What is yuribait?

What is yuribait?

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No, /u/ is just braindead.

This show would have been much better if they had put all the effort that went into yuribaiting into virtually anything else

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Why is Kumiko so terrified and who's Mr. Sbelord

>can't even read English
>calls other people braindead

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Showing girls just fooling around among themselves, with no prospects of any serious relationship between them ever happening, generally in order to please fatass otaku with their pure waifu mentality. It's really disgusting.

I see no yuribait in this show. You guys are just deluding yourself to think that they are baiting with yuri.


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>with no prospects of any serious relationship between them ever happening
How can this be determined?
Is what you described not subtext, if not in fact actual yuri?

It's a term used by people who don't understand that subtext is the foundation of yuri.

Because nothing happens onscreen, no kisses, no I wuv you, no nothing. It's just bait. Subtext is just the nice thing to refer to it, in any case, the reason why nothing ever happens is either
>in order to please fatass otaku with their pure waifu mentality
or just outright good ol' homophobia.

Stop this meme. There has never been any sexual tension between them. This was neither yuri nor yuribait, just friendship

/u/ still mad. Great.

Maybe not on the original source, but the anime was unresolved sexual tension: the anime.

I've seen gayer shit than OP's pic on fucking nurutu

Just normal adolescence, take off your goggles.

Reina is rotten slut wanting adult dick
Kumiko is pure maiden who gets flustered when childhood friend start showing signs he loves her
People don't want yuri faggotary, normal heterosexual romance is the best

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There's nothing wrong with het relationships, of course. The problem is when you have a couple of characters doing the gayest shit ever on a regular basis but then you force het on them because it's the normal thing to do I guess.

>The problem is when you have a couple of characters doing the gayest shit ever on a regular basis
You are just retarded. That never happened in the show.

It did plenty of times, though.

Yuribait is a term coined by people that fail to understand what is yuri.
Not like I care though, if making up new names for things that makes them uncomfortable makes their life easier then go ahead just don't be surprised if somebody calls you a retard.

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>the anime was unresolved sexual tension: the anime.
And that's where you're wrong. There was nothing like that at any point

No, you're right, this is perfectly friendly behavior between nothing but friends.

this implies that yuri is good though

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I knew you'd post that scene
Yes, it's indeed no unusual behaviour for friends. I still don't get why everyone thinks that this is the first step into each other's bedroom


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You might be gay.

Everything that's not hentai.


Because it is NOT usual behavior for friends. You just don't do that to a person you don't want to slap genitals with. Not even saying a no homo afterwards would help you in that case.

If that is how you act with your samesex friends, you are most likely gay.

>says the retard that thinks yuri is class S


Shut the fuck up.

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>character exclaims that the other is so amazing/beautiful they wouldn't mind dying
>it's directed like a romantic scene in any other anime

I didn't even care for hibikek, but that scene is gay as fuck.

>What is yuribait?

Making you have a boner for a girl-girl action without ever delivering the goods. It's a real artistic con dude.

This. People don't understand that declarations of love not only means eros.
Kumiko and Shuuichi are going to marry and live happily ever after.

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I don't see anything gay here. I mean do you guys live in a culture where even a bit of physical contact with same sex is viewed as gay. Reina is fascinating person for kumiko and thus such a dreamlike aesthetic in that scene.

Finally someone gets it

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Do you people live in a parallel reality where gently touching the face and the lips of another person with your fingertips is somehow not sexual?

I mean, so far nobody has ever complained about it and I didn't instantly fucked everyone I did it with. So no, not a parallel reality by any means

>even a bit of physical contact
If my friend walked up to me delivering a speech and running her fingers from my forehead to my lips, I'd be at least flustered, because that is not a normal gesture between friends. Where the hell do you live?

Only cultures were people act like this to people they apparantly doesn't love is were homosexuality is repressed so they have to express it in other ways such as that.

You do that to people? How cringy.

Not random people on the street of course, but with friends

Yeah you can't say they are gay just from that slight physical contact. I think you never had any same sex best friends in your life or maybe you live in different culture.

I do. And they're still my friends cause I don't touch them in suggestive manners like that. Your friends on the other hand are most likely gay.


>Oguro: Right, right. Somehow, it felt like I was seeing a real yuri work for the first time.
>Ishihara: It does look like that. Well, from our point of view.
>Yamada: Okay. So I’ll say it clearly: I don’t think that’s depicted as yuri. I wanted to depict adolescence.

Why does no one bother to read the interviews? It clearly says that KyoAni intentionally made it look it yuri but it wasn’t made to actually be yuri.

Yamada thinks being a lesbian is a phase in life that every girl goes through, that doesnt make it not yuri, it makes Yamada a closet lesbian

>I don't see anything gay here. I mean do you guys live in a culture where even a bit of physical contact with same sex is viewed as gay. Reina is fascinating person for kumiko and thus such a dreamlike aesthetic in that scene.

You do understand the whole concept of "undertone" don't you ?
That whole sequence is fully of implicit sexual tension. Not only in the dialogue, but also from the way Reina acts towards Kumiko (touching her in a sensual way) to the way she comes dressed up to the meeting.
It's a very jarring scene because we know Reina has the hots for the professor and not Kumiko, yet this particular sequence plays out as she was dripping wet for Kumiko's kiss and maybe more.
This is the defining characteristic of yuribait. You know that the characters aren't lesbians, yet you play the audience like a fiddle in making them believe they are without ever crossing the line.

Is this the weekly thread where we laugh at /u/?

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reminder that Kumiko and Asuka are otp

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>Yamada: Okay. So I’ll say it clearly: I don’t think that’s depicted as yuri. I wanted to depict adolescence.
>Oguro: For which case?
>Yamada: Probably for all of them. For Tamako, for Reina, for all of it. I wanted to depict adolescence!
Why does she says Reina when the MC is Kumiko. Why does she says Tamako when she mentioned Midori after being told about her yuri work. Really makes me think.
If she says is not yuri then it's not yuri. After all she's the yuri president.

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Oh yeah, because everyone grabs their best friends face, looks them in the eyes and declares their love for them. Totally not gay or at least baiting it.

>taking what that stupid cow Yamada says at face value
You simply don't direct one of the most sexually charged scenes in recent anime history and then get to claim "it wasn't meant that way". The takeaway from this interview is that she's either neck-deep in denial or intentionally dishonest to keep up appearances.

>Why does she says Reina when the MC is Kumiko.
Because she was the more lesbian of the two.

A miserable little pile of lesbians

>I want to chew on Taki-sensei's dick
Yeah, sure.

Well Kumiko is the gay one.

Oh man, Asuka Kumiko will be yuribait paradise (in the film). I just hope we get tons of hot steamy lesbian doujins out of this film.

I have read some nip gossips about Kumiko breaking up with Shoe in the new LN.

Weird, I read some nip gossip about all of them quitting the band in order to train and ride genetically modified dinosaurs.

You should feel ashamed for using umx translations despite him having astounding track record of mind-boggling mistranslations. We are talking about a dude who came into translation scene without even getting decent at basic japanese.

I'd read it.

>I see, I think I was not trying to draw a lily in a so-called botanical sense. I want to draw adolescence
Unless there’s some secret nip context I’m not understanding, it seems accurate enough.


reminder that Kumiko is very very cute

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She's tier-1 lesbian material. It's a pity she was put in an anime that doesn't realise her full lesbian potential.


Something I love because it shits on yurifags.

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>i never intended to depict this so called "yuri" in its straight forward sense. I just want to depict adolescence
I don’t understand why umx even felt the need to add "I'll say it clearly" and made it sound like yamada is making a statement about depiction not being yuri when she's just talking about her intentions while working on the project. It's also kinda ambiguous as to what she meant by "yuri in the straightforward sense of the word"
Well, anyway it's not that much of a mistranslation but be careful while dealing with his translations since they are filled with total mistranslations.


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Ah the good old japanese female disciplining.
Know your place woman or else suffer the consequences.

When two girls share glances with each other, that's what yuribait is.

>lolicons watching loli shows and shitting on old hags is perfectly okay
>incestfags watching incest shows and shitting on NBR is perfectly okay
>yurifags watching yuri shows and shitting on yuribait isn’t okay, fuck them

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It is if you're not a faggot.

How does sexual tension have anything to do with yuri at all?
Please stop staining the purest form of love with your evil thoughts.

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Good to see you understand. /u/ is a cancer that must be purged.

There’s a big difference between /u/fags and yurifags.

>Please stop staining the purest form of love with your evil thoughts.

Lesbian love is not pure at all. In fact it's quite messy and dirty. All those fluids mixing together.

2d yuris don't do gross things like that

>2d yuris don't do gross things like that

Ah so yurifags want the smoke without the meat.

Kumiko's appeal transcends sexuality

>Kumiko's appeal transcends sexuality

No it doesn't.

Kumirei faggots is nothing but cancer. They don't care about Kumiko, Reina, other characters, plot or music. They just whining all the time and shitting on others characters, just because KyoAni following original script.

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Maybe if they hadn't deviated from the original script with their disgusting yuribait none of this would have happened. Or if the original script wasn't a piece of shit and it had stuck to actual music.

Just look at her. She's make for hentai.
Make her 18 years old, a freshman student at some university and let the female imagination run wild. Kumiko is wasted in Sound Euphonium.

How can anyone deny it after this scene?

Shoefags, haters, homophobes, closet gays and maybe strong hetfags.

Stop being brainlet, It's a novel.

Spoilers from the last novel



What do you think we are, not illiterate?

You're not on 2-chan fucking idiot.
What the fuck are you putting spoilers around a wall of text in japanese ?

Are /u/fags still assblasted because these two never had any romantic feelings for each other? I swear to god, put two girls on screen, no matter the context, and all /u/ can think about is how they should fuck right now and then get angry for ages when they don't.

The problem is that the context of a lot of their interactions was romantic. See the infamous scene with Reina running her fingertip across Kumiko's face and ending on her lips. Like, come the fuck on.

I don't know about /u/fags but why are you so mad?

Bruh, even a straight ass guy could see that had something running deeper than friendship, intentionally or not.