What's the appeal of this show except for the plotwist in the manga it's shit

What's the appeal of this show except for the plotwist in the manga it's shit

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tell me some mangas you enjoy and i tell you

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JoJo, Beserk and HxH

Those gears

The show's visuals were great and the premise is interesting. But in the end it's just another case of wasted potential because the author can't write for shit.

Fuck off.

>Human rights
Nice spooks brainlet

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never said nything about rights

but revenge and freedom are obvious you nigger

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it was an interesting show about human survival in an interesting world, until the author noticed that his show got popular and he decided to not kill everyone

writing went to shit after armin survived falling from top of the wall while completely burned then after all that they asspull the serum to him over erwin lmao??

also all the other shit that happened in the arc with reiner surviving a blade to neck because of some random made up bullshit, by far the worst arc in snk

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The first 15 episodes are just characters screaming "OH GOD" at everything. There's been like 1 manly scene in the entire series and that was when Levi finally does something. Even Berthold and Reiner are fucking crying pussies.

imagine having such shit opinion

It picked up almost immediately after that with the basement reveal and the following arc.

Then i dont get why u dislike snk.

This series has so much great moments, clever adult writing and likable characteres. Also the artwork realy gets unique after a few volmues. I dont want to spoile nor force you to give it a chance, i just can honestly say that if that are the mangas you like, 100% you will love snk too if give it an unbiased aproach.

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You had to like Jojo didn’t you, fag? Now you’ll make us Jojoanons look even worse than we do now.

because it's not shit

>muh grotesque large zombies attacking all I love
>muh edge & despair
>muh will to live against all odds
>muh undercuts
>muh miltary uniforms, tight pants and short jackets
>muh awesome looking animated maneuvering
>muh nostalgic 90s anime aesthetic
>muh painted skies and sunset palette
>muh fujobait
>muh Sawano OST
>muh vidya potential

It was the right anime at the right time.

Excellent production, Araki, Sawano, the OPs, good battle choreography, the edge

Eren should have stayed dead


Main character is not a walking vagina.
No bullshit romance subplot.

Yeah keep telling yourself that

Hi *eddit

The story is the embodiment of German ideals and philosophy such as put forth by nietzsche. It’s an interesting look at the eternal struggle concept that could become great if he goes with a time loop/tragic ending

Suffering, brutal reality, fights and edge
I love it

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