Bakemonogatari 01


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She's "weightless".

better quality

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Anyone got all the pages yet?

I dont recall a scene where araragi grabbed crabs butt from bake.

Not as fun or good looking as the anime.

And again why, Im aware there are bits not adapted to the anime but, is it really worth starting a manga for it?,well I guess if it doesnt really work it would end at bakemonogatari


too puffy

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At least post the actual rip.

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Fuck me, I love Oh! Great's art

her butt is so small it fit in one hand

How is this allowed?

Araragi has yuge yaoi hands, don't you know? And she's Japanese, of course she's a womanlet. Still, proportionally crab butt is fat.

Bat made truly terrifying there.
The actual grab god as well!

Snip-snip, motherfucker

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Wait, so Oh!Great is drawing a Monogatari manga?


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I stitched the rest of double pages.

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oh hey kissshot

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Hanekawa is cross eyed?

Birb where

Not until Nise, buddy

It's 2048px.

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That's a scan, not a rip, isn't it.


I guess this disproves the argument that Oh Great would do better with someone else writing, as even with a familiar story, his paneling makes no sense whatsoever

No, it's a rip. Check EBJ.

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It's a scam

I wonder when will colored manga catch on in japan.

Oh, EBJ does some series in 2k? Nice.

>He can't ignore physics
What kind of fodder are you?

Yeah, Kodansha changed the resolution of their magazines from 1600px to 2k recently, but only for EBJ (so far?).

some webonly magazines do that already. as far as physical stuff, doubt itll ever happen, it would be too expensive

Kodansha fucks up a lot, but their digital releases are really nice all around.

Hopefully never.

hiro mashima drew crab

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Yeah, Shogakukan should learn a thing of two from them, especially about double spreads.

fuck, it makes me want to re-read Air Gear

>nadeko cutest again
How does she do it

There is literally nothing wrong with his paneling, and when people said that they were talking about his batshit stories. Nothing to do with his art, which everyone agrees is fantastic.

I think one of those collapsed brain chaps image is appropriate here.

It's almost complete in English too, I hope danke rips it.

Only if manga ever become a niche market. Focus on better coloring caused a great raise in the prices of American comics and the industry never recovered from that, but pushed through with it since the audience was getting smaller anyway.

Looks like shit

>actual rip is smaller in size than the other two despite higher quality How?

You are a shit

You missed

Not only does color take longer to make (you need another slave and a QCer for that), and requires more planning/research/testing, and costs more to print (4-color print instead of 1).
The big problem is that it takes longer to read.

I can't read american comics, because it feels like getting a pizza rubbed in your face. Oh fuck all the colors and I'm not even dropping acid.

>I can't read american comics, because it feels like getting a pizza rubbed in your face. Oh fuck all the colors and I'm not even dropping acid.

>I can't read american comics, because it feels like getting a pizza rubbed in your face. Oh fuck all the colors and I'm not even dropping acid.
This. The more variables there are, the more chances to fuck up for the artist there is. It's bad enough with black and white, but with a whole rainbow there's an even slimmer chance of success.

>actual rip is smaller in size than the other two despite higher quality
It's not.

These animal symbols are fucking tight

Why does senjogahara look so much like pic related

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Oh!Great is a great designer.

Because himecuts aren't patented.

I think it's interesting presenting the same canon in a different style. With this the monogatari series has 3 official art styles. Technically more considering how many styles you could find in the anime alone besides the main one.

It's also worth pointing out that the anime is nearing 10 years old. This is hardly an excessive amount of side material. Not to mention your logic could be carried over to question why we need anime adaptations at all when the LNs exist.

To be fair he is only grabbing the apex of her ass.

>apex of her ass
Sometimes I love English language.

Can't wait for Kabuki, kizu and Hitagi end.
I wanna see kaiki in this manga style.

what does that mean? her vagina?

when it is economical to do so, as it costs too much as is.

This scene is manga original.

rrrg catching Crab isn't original, nor is his groping her butt. I fail to see your point.

He catchs her 2 times in the manga. Second time is original.

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Can someone post the first bat appearance in it?


is this weekly or monthly?


Eh, not as bad as I expected, but certainly not good.

Hanekawa is the only good looking one here. He really fucked up with Kanbaru and Hachikuji.

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Wonder where the usual anons complaining Hanekawas breasts aren't larger than her head as the "canon" says.

I like Kanbaru. She looks tasty.

I'll fight you faggot. Hachikuji is the cutest and most normal/anime looking of them all.

snail looks cute as fuck, are you having a turkish?

hanekawa's boobs are too small honestly

She looks almost like Araragi at first glance.

So what about Biorg Trinity, is that over or what. Not like I doubt O!G's ability to have two ongoing manga if someone else is doing the writing.

How long until imoutos?

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It's over

Where's Oshino

Snek actually looks pretty cool. Snail looks her nose got lost.

Biorg Trinity was written by Ohtaro Maijo. And it's ended in January. This one is obviously written by Nisioisin.

too bad he left out her eyebrows

next week

would thicc eyebrows work with that art?

RIP Crab.

She looks like she has down syndrome.

She looks Asian, why do you think people were calling Down's people mongoloids?

OG please, go back to drawing nonsensical stories that are all about looking stylish as possible, I really miss it, please.

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>doubting Oh! Great's ability to deliver god tier art on a weekly basis

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I get it, but it still hurts to get your waifu maimed like that, no matter how realistic that is.

>Oh! Great

Has anyone asked Nisio if we're ever going to see more of the organization of vampire hunters? I found them genuinely interesting. It'd cool getting a novel about how the church handles the apparition threats compared to how Araragi and co do.

nadeko looks really bland in this

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The one and only

>nonsensical stories that are all about looking stylish as possible
Sounds like monogatari was made for him really

Get the fuck out

>There are people who don't know who Oh! Great is
Lucky but sad