If you had to choose one to marry, who would it be?

If you had to choose one to marry, who would it be?

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If I HAD to I would have to go with Megumin.
Aqua would give me retarded babies and a hellish married life, Saber is mentally ill and most likely needy as hell.

The Lich

Eris a best

Marrying Darkness would be like living on easy mode.

Now that you mention it, there should be no reason why I wouldn’t choose Dorkness

>willing to get NTR’d
>willing to have her wealth be abused by me
>wouldn’t even be disloyal to you

Megumin. Because I will never be bored.

I mean I love Aqua's looks but damn she is retarded. Probably Megumin


Megumin because I can IMAGINE her all day

Aqua bar none.

She has her faults, but at least she's the most human and normal out of the three.

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Do all the women in your country have a habit of getting dead drunk, screaming loudly at others and partying hard ?

The Litch
Out of those three lalatina

I would pick Aqua and here are the reasons:
She's dumb so I don't have to put much effort into her.
>If I get killed, she can always get me revived.
>I'm pretty sure she has hitten menopause so I don't have to worry about children.
>I fuck that goddess pussy anytime.
>I get to cuck losers who try to white knight for my wife.

Megumin definitely. Aqua is braindead and you can just fuck Darkness on the side.

You are definitely a match made in heaven.

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What does that have to do with anything?
I clearly recognize Aqua's faults, it's just her good side and merits overshadow them in my opinion.

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those are some saggy tits

Is this from a doujin or artist CG?

Aqua can make anyone richer than Bezos

id fuck Lalatina but thats all she have.
Megumin cant make me hard, IMAGINE manhandling her do nothing to my dick.
so its Damegami but i will cheat her for Wiz


long term wise, she's the best one.


It's from the VN (I think?)

Litchwife for unlife.


Iris is even easier mode

Lalatina for the money and NTR her with Aqua-sama.

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At some point I would get sick of Aqua and Darkness's shit no matter how much I enjoy banging them initially.

Megumin I would never get tired of, fucking or otherwise.

I think Megumin is cool despite being chuuni

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This sexy and always lovable chuuni. She is literally flawless.

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Aqua seems like she'd be the most fun to be around for long periods of time due to her varied interests and adaptability.
Darkness is a pervert that lets her delusions take control of her life and Megumin's passion is setting off a nuke every day within walking distance of where you live

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The blonde bimbo. At least she'd be a devoted wife and her body is ready for giving birth.


I'm pretty sure she'd cheat on you without a thought the second an interested, more dominant male came around. Which probably isn't that uncommon.

>implying I'd ever let her leave the basement
I'd probably permanently blind her aswell.

>I'd probably permanently blind her
that's cruel and sad even in fantasy

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Why? She'd be totally into it. Just tell her she'll never be able to see where your hits are coming from so they'll feel more intense.


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Funny how Aqua's pussy is showing.

It's only cruel if you don't actually take care of her afterwards. Well, if she cheats on you you can just dump her and she'll have a hard time being blind and all, but that's something she has to consider.

please do not blind the animes

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To be fair you could just break one of her legs and make sure it doesn't heal correctly so she can't walk properly anymore if she cheats on you. And just damage her body further with every time it happens until she basically can't move anymore without you. That'll teach her a lesson.



please don't do things like this to the animes

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Aqua. No contest.

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>will protect you
>influence across the land
>a heart of gold
>massive pervert, dtf anytime, anywhere, any way you want
How could anyone choose anyone but Darknessu!

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This thread needs more breast pads.

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You better become the absolute greatest sadist the world has ever seen or she will skip town one day and cuck you with some disgusting goblin king because you weren't able to satisfy her masochistic urges.

t. Burgerclap

i just learned of konosuba radio show... why is there a radio show??? what do they talk about?? is this normal in japan for anime to have radio shows?

Aqua simply because she's the most """normal""" of the three. Tits McGee is a fap bait meme, and explosion loli is too young for me. Aqua IS retarded but I think she might be the best for a stable long term relationship provided you control her finances and can keep her retardation in check.

>muh ntr
You scared little boys make me laugh.


Obviously wiz.
She's a lich so she has to be pretty damn powerful. also big oppai

is annoying because she's selfish, lazy, greedy, arrogant, and stupid.
is annoying because she's clingy, easily distracted, has no self-worth, and loyal only to the biggest, nearest cock.
is "annoying" because she's overly passionate about her interests and has a child-like imagination and stature.

Megumin is the lesser evil and the patrician's choice.

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Yes. It's basically just a live drama CD but they also break character.

>Darkness will never pick you up and find places to bend you over

>nothing but explosions

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Sylvia, duh.

>all 3 of them have saggy tits

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But how did I only now realise that Darkness and Vert are somewhat similar - both busty, blonder, perverts.
Any other busty, blonde perverts?

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>Aqua is a literal goddess with top tier healing magic unattainable to normal humans, delicious saggy tits
>Lalatina is an aristocrat with practically infinite money, a veritable hucow and submissive as fuck
>Megumeme... causes explosions once a day, I guess? Muh xD so randumb chuuni?
Why would anyone even consider megumeme?


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At least the name darkness would finally fit her.

Whatever happened with that new project they announced? Did we ever get anymore details?


Just keep her caged or chained like you'd do with a slave and everything will be fine.

A flat goddess is fine too.

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>There are actually humans out there that get turned on by saggy tits

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t. I have never held a tit or seen a vagina

>all your money vanishes
>won't let a filthy-neckbeard fuck her sacred pussy
>dumb and doesn't understand why you can't live the good life
>menopause - she's a goddess, i don't think she can

when all the tits you've seen are literally perfect and look the same it starts to get stale and saggy becomes a fetish.

Sag is part of the charm and are not a downside. No sag equals no weight and no hefty swinging; that's a big no-no.

Tits with no sag are imperfect balloons without proper shape. They are inferior.

because she's a nice, passionate, cute girl with ambitions, a well designed outfit and a petite body.

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ITT: Write "I'd marry Aqua", get free (you)s

darkness, she a freak

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Aqua, we would have no children.

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If you don't know the right answer after these, there is no saving you.

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So what you're saying is Aqua is best girl?

is there anyone on Sup Forums who has a gf?

if so does the gf find it strange that you want to fuck 2d girls?

Aqua is a burden, not a life partner.

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I choose to kill myself

>godly but annoying slut
>pure mage who can destroy anyone who tries to attack you

Nobody. My frogs are hungry.

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>Inmersión ruined.

How can anyone enjoy this shit?

My dick says Aqua, my reason says Megumin.

Darkness. I'm a dom anyway.

tfw this

Would you attend their wedding?

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Not yunyun, that's for sure.

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>complains about boobplate armor when it's actually meant to protect the heart.

WoW fag