Kenshiro vs Jotaro

Who wins
How will they fuck this up

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Is this Kenshiro's world? Oceans are fucked out of existence, no Speedwagon brand bike gas? I don't see them not teaming up

>Oceans are fucked out of existence
>tfw no dolphins

Hokuto Shinken is canonically invincible.

Jotaro has the world so probably likely that he'd win.

Musou Tensei is OP

time stop doesnt matter if your opponent is intangible and negates all damage

Ken literally cannot see, hear, or smell Star Platinum - which punches faster than light and can stop time.

He should be destroyed.

>punches faster than light
nani. unless you mean that punching in stopped time is bascially ftl

also see

The Hanged Man was actual Ligth

And Jotaro didn't fight Hanged man, and he wasn't outspeeded he was trapped. So on both counts you're wrong.
But lowballing Kenshiro.
They'll see the steel girder feat, say 'YUP THIS IS KENSHIRO'S MAXIMUM DEFENSE' and ignore how much stronger he got.
Even without Musou Tensei Kenshiro can win because his aura alone becomes strong enough to murder men and stop oncoming trains dead in their tracks.

*by lowballing

Toriko would win.

He didnt fight him though nigger

Reminder that Jotaro almost died fighting a rat because of his autism. If he wastes a time stop to gather information he will probably die.

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something something no stand user was ever defeated by not stand user something something

also SP can literally go inside Kenshiro body and crush his heart

>What is powerscaling

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That would work if anyone actually was faster than Hanged Man, but they weren't. They trapped him.

silver chariot hit the hanged man by making it basically impossible for him to miss by giving the hanged man only one option on where to go, not by being faster than it though

100% they only go by his steel girder feat and ignore how powerful the attacks from people like raoh are that ken can handle

Kenshiro can do that to jotaro too

standless joseph beat someone who was immortal and invincible. jotaro could easily figure something out.

>W defeated X, so Y can defeat Z

and joseph only won because of complete luck anyway

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Except that time Ken got his ass kicked by Souther, or that other guy in the post-Raoh part of the story.

? the whole point of that fight was that SC was slower than it so it couldn't hit it without a trick ?


Kenshiro easily
Jobtaro lost to fucking rat and will never recover.

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Why are you comparing 2 musclebrain retards when in reality only someone like Joseph or pic related could truly win?

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It was a pretty powerful rat though.

Yeah well Ken's a pretty powerful plot device too.

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it's a normal rat that has normal rat movement.

Guess that means Demonbane and Pre-Retcon Beyonder better pack their bags.

King is just a poor man's Kitano Seiichirou. He's nothing.


Aka small, hides in a bush, and has a fucking magic dartgun.

And breaks diamonds

>Kenshiro cant see Star Platinum
>Star Platinum is faster than Kenshiro
>Star Platinum is stronger than Kenshiro
>And can stop time

Jotaro wins this easily, it isnt even fair

and is embarrassing to lose to if you can stop literal time and are supposed to be superhuman.

The only real argument that can be had in Kenshiro's favor is really just Musou Tensai and whether Jotaro can hit with Star Platinum or not.

But Stands have hit ghosts before and seem to work with spirits and other supernatural shit, so i'd argue that it can.

Only thing to discuss now is how many punches could Kenshiro take before he drops?

>>Star Platinum is stronger than Kenshiro

>Star Platinum is faster than Kenshiro
>Star Platinum is stronger than Kenshiro
Both of these are false

Star Platinum can catch bullets at point blank range, toss cars full of people with one hand, destroy boulders as strong as diamonds in seconds

is that supposed to be impressive?
have you read HnK?

Does Kenshiro activate Muso Tensei before Star Platinum stops time?
Strong as Kenshiro may be, I don't think he'd survive a punch barrage to the skull in stopped time if he hasn't at least braced himself.

I'm not seeing any actual points from Kenfags for why Ken would win. How do you win against the frozen time and a force you can't detect?

he's faster than them so you tell me.

because it can't hurt him.

All this speculation doesn't matter. What REALLY matters is that Jotaro will win because he's more popular than Kenshiro.

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Why can't it hurt him? Jesus christ, explain your points rather than acting like "that kid" at the playground

>t. no argument
What strength and speed feats does Kenshiro have that beats those?

omae wa mou shindeiru, NANI! is a more popular meme at the moment than roundabout though
i believe in the power of the memes

read the thread or maybe HnK first, monkey.
haha oh wow okay so a car? really impressive

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>Star Platinum is stronger than Kenshiro

Well this isn't really true, but Strength isn't really a factor here. Regardless of strength Kenshiro can kill you in one hit.

>Star Platinum is faster than Kenshiro

This is debatable. Hyoh managed to toss 10,000 punches in just a few seconds at Kenshiro and was still slower than Kenshiro. Only real thing saying Star Platinum is faster than light is the stat page from my memory and that could just be a poor translation.

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>he's faster than them so you tell me.
I mean how can you be faster than stopping time
Does stopping time really have an activation time at all or is that just anime conveyance?

i think he can do it by reaction almost instantly
when jolyne almost got shot near the start of part 6 i dont think he had time to scream star platinum za warudo, he just stopped time
maybe its been a while since i read it though

he has to consciously stop time retard
do you read Jojo?

Actually now that I read it a little better the light speed mention could just be referring to stopping time itself not the actual speed of the stand, which is even worse.

Taking into account that Jotaro needs a few seconds to take a break from stopping time it comes down to this.

How would the first 5 seconds of Ora's effect Kenshiro.

this description actually reads like it was written by a grade-school. I'm not betting on it being accurate.
especially when you consider its feats.

Resisting bullets, stopping punches faster than bullets, catching arrows with such speed he reversed their trajectory back at the person who shot it from almost a mile away and lethally took them out, taken blows from Raoh who himself is so strong his movements can affect the weather, moved so fast he was able to create his own center of gravity against an opponent so powerful they negated gravity. Star Platinum can punch in a wall but Kenshiro knocked down full buildings with single blows in the HnK movies.

Nothing will ever stop Bayo's sexy death though.

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Can Star Platinum do anything against this?

poor girl

Yes but it's like
how long does that actually take to do?
It's flexing your brain

You are retarded.

worst and most painful death a female combatant has received so far

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He had to take considerable amount of time between his time stops against Dio. Seconds will get you killed by Kenshiro.

he can flex his brain as fast as he can think about it.
>stop time now
the speed you can consciously do something is about the max speed you can react.
That's your thought "speed"

"Between" is a different matter than activating a single one.
I don't think Kenshiro is actually faster than THAT, but activating Musou Tensei might be at the same speed.

It doesn't matter if Jotaro is faster, he has to actually deal damage.
Considering Ken's aura alone is stronger than an oncoming train Jotaro would need to pierce that AND his actual stronger than steel flesh to damage him.
He couldn't even break Sheer Heart Attack.

Jotaro has the reaction speed of superhuman at best.

Jotaro can do literally nothing to kill Kenshiro in 5 seconds

Yeah no I'm full team Ken but you're fucking lowballing.
SP caught a point blank bullet which is mach 1 BARE MINIMUM. And that was start of series.

Ken wont even be able to see Star Platinum. So Jotaro would win.


the whole point of that scene was to prove his ghosts.
>Jotaro could have no way of even reacted to that bullet, so how did it stop?
Jotaro can't react to bullets and stop them point-black. He put the thought of "okay ghost, protect me from the bullet I'm about to fire."
and then the vastly superior SP defended what he could have in no way reacted to.

When then emphasize something, its mostly because its going to happen.

They took well 2 seconds about Star Platinum phasing thru people.

Jotaro will stop time, phase thru Kenshiro's chest and crush his heart.

There's no doubt that Jotaro is going to win in their dumb video, even if it goes against facts.

I'm honestly still shocked that Charizard vs WarGreymon was actually intelligently done and they stated there's 0 chance of WarGreymon losing because I fully expected them to not do their homework and just say Charizard wins.


I think Jotaro is going to win.

Kenshiro cannot do anything about Time Stop.
SP is far, far faster than Kenshiro and would block every single punch Kenshiro would land and protect Jotaro from any insta kills.
SP will most likely phase thru Ken and punch his heart directly.

>Dante was the only man able to penetrate her

They're retarded enough to think Dante could beat Bayonetta, so who knows how they'll fuck things up.

It would most likely be a stalemate unless Jotaro has SP Over Heaven, in that case, he utterly destroys Ken.

>Kenshiro cannot do anything about Time Stop.
And Jotaro cannot feasibly do anything to kill Kenshiro in 5 seconds of frozen time
>SP is far, far faster than Kenshiro
It's not
>would block every single punch Kenshiro would land
It cannot withstand the force behind Kenshiro's blows
>protect Jotaro from any insta kills.
Kenshiro's techniques can strike pressure points through walls/armor and across distances so no punch ghost is going to stop that
>SP will most likely phase thru Ken and punch his heart directly.
Something he's never shown that he can do in a combat situation and only did it once on an elderly man to save him rather than kill him while he stood perfectly still

In a straight up fight there's nothing Jotaro can do to kill Kenshiro and cannot stop his techniques from working. If over heaven comes into play then Kenshiro literally stands zero chance but I think only a retard would include over heaven.

1.-Jotaro can phase thru Ken, even if he doesnt do that in battle nor in character, but DB emphasized it, so it will most likely happen.

2.-SP is faster than light

3.-Ken cannot hurt SP

4.-Walls are not really the same as stands.

Not even close.

5.-DB emphasized it. I agree that he has never done that in character, but when they do that it will most likely happen.

Not to mention if they give Jotaro Over Heaven, Ken is utterly stomped.

i thought they would say that sp phases through jotaros own body to protect him from pressure point attacks or something like that

>2.-SP is faster than light
this just isnt true

No. In the Jotaro intro video, they say it can even phase thru people.

Jotaro never has phased thru someone to hurt em, but in most DB videos, wathever they emphasize ends up happening.



People always forget about aura while it's actually pretty strong

SP is not faster than light

Yes it is

when has it ever moved faster than light
unless you mean that moving in stopped time is essentially moving at ftl speeds

>1.-Jotaro can phase thru Ken, even if he doesnt do that in battle nor in character, but DB emphasized it, so it will most likely happen.
That's just pulling bullshit out of your ass though because it's got zero practical application. Not to mention if we are going that far I'm going to point out Kenshiro's aura of so powerful it stopped a train from approaching him so Jotaro can't even approach him.
>2.-SP is faster than light
Never once has SP displayed that level of speed otherwise Jotaro wouldn't get hurt so often. Just because those stupid pages, which could be mistranslated, said one thing doesn't make them true. Remember pic related and how several of these rules are just objectively wrong now?
>3.-Ken cannot hurt SP
Doesn't have to. He can't neutralize the shock from Kenshiro's blows nor stop them, not to mention he cannot stop his chi.
>4.-Walls are not really the same as stands.
>Not even close.
Star Platinum cannot stop fucking beams of pure energy which Ken can fire from his fists and kill someone from several yards away.
>5.-DB emphasized it. I agree that he has never done that in character, but when they do that it will most likely happen.
See point one. If they are going to go with that level of theoretical bullshit then Jotaro shouldn't be able to approach him. Hell if we go that far why wouldn't I just argue that Ken would quickly escape from Jotaro's sight, erase his presence, and assassinate him which is the true especially of Hokuto Shinken?

And of course if Over Heaven comes into play it's game over, but that's an entirely different Jotaro from the one in the anime/manga because if you consider it canon you have to include the fact it's supposed to be from an alternate timeline/continuity.

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>tfw giorno solos all of the big names from hnk

No shit he's a reality warper with an automatic defense. That's ACTUALLY stupidly powerful unlike Star Platinum.

It's less about who is more powerful and more about being able to think like the Deathbattle dumb-dumbs. They will be extremely caught up by Jotaro being a decent strategist and being able to use SP to touch his own organs. So the episode will climax with Ken pummeling his pressure points but Jotaro used SP eternally to prevent the attack ripping him apart and crushing ken's skull or something when he turns his back

Well sure, but GER is a hack ability.
It should have been named U CAN'T TOUCH THIS instead.

What the fuck are you fags saying about Jotaro not being FTL?

He is able to fight Silver Chariot, who can tag Hanged, who is literal light.

And thats downplay, since it has been calced to be a couple thousand times faster than light.

Jotaro can't fucking hurt Kenshiro, it doesn't matter if Star platinum can punch faster its striking power is not enough to hurt him.

SP is going to break its arms trying to hurt kenshiro.

Being fair, Star Platinum is not faster than Silver Chariot, he just has the intuition and strength to withstand it despite its superior speed.

>A Diamond Crushing Massively FTL punch wont hurt Kenshiro on time stop.


Hell, even if, Ken cannot outspeed SP at all. He would be atatatatataing till the end of time and still wouldnt be able to even touch Jojo

Your reactions should be Massively Faster than Light to be able to block attacks from someone that can attack at Massively Faster than Light speeds.

Aka. Ken wont, ever, touch Jojo.