Dagashi Kashi 182


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"Here we are! At the beach!"
"Though we come here all year round!"
"Cuz we pass by here all the time."
"I pass by here every day!"

"Let's go for a swim!"
"I didn't come here to swim, though."

"Actually I was wondering, Hotaru-chan, what about your swimsuit? You don't have any bags with you either."
"Hm? Oh."

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"It's alright, I'm wearing it underneath my clothes."

"It's not alright at all!!"
"Also, don't strip here!"


"It's summer..."

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182nd Sweet: After all this time, the beach

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"This... feeling of the sand crumbling beneath your feet as the wave pulls away..."
"I love this the most about the beach..."
"You really say some weird things sometimes..."

"Huh?! But it's fun!"
"Still, that being your favorite though..."


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"What are you doing?"
"Aren't you going to have fun as well?"

"Ah, um, you see I'm..."
"Uh, what was it..."

"Ah, right! Do you remember?"

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"We talked about walking along the beach and selling ramune but didn't end up doing it last year..."
"Ohhh! I remember!"

"Huh?! Is it okay if I do it?!"
"W-well, if it was fine with you, then I was planning to..."

"Well, 'was', anyways..."

"We're the only ones here..."

"It might be a bit early still..."
"I see..."

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"There were a few people over there."
"Huh, really?"

"Let's go!"
"Eh, um, okay... Saya-chaan! Tou-kuun! We're going over there to sell ramune!"
"See ya later!"


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"There's nobody..."
"Oh dear, I'm sorry... I might have been mistaken..."
"Nah... It's fine..."

(The beach...)

(It's summer.)

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"It's been decided as next summer."

"You haven't really thought about it at all since I said I would wait, have you."

(Even now, I'm still thinking)
("Maybe Hotaru-san can wait for me a bit longer"...)

"Hm? What's up?"
"Gah! No, it's nothing..."

"It's fine, I understand."

"I guess it really is hard to say..."

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"There aren't any customers here anyways..."
"But it's not like you would suggest we drink the ramune secretly..."


[It's summer.]



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I don't get the second line

Thanks OP

>last panel

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Yeah, Hotaru looks great.

> why she isn't the MC


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>it's already summer
>still hasn't made up his mind

Kokonotsu should hurry the fuck up

Hotaru unleashing her Hotarus is a a sight to behold.

Jesus Christ dem titties.


now that you mentioned it, I have something to do.

what is it?

I want to thighfuck her

Checked some time ago and the translations are way behind? Any progress? How much till hotaru wins the nutsbowl?

Apparently, the manga is about to end soon, and going by the latest chapters, H otaru is winning the Kokonotsu bowl, no doubt.

Thanks for dumping OP.

What's manlet doing outside of Snk?

He's not a manlet.

So many best girls winning. What an awesome time to be alive

The only lost that I still feel is Sena... and Elincia from FE (fucking nintendo)

Hotaru > Saya