Why aren't you allowed to fuck her?

Why aren't you allowed to fuck her?

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She's not real.

She is your oneesama, you sick fuck


I hate her.

Sup Forums.org/rules#a
>Japanese visual novels should be posted in /jp/, and Western on /vg/.

>hating the best girl
>hating the smug

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We're not allowed? Since when?

>Game art
Gotta love how Fate gets a free pass on Sup Forums when the OP isn't even remotely related to manga or anime.

Because she's a lesbian.

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She is for my daughter, Miyu.

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Quit crying newfag

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Sisters are for cuddling, not dicking.

She is Shirous stepsister so its totally fine, plus Ilya canonically wants it too

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Ilya or Prilya?
This is extremely important.

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Easily worst girl. I wanted to scream at baka Shirou for letting a devil stay with him.

but she is so cute user

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Thats how they get you. It was the one thing he did that was too stupid for me.

Shes an angel too

She's a devil in the shape of an angel.

Even better, that said Ilya isnt really evil. She just doesnt know any better

I get that but I cant go with thinking that any kid would just be okay with the shit she did and wanted to do just because she was too young to know otherwise. I was pissed everyone was just okay with her so fast.

Well, Shirou is Shirou and Saber herself probably has some pull towards Irisviels and Kiritsugus child

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t.smelly anus


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>Kaiji is going to end in this volume

Wow, really? Gonna end with One Poker? I havent read it in a bit. Thats bittersweet. Season 3 when?

Its not confirmed but the stakes are pretty much serie ending

Reminder that China Dress is god-tier.

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How is wanting sex from Ilya not anime/manga?

If there is anyone browsing Sup Forums right this minute and he doesn't want to impregnate Illya/kuro/miyu then I don't want to see what he would want to impregnate.

why would I want to impregnate Illya when caster exists?

mommys out

Prismaverse Ilya is nice in her own way, but nothing could ever beat the original.

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I don't want to impregnate them because that would be pedophilia, user.

Also I just don't find them sexy.


she overshadowed literally everyone else way too much

>because that would be pedophilia

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Because were not pedophile


But the speech bubble says おのれー

There is no law saying a replication can't beat the original

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>Finally, a chance to use this image!

What a moron you are, Zasshu. Of course the original cannot be defeated by a mere fake.

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