Dubs or subs and why?

Dubs or subs and why?

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Sub, dub is shit and you are shit for even considering it.

dub because I get more emotionally invested when they speak English


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for me it depends on the cast and the crew behind it.

sometime if both are good, i'll watch in it both languages.

Dub because I don't want to be reading the whole time and who wants the original creators intent anyway? Rewritten scripts for me.

This but unironically


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Sub because very rarely do dubs actually fit and work well. I need to learn moon runes so I don't need subs.

Dubs because I prefer things in my native language.

I hate the "original creator intent" angle.
Something like Black Lagoon make better sense in English since the characters are supposed to be speaking English.

Subs are good for a frist time, dubs the second time around and then judge which is better. Like with Kekkai Sensen or Black Lagoon, both are nice in japanese but with dub it's easier to notice the design and creativity of the shows. Also both of them have great dubs.

Personally I think some stuff has got to be in a language you can understand due to inflections and other speaking stuff. Cromartie for example isnt nearly as funny to me in Japanese as the dub. The dub is hilarious to me because I can get the tone of their voice and whats funny about it. In other words the delivery is something I can get only in english.


Subs of course. I feel like dubs are for americans who are not used to reading subtitles.

Subs. I'm not native English speaker so I can't truly get invested in either, so might as well go with the original

The only dubs we need are for checking.
You either watch raw or subbed, faggot.

Here we go.

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>this board is full of normies who prefer dubs
Disgusting. I wish I had remained ignorant.

Depends on the show and setting. I prefer FMA, Black Lagoon, TriGun, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bepop, GiTS, and a few others dubbed.

Don't bump the thread.

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>Something like Black Lagoon make better sense in English since the characters are supposed to be speaking English.

Terrible argument I bet you watch tons of normie shit with American actors shit where the original characters aren't American, if the localization changes character personality and adds in stupid shit which most do they aren't better. The original creators are busy working on their next project instead of helping on the localization 99.9% of the time so you lose their intent.

Majority of dubfags are just Americans that grew up on that shit, nobody else could deal with low quality american accents in anime

Subs because I'm not American.

What did you mean by this?

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the new state of Sup Forums makes a lot of sense when you come into this thread and see all the people who unironically prefer dubs


The original intent angle is pretty justified though. Virtually all anime will have the director sitting in on voice recording and making sure the cast are giving the performances they want, which you do not get with a dub. Even if it makes narrative sense to have them speaking in English, the director played no part in the dub and frankly I do not trust dubbing directors enough to leave it in their hands. It's a shame anime set in foreign countries can't do what games like Bayonetta or Souls do, where despite being Japanese they record the VA in English and the directors get to actually oversee it. But until that happens, I sure as hell wouldn't have any of my first viewings of a show be in anything but the original language.

I like both but I usually go with dubs. Like others here, I think it definitely depends on the show, but most of the dubs I watch I have no problem with. I also like having the shows on in the background while I'm working on things like homework and chores and such.

Subs because I can actually read and far prefer the voices and voice acting. I don't know what it is exactly but dub voices just always sound really off even when people say they are superior to the original.

Also, the the dubs I dislike the least would be JoJo's Stardust Crusaders and Girls Und Panzer. I watched the dub for jojos after watching the sub and I couldn't make it through the first episode. And for Girls Und Panzer, I couldn't find the sub so I had to settle for the dub which I felt was pretty weak.

There are people in this thread RIGHT NOW who would watch this unironically

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I watch dubs when I just wanna stick something up on my second monitor for background noise/something to look at occasionally

subs u fucking idiot

it sounds fine, and i can guarantee the jap guy screaming sounds no better

Subs cause I'm learning jap, though sometimes when I rewatch an anime I would choose the dubbed version cause why the hell not.

I really hope this thread is just full of bait.

This is sarcasm right?

Are you retarded? Most American shows have many different characters speaking different languages to reflect where they are from.

Dub scryed

Fucking shoot me


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The original voice actor feels like they're that character. Like that character has that voice. The dub always feels like a voice just thrown on top of that character and called it a day. They just feel off, I really can't take them seriously because they sound ridiculous almost all the time and cases such
aren't all that uncommon and make me want to laugh instead of empathize.

I grew up watching dubs and I'm pretty confident I can tell a good one from a shit one. I'm not gonna list the same 8 shows everyone else does, but I will say most dubs today aren't so bad. Especially if it's an already popular show.

Nowadays, I'm almost exclusively watching sub, so whatever.

>people unironically get angry over what language others choose to watch vietnamese pictographs in

Lurk 5 years before posting.

>Not watching Spanish dub with german subs


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Uh no dude, I'm post-ironically angry

>not relying exclusively on Duwang for your painstakingly encoded lovingly hardsubbed fansubs

maybe it's because it's not my first language, but english dubs make my ears bleed. are they all this terrible?

Tbh I would expect someone whose first language isn't English to have more of a tolerance to them if anything. English is my first language and I can tell you that is most certainly fucking awful, and the bulk of dubs are either just as bad or not far off.

I've watched this like 9 times in the last few minutes and I can't stop laughing. I'm gonna use this every time I see someone say most modern dubs are good.

Dubs are only useful when I need a good laugh.

If dubs are so bad post some good Japanese voice acting

>you will live to see the day when people who prefer subs are the minority on Sup Forums
Where did it all go so wrong?


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There's a lot of terrible japanese voice actors but people don't realise because of the different language

Not an anime but youtu.be/NV6B4mU77mo
I am so glad the yakuza games don't get dubbed now

This meme is bad desu, I've seen my share of bad japanese acting, and honestly the bulk of it happens in TV soaps. Voice actors in Japan are legitimately consistently great and it helps that they have to go through a shit ton of training to get to that point. At most some side characters get amateurish voices.

I haven't heard a single dub that isn't bad.

Depends on the show. Shows like The Big O have good dubs. And then you have funny meme dubs, like Ghost Stories that make it way better than the original.

The Big O's dub is awful compared to the Japanese.

I hated Dorothy's Japanese voice. The rest of the Japanese cast was meh too.

The dub sounds lifeless and flat.
And Roger's voice doesn't fit him at all.

There are like like 5 that are bearable. Which is the average amount of anime that dubfags have seen.

Use headphones.

>i prefer dubs because i concentrate on the animation
>i prefer dubs because i can watch it without watching the screen
>i prefer dubs because the setting fits, rurouni kenshin is my favorite
>i prefer dubs because the creator said it was better, here's the tvtropes source
>i prefer dubs

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>we have to share a board with people who prefer dubs and are proud of it
What happened, guys? Who's to blame for this?

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Dubs, but it's probably because English isn't my native tongue; watching ANY anime in my native tongue pretty much gives me ear cancer for a month.

He's suppose to be a Bruce Wayne-like character. He's supposed to come across as a rich playboy type with a serious side.

I'll watch both, I check the cast list and decide based on who's voicing. Though a lot of the shows I watch don't have dubs anyway.

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And the Japanese voice actor does a lot better job at conveying that.

Literally and unironically the majority of posts on this board are about popular shonen. Sup Forums will never be what it once was.

Sub most of the time, dub only with certain anime.

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I attempt to give a chance to dub every time than i start a new serie. It was always shit and it still shit. I seriously think of giving up.

Go to sleep, gramps.

I like subs because I get more invested while watching. I also get to imagine how a character would sound in english as I read it in my head. Sometimes I will do this and then watch the dub only to find that they "got the english voice totally wrong". Then I realize that the english voice is always right if it is the one you create in your head.

I prefer American anime

Japanese dubs and not being EOP.

No problem. Your choise. But why are you on Sup Forums. (jap anime and manga board)

99% subs but sometimes dubs are far superior to the original

>not french anime

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Popular boards who attracted more and more normalfags to Sup Forums and moot for creating them.

A good dub in your native language is better than a good Japanese dub. But these are kind of rare. And the dubs that are better than the original can be counted on two hands.

If I watched it as a child, dub
If not, subs

>A good dub in your native language is better than a good Japanese dub.
This is wrong. Why would you ever prefer a product that have been changed for no good reason.

why don't check my digits and find out

I don't even know if they've dubbed anything else than Miyazaki and normal kiddie shit here

Why do dubs trigger this board so?

As for me, my waifu is a dub so I'm cool with either.

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subs unless it's Berserk 97

Dub unless it's a really poorly done one but if it's done by Funimation definitely dubbed.
Bonus points if Tia Ballard is in it oh God her voice is sex

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Subs of course so that I can pretend that any voice I don't like is only bad because I don't speak japanese.

watch the original instead of a possibly butchered adaption that changes dialogue and removes explicit scenes

I'm just gonna assume that this thread is a case of the loud minority because I refuse to believe Sup Forums has sunk so low.

Thanks for the laugh, holy shit

My nigga.

>dubs and subs
Do weebs not know Japanese? I thought that would be a prerequisite for a place as autistic as Sup Forums.

Dub because then I can multitask.

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>Or Billy Joe from Texas.
Wow, not a hard decision.

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Subs because I don't realize the bad voice acting if it's in Japanese.

It's not dude. Look at the number of Dragon Ball and Boku no Hero Academia threads at any given time. Sup Forums literally is almost entirely ultra casual redditors now.