Go Toubun no Hanayome 29 RAW

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The best part of the week has finally arrived!

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Best page of the chapter right here folks

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Oh no no no

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Yotsuba makes the best faces

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I gotta say, I do like how the author shows that they have flushed faces in the cold weather. Nice little attention to detail.

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One semi-related note, Kishoku Gakkou no Juliet is getting an anime adaptation. I guess that means there's still a chance for Go Toubun's as well.

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Maybe when it has >50 chapters

Restore that smile

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Thanks for the dump OP

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>I guess that means there's still a chance for Go Toubun's as well
Good god, no. Please, no.
The shitposting is barely tolerable now, if this gets an anime adaptation these threads will become Shitposting Central

>shitposting is barely bearable

Because you keep getting yourself baited user.

>that first point

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Translate it for me, fellow Nino cultist

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Vol3 omake

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>Go Toubun oath broke immediately
Sasuga Nakanos.

Ichika: Sloth
Nino: Wrath Pride
Miku: Envy
Yotsuba: ???
Itsuki: Gluttony

It leaves only Greed and Lust to go with Yotsuba

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>when you wake up in the morning and realize that you're still alive

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>there's still a chance for Go Toubun's as well.
Of course there is, it's popular but it's only ~4 vols long.

Is she gonna rape Fuutaro.

Will our MC be fine, he is very weak.

Ichika is Sloth and Lust.

Holy shit.

Why that much rice Itsuki ?

Serious question, why does Nino keep ranking last in every official poll?

Is Stupidity a sin?

Yotsuba is Melancholy

There was no worse than nothing translation this week right?

Harem readers can't handle strong independent women.

Whatever do you mean? That's one person portion

Yup. Shitposting killed it I believe

No idea. I thought it's because she drugged Fuutarou, but it was so long ago and doesn't really matter anymore.

Yeah. I heard that good TL has dieded

>inb4 they introduce 2 more sisters that live in the "west" and have a thick "American" accent

>Itsuki: Denial
>Nino: Anger
>Yotsuba: Bargaining
>Miku: Depression
>Ichika: Acceptance

good or gook?

Itsuki is gluttony, envy, greed and lust
Everything pertaining to food of course

I meant gook, but he was good too


Hand over your lunch money, kid.

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>Yotsuba: boiling water, ramen?
>Itsuki: Quantity over quality
Ichika: delivery
Nino: charcoal

Stuffing your face as usual Itsuki


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So Nino tries to divide the cooking chores among the sisters but it’s ending up to be a total disaster so she’d rather just cook the food herself?

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Do Japanese actually measure water in gram for cooking purpose?

Only those who are completely conscious of their diet does that.

>how do i stop this thing

>muh shitpost boogeyman

I don't understand Miku's line, what is she saying?

Yotsuba is a wonderful person with nothing to hide.

Something along the line of 'what's the verdict?'

Probably some inedible thing she wants to put as an ingredient

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When was the last poll?


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Itsuki is a cutie

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Japan doesn't like sluts

None of them is a slut though

Shallow slut.

Couldn't you just say she is shallow?

Nino gets gangbanged by the school's delinquents regularly.

What is she going to do to Fuutarou?

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marry him


Was she crying all night?

What's it from?

Tickle him til he pees himself

Pledge to protect

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I want to destroy this smile!

Saint Nino

>see Ichika and Fuu talking
>Build an Igloo
>Hide on it

That's kinda cute

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She didn't build it though?
Still cute anyway.

It seems like it was made to fit only 1 person though

Nips would still be okay with her being shallow.

I'm just going by what she said. It looks like a lot of students involved in making it looking at footprints and the skis/boards parked there. Would have been weird if it was just Miku.

I love these type of faces. They do this in Kaguya too

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>Ichika is more thirsty than Miku
Where did this idea come from?

>Ichika, me and you, tonight in the forest
>only one person gets to leave

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It would be too hayai for her alone.