of the form is actually just "Ultra Instinct". They're only calling it mastered sometimes to differentiate from Omen, but it doesn't mean Goku has "mastered" it just that he can use the actual UI now, not just a part.


I fail to see the issue with saiyan pussy and I doubt I ever will.

Kale is cute but cauliflower is ugly.

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>Kale is cute
>Cauliflower is ugly
Shit taste user.

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That's too complex for toei desu, besides what the fuck are they going to use the super dragon balls for?

I like Kale, but the whole "Controlled" LSS thing isnt something I can agree with. It just became another SS recolor when at least LSS had some appeal with its unrestrained brutality.

Instead of all this "merely holding back" that Jiren likes to do, seems like it'd be nicer if Jiren just breaks his own limit too after Goku masters UI.

I see you're a man of culture also

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They are both cute.

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>Gets a new legendary OP form
>it’s incomplete
>Still manages to defeat or corner some of the strongest foes thus far
>Completes the form
>Jobs to someone who was already clearly weaker than the new form

Hmm this sounds a lot like..

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