Where to find a Holo gf?

Where to find a Holo gf?

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Not even truck-kun can help you there.

In your imagination

Local zoo, wolf cage. Seducing her might be a bit of an issue, but I'm sure the internet will help you with that.

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I’ll find one in heaven inshallah

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>actually pepper

Pepper is a spice you idiot.

Pepper is a plant, user.

Because Pepper and Wolf doesn't sound as good.

Literally 20 bucks down the bridge.

The majority of spices are plants, user.

Ukraine. What do you think Holo means?

It's short for Hollow.

Holographic map


Every Holo is a goal-o.


Pepper is a name.

We'll call it this annieme, Pepper and Fox

2d waifuworld
sadly we are 3d and we can never meet them

I'm using Chrome.

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Oh yes, the smug. There's a lot of that going on in this.


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>draw a fox
>call it a wolf
Why is this allowed?

Reminder: Do not reply to shitposts. They want the (You)'s.

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is there a name for this kind of braid? i like it a lot.

>Pepper and wolf
>Pepper isn't a spice.

Which posts in this thread are shitposts?

Why are her ears connected to her hair?

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Here's your free (You)

it's cute,

So pepper isn't a spice it's a seasoning. The show really should be called Seasoning and wolf.

What's the difference? There is nothing seperating the two in my language.

Pepper is a herb.

Herb and canine.


Correct would be Seasoning with Fox

Seasoning with Fox seems fitting enough for me.

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Yes and?
Are you telling me if it is made from plants then it isn't a spice? Because if I take a look into my spice rack then the majority of them are from plants.

you english people and your silly language.

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Cinnamon is a spice but pepper is a plant.

Fruits aren't herbs, user. They're trees.

Pepper is a song.

trees and mammals

flora and fauna

I checked wikipedia.
Pepper is a spice.
Check mate atheists!

>Dutch wiki
You're on an English imageboard

How about checking an actual credible source of information next?

How many men has she eaten?

She ate them with pepper, which is a herb.

It's Mongolian.

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I like where this is going

How does she grow the wheat? Does she use pepper as fertilizer?

I like my men like my meat, aged and covered in seasoning like pepper

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You don't want to know the details. Seriously. You don't want to know how wheat is grown.

Step 1. Fall in love with a card game girl
Step 2. Buy a fuckton of booster packs. Hopefully one of the cards will be a holographic (a.k.a. foil) version of your waifu
Step 3. Enjoy your holo waifu

Pepper is a plant.

She's a god. Her divine pressence alone is enough to boost the yeild of the wheat.
Do tell.

Just a side french braid with bangs and ponytail. Could also be a really tight side dutch too but same shit, really.

Fox with Plant
Happy now?

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Have you ever heard the infamous phrase "fight fire with fire"? Well, wheat is a plant and so is pepper. Same concept.

So it's like chess, but with spices?

What other anime besides Princess Mononoke and Inuyasha has huge, intelligent and speech-capable canines?

dog days

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Doesn't seem huge at all, assuming that's a normal sized basket.

There's no pepper in this picture. Please stay on topic.


Is that a basket full of pepper?

Ground pepper is a spice, you mongs. Seasoning is a component of spices and flavourings. Besides, pepper (the fruits) and pepper (the vines that the spices are made from) are different things.

>The best way to understand the difference between spices and seasonings is to understand their composition. A spice is a vegetation product that has an aromatic or pungent to the taste quality which is used for flavoring while cooking. On the other hand, a seasoning is a mixture of several flavoring components such as sugars, salts and spices. Thus, a spice can thought of as a subset of a seasoning.

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>Autism: The Post

Pepper is a herb.

He is right tho Burger-san

So is oregano

Oregano iis a plant.

Yes and you use it as a spice for seasoning food. But you Burgers only have chemicals and salt in your food so I can understand that this confuses you.

In the nearest used-goods store

>it's autism to be correct

>take flavourful plant
>grind it
>put in jar
Congrats, you now have a spice jar.

This thread was so good until you ruined the joke.

This thread was shit from the first 3 posts.

Jars are made of glass. You can't eat glass.

>This thread was so good
I see you haven't read it.

This is what children say when they're excluded from the game. Anyway, bye.

If memory serves, a fox is a female wolf

>A group of foxes is called Earth,skulk or pepper.

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The Dutch invented pepper though.

But then how do you define sugar? They are a syrup? Which is also from plants?

Actually, the Germans did it. This mushroom is a "Pfefferling", the basis of pre-colonial European pepper production. The Frisian Benedictine monk Leopold the Bald (728-792) developed a fermentation process that led to the first large scale production of the spice we nowadays know as "pepper".

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This is a Japanese wolf.

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imagine doggy-styling her on those rocks, and, when you're finished, pushing her down into the water

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I'd still tap that

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Friendly reminder that a fox is a female wolf.

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>hairy legs

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actually, pepper is both a spice and a seasoning

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no, it's full of seasoning