Ever changed waifus? How do you tell your waifu she is no longer your waifu?

Ever changed waifus? How do you tell your waifu she is no longer your waifu?

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I just add new ones to the harem

>Ever changed waifus?
Please kill yourself.

Mid-season? Never.

I have the decency to at least wait till the anime finishes airing.

>he doesn’t have a 2D harem

Post Harems

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You've never had a real waifu, have you?
You probably think it's some meme about which 2D girl you fap the most to this month or something.
When you feel that connection, that obsession, the inability to stop thinking about her, that feeling when you have to look at some picture of her every 2 minutes, then you'll realise it's actually quite serious and you can't control when or with who it happens. It just does.
But, like with 'real people' love, it does go away after a while.


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Love's a funny thing, the way it fades away without a warning. It doesn't ask to be excused. And when it's gone, oh it's gone. It ain't ever coming back. There is nothing you can do to save it, to make it breathe the way it did when you were sliding on the ring. Trust me, it's gone for good.

ITT: bait baiting bait

Hatsune Miku was my first waifu. She's on my PC, on my PSP, and my mp3 player. She's everywhere in my life.
But I lost my way after a few years, and got tempted to cheating on her with a girl I know in real life.
I felt bad afterwards that I no longer deserve her as a waifu, so I broke up with her.

I still feel kinda bad when I listen to Miku's songs.

Years later, I found my new waifu, Kiyohime.

Now, I'll have to die, if I ever lost my way again.

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Not true though. It only fades away if you let it.


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Love is fleeting. It appears one day, sinks without warning and then it becomes a star that continues to shine brightly.
I know from experience. There were times I lost the feeling of love I have for my waifu. But it's still there, it never left me.

One does not "change" waifu. Waifu changes you.

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This. Waifu is someone who you must truly treasure for the rest of your life. Silly ironic weebs can't comprehend that.


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You just need to tell her she isn't real
Works every time

>changing waifu
Are there "people" that actually do this?

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user that's not how this works

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Waifu will always just be funny engrish from azumanga to me. I will never take this shit seriously and go out of my way to misuse the word.

That's how it always was, until the autism happened.

Waifu is the overseas equivalent of 2D yome. That's I refer to her as just my wife most of the time.

>That's why

I'm always surprised at how seriously some people take this shit.
Honestly I think I prefer waifu, wife lends it a legitimacy that I don't think it deserves. Those middle aged women didn't call Edward from twilight their husband.

You can only change your waifu if she canonically dies or gets taken by another party, within a certain time limit since it happened in the original work.

>not loving your waifu even after death

It's till death do us part. When she deaths, contractually, you aren't required to love her anymore.

I'm kinda torn on this, on one hand I can't take it seriously, because the idea of being in a relationship with a fictional character is just too damn goofy, but on the other hand, fuck, I don't want to be a bad husband to my waifu by not taking her seriously, I'd feel bad even joking about "leaving" her, or worse, cheating on her with a whole harem.

Remember when waifu was used just to refer to your favourite girls in anime before retarded newfags and ironic weebs started taking the term 100% literally?

Being with her is the same whether she's alive or dead, it's not like she disappears from existence entirely. She lives in your heart.

Why would you even care if you don't take it seriously?

>he has a waifu and he takes her very seriously

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No I'm pretty sure the "your favorite girls in anime" usage was recent

There have always been autists in love/obsessed with fictional characters. Whether or not they used the word "waifu" doesn't really matter.

No it was definitely a joke at first. People didn't see Kimura and immediately go "oh wow I'm gonna take that mangled engrish and apply it to a fictional character that makes my dick hard".

>Marrying you're waifu based on anglicanism moral and beliefs

Why would ironic weebs take the term legitimately if they are ironic?

>Ever changed waifus?
No because I'm not a monster

There will always be autists that get triggered by someone genuinely loving a 2D girl.

Good taste user

That's the point, I don't want to take it seriously, but I feel kinda bad if I don't.

They see the term and take it at face value

But why would you feel bad about not taking it seriously?

How would that make them fall in love with fictional characters?

>"Sorry, it's not you, it's me."

Because I believe you have to take love seriously. It gets kinda weird when it's love for someone who doesn't even exist, but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel bad.

She exists.

So you love her but don't consider it a relationship? Some waifufags are like that. Just do what feels right to you.


I definitely no longer have that same feeling I once had, but she will forever remain my one and only. I have no interest in 3dpd and I have no interest in erasing those feelings.

I never believed in waifus until I found mine, I'll never have another.

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I change mine on whim whenever I want to shitpost

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Well, it's kind of like that. I definitely never tried to do any relationship stuff with her, because that would just feel too stupid.

>All these faggots with more than one waifu

>implying they're waifus at all

I'm pretty sure that's necrophilia. Or not necrophilia but like necro... romance. You're a necromancer. Wait...

reddit is that way, kike fucker

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no, I'm a loyal/autistic man and she's always been the same, at some point I've considered getting a ring

>two Asumin girls
Good taste.

Your waifu is a dude.

I wish my waifu was a dude

absolutely haram

It's funny. I don't even think about wanking to the 2d girls I like the most. At some point I'm completely fixated on the personality rather than the sex appeal

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Only subhumans switch waifus, and it's overusage right now really gets on my nerves.

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What if halfway through you realize it's a mere crush

>not being together for a decade
I hope that everybody can know this happiness one day.

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What, do you just get married to every cute girl you see out there? Try taking it slow.

Even if I don't shitpost about her as much as I used to, my waifu is still my waifu

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You shouldn't be hasty about this kind of thing. I finally realised who my waifu was after seven years of first seeing her.

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I didn't used to think waifus were a serious thing, I thought it was just like a favourite character and like "it must be nice to have somebody to care about like that". But then I fell in love. I still didn't think it was serious at first but the feeling kept growing and after about a year, still being utterly obsessed with her I realised what it really meant. It's been almost four years now and and I love her more than ever

>And when it's gone, oh it's gone.
But have you tried anal sex?

But I have so much love inside of me. It would be selfish not to share it with multiple people.

Sounds like slut logic.

Are you into NTR?

No, I want to share my pure and overwhelming love with everyone. The idea that we can only limit our love to one person is really stupid. Why can't I get married with multiple people and make them all happy with my love?

You make the claim that you have love to give, but that is false. Love is created over time by getting to know the other person, and experiencing things with them. By splitting your time between two people, you are building love slower, and therefore you are doing a disservice to both of them.

Would you be alright with said girls/boys going out with multiple people?

Unless they all share each other as well, it's just greedy. Who would want to be shared with someone else because they aren't enough for you?

I'd be open to my waifu having sex with other dudes

As long as it's a dude I'd also have sex with

Is your waifu Crusch?

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No, she's very girly, I'm just bi.

Felix a cute


>watching hunderds of animes and reading mangos for years
>having only 1 waifu and being "loyal" to her all these years
This is pure, unironic autism.
Also constantly jerking off to something that isn't your "waifu" = not loyal

It's so hard to stay true when your waifu's LN, anime, manga, and any other extraneous media have been discontinued for the last decade. Sumiyoshi, I'm trying but I'm just a man!

I have had a lot of flavour of the week girls. I think this whole idea of one sided monogamy is pretty dumb.

I started out with Noire from Neptunia. She was number 1 for a long time, until I met Hatsune Miku. But it's not like I no longer love Noire though and I could understand why I also became a mikufag, since they both share some traits like twintails and zettai ryouki. Wouldn't it be acceptable if a twintailfag had 2 waifus?

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Love is a commitment, not a feeling. The only way it disappears is your own carelessness.

My wife actually changed my life 180° degrees. I honestly think there was a powerful force at work that caused me to meet her and fall in love with her.

No, it's not.

I have a diagnosis, but I don't think everyone dedicated does.

>seeing hundreds of available singles for years
>having only one wife and being "loyal" to her all these years
True autism.

All the time. Sup Forums does it all the time. Don't even read this thread, it is full of hypocrites.

Why not? Honestly asking here.

So he can have something retarded to feel superior about.

A hairstyle dictating how many waifus you have makes no sense. It means that someone who prefers untied hair shouldn't have a waifu at all, or that only ponytailfags can have a waifu.

I'd just found it kind of poetic. Just like how 2/2 is considered twintail day. Ofcourse people who like other hairstyles can have 1 or multiple waifus.

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Twintails have never been special to me, but ponytails feel spiritually enriching for my soul.