Strong girls have the greatest sex appeal

Strong girls have the greatest sex appeal.

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Girls voiced by Sawashiro have the greatest sex appeal.

The weak should fear the strong.

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>draw a boy
>give him tits
>call it a girl
Every single god damn time.

The best

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>instant best girl
really shows how boring normal women are

Who was in the wrong here?

>Can't follow plans
>Can't do teamwork
>Needs to Zombie to win

The mentally ill girl.

Fuckin this.Every time she says something as any character i get a bonner.

What are some other series where the main character spirals into despair and insanity?

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Both. One was an inconsiderate ass who gave conflicting advice and orders while the other was a desperate autist who took everything too seriously and literally.

Yura, several times. She failed to understand the simple point that airsoft is a game played to have fun, and the way to do that was to put in effort to win without being a tryhard bitch that made everyone miserable. Also that the club liked her as a friend and not just as a means of winning airsoft competitions.

If Sonofun-senpai wasn't such a bipolar hypocrite then maybe Yura wouldn't have gone off the deep end.

Her advice was never conflicting. It just wasn't explicit enough because she doesn't know how to speak to autists.

Yura was headed for the deep end from episode 1 when her unrealistic expectations of her new school were crushed by her own autism and she ended up eating in the toilet.

You're not wrong

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Exactly this post but without the typos.

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Hell it looks like Manami from yowamushi

>draw a girl
>imply a penis
>call it a boy
Explain this paradox.

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>Yura you damn coward we need you to woman the fuck up and help us win
>damn it Yura stop being a fucking tryhard lmao

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>sitting in a corner is not a fun way to participate in airsoft
>driving yourself and the team to win at any cost is not a fun way to participate in airsoft
The club played airsoft for fun, and neither failing to actually participate nor making it an ordeal to ensure victory facilitated that.

Only because you're a weak beta male and is relying on the woman for being the strong one in hopes that her genes will be the dominant one in your offspring instead of your own shitty ones.

best voice

Implying traps aren't shit by default

on what planet is that body considered strong?

The thing that got me was the "cheating is ok" Antagonist giving Yura a hard time too. As if she wasn't a super try hard.

It's less about relying on her and more about being glad she won't crumble that easily when I'm not around. Also opening options to more activities and hobbies to enjoy together.

She doesn't necessarily need to be a physical powerhouse. Having a strong personality is enough.

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Planet niplet.


Yura didn't deserve any of the shit she got. If you switched genders of the entire cast she'd be your typical badass sports hero. Almost as bad as Sakurasou's 'Ayy lmao hard work is for losers just be born talented or give up faggot' message.

Bulma hands down she was even number 9 for top best female characters of 2018

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kurapika makes my dick diamonds

Bulma is a good example of a strong woman in the proper sense a woman can be strong.

She was an autist who couldn't play a team sport as a team and made the whole thing worse for everyone else.
Switching their sexes would change nothing because it still wouldn't be a show about being good at airsoft.

This. I honestly want to nut inside every character she voices.

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Its better to have a waifu that can defend herself and you than some damsel

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That's a man user

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Bulma is best girl in the db universe. Not sure why cucks are into chichi.

Chichi can do martial arts

That's cool but it's pretty irrelevant in a universe where most fighters that matter can blow up countries at bare minimum. Bulma at least have skills that come in handy.

She's a yandere.

that girl was a cunt.

>short blue hair
Holy shit

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Fuck off retard. No one wants to be the only one that's put together in any relationship unless you have some weird savior complex.
>alpha beta Sup Forums meme
That shit hardly exists in complex social species. Get off Sup Forums for a bit and go outside.

>Kung-fu tomboy childhood friend who WINS

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>tfw main girl is best girl

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Short blue haired athletic girls are the best.

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Those vagina bones say otherwise

>Marries Goku
That's hardly called a win.


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I mean he is push over brainlet with a nice body, Bulma got stuck with an angry manlet who has a napoleon complex.

She gave her a hard time because she fucked up her role in the match and couldn't work as a team member. They're tryhards, but part of that is expecting you to do your job and not run off playing rambo.

shoot, meant to quote this post.


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Well, that explains my taste in women

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This, it was a point about games and pasttimes in general.You play them to have fun and taking them too seriously robs your fun and the fun of others.

I used to know a guy similar to Yura who played paintball and took it deathly serious. He thought he was going into the Marines and was going to be a badass superhero.
No one liked him and everyone eventually told him to fuck off. He got banned for cheating from a paintball venue and quit.