Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Ginko appreciation thread.

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>check mail
>receive this
What to do?

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Ginko a shit!

Can I appreciate Red Ai here?

I don't particularly like her

>Ginko appreciation thread
You basically have an animated series for that, as it shits on lolicons pretty hard with the lewd allocation that all goes to Ginko.

The entire world loves Ginko

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Both Ais will end up marrying each other.

I want to paint those pantyhose white.

They won't up marrying anyone, because they're only children, who they can't even show lewdness of.

ginko a shit
and a slut since last episode

Ginko a shit.

How does it feel a shit getting all the fanservice instead of Ai?

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I love her so much

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Can’t wait to fap to this

Literal goddess

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Ginko, and how the anime handles her compared to Ai is literally the victory of non-lolicon.

She's for Yaichi. Anyone who thinks the lolis will win is a fucken degenerate

I want to carry her like a princess and let sit on my lap. She just so adorable.

The only people that try to hate her are Gaylords, Flat Earthers, & Autistic Samefags. Fact.

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Nobody thinks that.
Of course this isn't a lolicon title, as we are not in 2007 anymore, one look at the fanservice allocation and it's clear.

>haha, she's kicking me in the head with full force almost giving me a brain damage! so adorable!



And lolicons.

I disliked her because we were only seeing tsun and no dere, now that we got to see more dere, I'm starting to like her.

There's a fine line between putting your leg on someone's head and kicking someone's head.

I like how serious she is.

Right, and she was stomping on it.


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My bad, bad conversion it's

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Reminder that ginko pees on herself if matches go on for too long.

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That's kind of hot.


You're just in luck with this anti-lolicon crap series, then.

Taste like blue berry.

I must cum inside Ginko.

Is it just me or does she really look fucking weird on right side? Like where is her neck?

Remove Ginko.

Maybe it happens in an alternate world, where the series is actually lolicon.

Ginko did nothing wrong

Ginko did nothing.

Offer to be her pantyliner for long matches.

this water looks awful