Live action gay

Is it Sup Forums approved...?

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It's not porn...

2d bara seems a bodybuilder LA bara seems fat, I don't know the series though

I've become a bit tired of this stuff in the west but that actually looks pretty well done.

I'll let you fadfags watch it and then I'll ask you if it had anything of worth besides the selling feature.

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3d bara is a sumo wrestler irl

cute girl

2d seems way less fat

>3d loli is sexier than the 3d one

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People like you need to be locked up

It's live action so it goes to /jp/.

Not gonna watch this gay shit, but I'm genuinely amazed that the 3DPD actors look much better than their 2D counterpart.

>file name
Excuse me but no. The gaijin is the nip dude's brother in law, and the girl is his daughter.
I read the manga and it's not gay, it's ABOUT homosexuality.

>The discussion of "live action" television shows is permitted so long as they are distinctly rooted in, or based off of an anime or manga series.

No, now fuck off.

Are gays ok as long as it's a gaijin? I don't understand Abe's master plan.

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I must be a bigot, because i dont like the idea of exposing a littler girl, even if she is an actress, to these kind of topics.

Left looks more like a Yotsuba live action

Hopefully with the loli

Why? You don't want to let her know that homosexuality exists?
My older brother is the same way, he said that kids shouldn't see these things as "normal" because it would fuck them up, but personally when I was a kid I knew about gays and all I thought about the topic was "well, looks like this is a thing".

It's since it's barashit

>knew about gays
>is here now
What did he mean by this.

Too much fat, not enough muscle

N-no homo I swear.

That actually looks pretty good.

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There, much better.

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And the other guy is too thin

It depends on the race. Some races he wants to capitalize others he would care less.

2D bear guy looks like something out of a western gay art.


>posting anything anime on /jp/ that does not involved touhou or virtual youtubers

Do you want to get banned in the first 3 minute?

I mean, half of the anime each year is about lesbians or gay dudes, if Abe is so worried about it why not just give all the Yuru Yuris boyfriends for example.

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That would create a civil war don't be silly.

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It's Sup Forums approved.

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I want to have a beer with the guy on the left. Not the live action guy though, he looks like a faggot.

It's okay. A nice change of pace from Tagame's usual stuff which is pretty fucked up by any standard. I'm pretty surprised this got a live action version but I think I'll watch it - it's only 3 episodes and the manga isn't bad.

>Massive faggotry

Sounds like Sup Forums except the little girls and moot.

There's also idolfags, JAV fags, and Elona fags...

Fujos need to be exterminated desu

Bara is by and for gay men, dummy.
Fujos mosly like shit with pretty young boys like Yuri on Ice.

He looks pretty fucking ripped m8.

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That gyno though

That's not what Genshiken taught me.

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It's not funny this time because you're just reposting it.