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Welp Bozebeats is dead

>hero academia
What is going on? Another shitty arc?

>act age dropping
Oh no

>What is going on? Another shitty arc?
Yes. SoL shit and the Villain is literally a youtuber

What happened to Souma? Is it Erina saving the rankings again?
>its the new sluts

RIP Bozebeats

And that's Soma's best rank in months.

>the Villain is literally a youtuber
That's a new low, even for shōnen standards.

Probably still better than the last villain.

>Soma moves up right before the anime

Not surprised.

>Act-Age and Bozebeats

They'll be okay, right? ;_;

The absolute state of HeroAca

What is happening to Kimetsu

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t. youtuber
get fucked

Still 6th, dropped from top 5 because Souma went up.

Soma is not scraping the bottom? What happened?

Honestly I like the villain being a Youtuber, it's honestly quite realistic that it would happen in a modern world where super powers were an everyday thing. I also liked that since he's an older person he had to be taught how to Youtube properly before he could actually get any views due to not being up to date with clickbait methods and youtube algorithm manipulation.


Bozebeats btfo
Good riddance to homofaggot mc


Not that I mind. Kimetsu’s pretty much a stable series in WSJ

Kimetsu and Neverland anime when?

Look out for announcements, WSJ series usually gets anime announced in its second year

>Bozebeats hate all of a sudden

What the fuck, Sup Forums?

Dropping in second chapter is normal. BokuBen fell from 4th to 8th and Dr. Stone was 11th for the fifth chapter.

Remember when people got all hyped up over Bozebeats' shitty first chapter? lol

When a Jump series gets quickly axed, people pretend they always hated it to save themselves from the pain.

It’s quite boring

It still has a few more chapters to redeem itself. If it couldn’t climb up the bottom 5 ranks then it’s over

2018 manga confirmed for flops


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HxH first ranking, right?

What's up with hxh being so low? I thought it was like the second most popular thing in the magazine when its actually being printed?

the fuck is going on with MHA

I hope Noah's Notes survive ;_;

Just because people don't bother the 3 of you reading the series doesn't mean it's unanimously liked

Reminder that the Toc isn't really a strict ranking. Basically the only thing that seems to be consistent is that you don't want to be at the very back of the book for several weeks and even then some series seem to survive anyway.

Jump as unforgiving as usual. I'm not sure if any of the 5 added this year even have a fraction of a chance to succeed. What's their metric on keepers? I thought I understood but Spring Weapon was kept around for over a year.

fuck off shonen fags


It never ranks well, it sells well.

Fans buy tanks, young boys haven't read it because it's been on hiatus so they don't vote for it

The only times it's been praised after the first chapter has been by fags who are horny for the main character. No one has had anything good to say about the manga itself.

This EiC is fucking insane

Noah's Notes and Ziga are new big two.

>just TOC in the OP

off yourself you gigantic faggot

>Jujutsu Kaisen

KnY 2.0


TOC isn't a bulletproof method of gauging popularity. Editors have more say in the Toc than the postcards.

Also hxh is basically immune to being canned, same as One Piece.

No, Bozebeats but a little better edition.

They'll both be axed within 7 chapters

Jump will have spare room once Gintama ends + Hunter goes back on hiatus. They'll probably keep whatever manages to maintain a better rank than RxL.

I feel like it's been that way for quite a while now. Instead of adding a few series and letting them have a chance at redemption if they fuck up it's just throwing a bunch of shit at walls and immediately throwing more on top of it.

NO, you BAKA!

>all of sudden
only faggot getting overexcited about the shotabait mc. Good riddance. Remind of poro too.

You shut up, the gyaru dream is alive.

Back to your isekai thread, pedro

Shokugeki no Soma needs some of Jumps notorious love.

Isn't Kishimoto coming back soon? There have been a lot of new series from new authors but I'm sure they have new works from experienced authors coming in due course


Black Torch 2.0. Even the same possession gimmick. Don't know why they would repeat the exact same premise when BT flopped so hard.

BT didnt flop,but now it is in digital app +

It's not certain that he's coming back to WSJ. He was considering Jump+.

inb4 Jump+ becomes better than WSJ

no chance in hell he ever does a weekly series again

Isn't the new EiC is the former editor of Toriko? That explains how strong the mind games happening in this ToC

>tanks never chart on oricon
>gets taken out of its magazine and put on an app
>not a flop
sure thing buddy

You faggots should read Memesis instead, the first chapter is now translated.

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>What is going on?
What's going on? JUMP SUPER PUSH
Ziga (Cover)
>The Promised Neverland
One Piece (the king of the magazine, putting it down would be stupid)
Haikyuu (if it were not for the CP, it would probably be much lower)
>Black Clover
Shokugeki no Souma (if it were not for the anime PV, it would probably be much lower)
>Dr. Stone
>Kimetsu no Yaiba
Noah (CP not ranked yet)
>We Never Learn
Boku no Hero

I totally understand who does not like the series, but to think that the low positions are a direct reflection of the story is silly.

MHA is kind of in that weird state of staying popular, but hanging around in the mid ranking like how Naruto did in most of Part 2.

>doesn't get axed
>sells around 20k-30k
Kill yourself nigger.

Wrong retard


I never liked that shit.

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This Suzaku tournament arc probably the last chance for Robo to get good by showing some super power

>Shokugeki no Souma (if it were not for the anime PV, it would probably be much lower)
An anime PV came out earlier today. People voted in jump before then.

>literally has meme in the title
No thanks. And why shill this in TOC threads when you could easily just make your own.

I can't believe I pissed off the lone remaining Black Torch fan in the world

He didn't even show up in this chapter. The chapter ranked here is 168. Almost funny how silent shitposters were last week when it was ranked third.
Naruto remained in the top 5 up until it ended but that's mainly because the editor wasn't a retard like this one.

At this point, putting TPN, BC, and MHA at bottom ranking doesn’t matter because they are becoming the new pillars of the magazine

we will come after you at the right time :^)

Mha is way past needing pushed. It'll probably just squat around the center of the magazine unless it just has a ridiculously popular arc or the anime gives it's wsj presence a huge pop.

I kinda legit feel bad for Tataba with how insanely bad the Black Clover anime is. The series is pretty average but it really deserved better- they really butchered most of his action scenes and Tataba really is pretty decent at them.

This is Sunday not Jump. Fuck off.

It actually makes sense to put the manga that need a sales and visibility boost in the top 5 instead of a steadily selling one.

you mean the series where one of the homo MCs wets himself at night so the author can draw him with no pants on?

The anime adaptation of BC is no worse than the ones for Naruto and Bleach. Its just another situation of "the emperor has no clothes" the fanbase is experiencing.

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>The chapter ranked here is 168.
That is a Bakugo chapter. How is this ranking so low?

studio pierrot is utter shit so I don't know why this comes as a suprise to anyone

Like it or not, BC is one of the best selling series of WSJ

If you want to laugh at sales then you can freely mock Dr. Stone and Kimetsu because they’re selling poorly

everyone is assuming that mha's position is because of poor quality, but why is no one questioning the high positions of neverland?

Oh fuck I didn't even see that
>literal who manga over One Piece

You know forcing yourself on a completely different audience like this isn't going to convince anyone to read your shit.

Do you really believe Souma was in that position because of votes?

Yea, just like every other series in the TOC.

If you're trying to make everyone hate Memesis, you're doing a good job of it

>That is a Bakugo chapter
No that's the Aoyama shitting in his pants chapter

TPN is a decent manga
Just because it outranked One Piece doesn’t mean it’s able to sell 1.3 million copies of its manga within a week like One Piece

I laugh at all three

I’ve heard that votes don’t determine placings at all, and that position has little to do with ranking or whatever

Now people will hate it less?

Holy shit this is actually so fun and good

It does have something to do with it, at least it certainly seems to looking at past trends.

So naive.

>literal who manga

Can WanPiss-only readers please get out this thread.