Saya vs Hotaru

This is it guys, the final debate. Left or Right?

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Hotaru. Coconuts agrees.

they're drawings, neckbeard.

They're both good for different reasons. But I prefer Hotaru

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Hotaru, of course

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S2E10 when?

The victor can only be decided by which has the sweatiest armpits

Gotta be Hotaru.

Me on the right.

I love DFC but Hotaru for me

Where do you think you are?


this onee-chan

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Saya is usually my type, but in this particular case, I choose Hotaru

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Yuri end.

Office lady giantess? Muh dick

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Both, knock them up and marry the two. Seriously are you all gay?

Without hesitation, I choose right

I respect both choices, but for me it's definitely Saya.

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>Hajime in swim suit never

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both, also Hajime

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There is only one winner.

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I know I'm supposed to like Hotaru bu my eyes keep gravitating to dem abs, dem perky pups. Call me necrophiliac I want dat skeltal


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where is this from?


>tfw no Hotaru nylon feet in my mouth and on my face

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Pochi doujin.

>he hasn't read Pochi's canon ending

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Hotaru obviouslt, how could saya win with that shitty bikini?

which one?

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Hotaru is love, Hotaru is life. Only DxD and Shinmai girls can compete. And Rin

Jesus Saya put some meat on your bones.

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Hotaru is a thirsty slut.

>you cant compare something if theyre drawings
How does it feel to be a retard?


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I love skellington

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Hotaru >> Saya

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How can be someone so sexy but cute at the same time

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Hotaru is just too goddamn sexy, but i'd go for Saya. She's way too cute, and looks like she'd be a great partner, when Hotaru's brain literally melted from all that sugar.

Saya for marriage, Hotaru for fuggin

Saya's ear is sexy. I choose Hotaru

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That's a lot of detail.

Fishing episode when?

Hotaru is literally sex. Just looking at her is like having sex. Everyone on Sup Forums is no longer a virgin because they gazed upon Hotaru.

Just where do you think you are? If things like that make you uncomfortable enough to make a post like that, then you clearly don't belong here. Take your tired, untrue stereotypes on the way out while you're at it.

Hotaru is used good.
That doujin is canon.

Normally I go for cow tits but there is just something about Saya that makes me want her more


Compare and contrast.

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Goddamn. Dem thighs

Are you baiting or something?


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>badly stitched

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Saya is best

Oh no, this one is badly stitched too.

You have to be a literal homo to not pick right. Dem tiddies.

Hotari is definitely superior but i would still pick Saya

The real question is
favourite doujin?

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This one

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Saya is justice.

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This anime is so god damn boring, but Saya gives me a raging erection every time I see her.

hatoru is trash, generic cookie cookie main girl, she doesn’t even like mc, saya does.

GOD trips confirm.
Sup Forumsnons BTFO

Saya is waifu material.