Buyfag thread

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Skim once before posting.

Is the bouquet removable? looks like it might be. i want to replace it with a dildo

What figure are you look forward to the most?

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this thick slut

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>Want to get into gunpla
>Feel like I need to watch all of UC at the very least before even thinking about it
>If I want a model I'll need to watch the show it's in and like it
>6 episodes into 0079 and I'm not really feeling it
>Gunpla still not an option
Curse this autism

Just watch the FAGs show and build those.

the one you posted, and pic related

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I know it's PLUM, but I'm still unsure if I should get it.
How are the other figures in PLUM's Cafe Style line?

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Plum certainly isn't god tier buy my only experience with them is the God Eater Alisa figures and they were fine, and since I love Rize, I pre-ordered this.

>pay for customs for my last Amiami order
>get new payment notification literally the next day

Fuck, wasn't planning on that. That really dents my budget for this month. Especially since customs wanted more than I anticipated

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Atelier Shiki

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>Pay for customs
Nani? You don't just pay amiami and shipping?
t. poorfag who hangs out here

Just lookit them Neps!

I need my Zenbus.

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Some countries hold your parcels hostage if they arrive from other countries/outside EU and have you pay taxes for them

most countries charge import duties as a percentage of the purchase's value, especially if that amount is high. in the US i believe that amount is above $2000 of value in a single shipment before you need to start paying import duties.

Holy shit that's crazy.

No, that's completely normal.

the government takes its cut from every cent you earn or spend, one way or the other. enjoy being underage while you can

>$2000 of value in a single shipment
Holy fuck that's crazy. Here you have to pay if the value is over 22€

I bought Cocoa and she turned out fine. You can definitely tell it's not as high-quality like Alter, but I'm not picky. The only thing I'd be worried about is QC, they'd had issues in the past (Scathach I believe), and the Cocoa was known to have a really fragile bread basket.

In Cuckistan (Sweden), we pay from the first cent minimum 75SEK (approx. 8 euro) + VAT and import duties due to retards buying cheap shit from China.

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>tfw started Gundam because I like Gunpla
>now watch Gundam while my Gunpla sit in their boxes unassembled

This is the fate for most gunpla even when purchased by people that do build. Something about the hobby lends itself to hoarding.

Malayfag here.
Learned this the hard way when my AmiAmi order which exceeded RM500 limit, around 130 burgers got held by customs.
Kinda bullshit when our neighbour, Singapore's limit doubles that of ours.
Had to drive an hour to the customs and pay 6% of the total plus shipping.
They also made me open the box and show them the contents.
Luckily, it was just figma P-Body and Atlas and not any of my lewd scales, which strangely, never got held by customs even though they exceeded that limit.
Maybe using SAL or EMS had something to do with it.

I feel you. Here in Finland there's been some talk of removing "free" imports completely and adding extra fee for Chinese orders. They try to justify that it's too much work for postal service after literally YEARS of complaining that mailmen don't have enough work

I don't buy them anymore, not until I finish the ones I have.

Flip here. Our customs roll quite the same as yours. Over a hundred dollars worth of goods are charged around 12% or more and EMS shipments are taken hostage where they will be opened for inspection.
Airmail and SAL tend to avoid customs though.

Are her breasts padded by any chance?

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I've gone on a snapping spree, myself. I can't snap fast enough.

Just got the keys to my place. My stuff comes in Friday so right now the only thing I own in the house are 8 plastic butts. Hell even the table came with the place

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Man, I really should get my own place. Shared dorm with some faggot is hardly ideal

Did anyone buy either of these sluts?

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Not sure about her waitress figure yet. I’ll wait until it’s painted.

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nice blog faggot. post your collection or shut the fuck up. no one wants to see your shit table or disgusting floor

Either that, or get a dorm with your own room.

It’s still related to buyfagging, idiot. And you cared enough to reply.

I already bought Mikan but she is still at my friend's place in Japan. I will have him ship her once he gets the rest of my March and April orders

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He obviously just wants advice on how to best coordinate his collection with that title wall. Looks suitable for killing livestock or a murder spree at the moment.

Nice curtains though.

Spotted the Dutchy

looks nice


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Welcome to the buyfag thread, remember to read the guide before asking stupid questions.

Why would you buy those shitty figs when there are already three sets that are actually nice?

Alway impressed by how nice these one piece prize figures look. Also I like how Robin's shirt changes color in warm water

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This looks nice, too.

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Because they are cheap and tiny

I paid for a 55k JPY amiami order two weeks ago. Customs has never taxed me, my biggest order before this one was 33k and it didn't get taxed so I just went with it.

The last update after being stuck for 2 days on customs on the tracking says "Taxes were determined on package with number XXXX". I'm prepared for the worst sodomization ever given me.

Sora is always Y for me.

I'd rather just print out a picture of some art for free than buy that shit if I was gonna think like a poorfag.

This Emilia, especially since she has almost no good figures.

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One I get "The Last" Hinata figure that comes out at the end of the month that should be it for Naruto figures

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Which usually means low quality, and that's certainly the case for those.
That's not a good thing.

Getting these two to shake took far more work than I care to admit

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>Actually bought a figure of worst girl ever

After getting pushed back so many times it is nice to finally have her. Getting to see her up close she was well worth the wait

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Not my proudest moment, but the thought of not having a full set would have drove me crazy

I agree with . Don't post a 3.5MB picture of a box on a table while making the post about you.

Also, >spain

Do have a picture to share so that I can get a better idea of the quality, or do you just want to try to convince me that I don't want what I want?

You can look at pictures on MFC if you're actually concerned about quality, which doesn't seem to be the case considering you're happy about how much they cost and that they're tiny, but the one you posted already doesn't look great.

Don't bring this figure next to an user, he's going to hotglue it!

>last Hinata

Immaculate taste. Mine is on the way too, and I don't even like Naruto except for the trainwreck that it was

>Do have a picture to share so that I can get a better idea of the quality
The picture you posted is enough, they look terrible and that's the prototype. The final release will look worse. Are you new to buying?

Robin without water please.

Do apartments in spain all look like they can double as interrogation safehouses for the secret police?

that's not water user

I'm happy for you user. Nice Kotegawa by the way.
Where do you live where the police uses such frilly curtains?

>interested in some COMIC CITY doujin works
>it's in Osaka
Why are all of the doujinshi event proxies in Tokyo.

I like her better wet myself. I would put her on my bathroom shelf so she could change whenever I take a shower, but I fell that is a bit too lewd.

Not on topic, but I like my place 1260 Euro for a 4 bed 3 bath with a back patio and a nice size living/dinning room.

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Chino was fine, Cocoa was shit. Her bread basket broke off.

Thanks, guess I'm getting her anyway, then.

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>Her bread basket broke off.
Its actually fine but the way they packaged it meant it had a very high chance of breaking in transit or while removing the plastic. It happened to me but a little bit of superglue completely fixed the issue.

Your Yui looks out of place with these other shitty looking figures.
I like your idea of putting a figure in the bathroom.

>putting a figure in the bathroom
I can't wait to laugh at the anons posting pictures of figures covered in mold and mildew.

What if you just seal them in a glass case?
Can't wait to put a whole detolf inside my bathroom and seal it with some lewd figures inside.

Well that Robin is a prize figure. Also due to a shipping mix up I ended up with two of them. One could go in the bathroom the other on a shelf

>tfw I only watched G, X, IBO, a bit of Wing, Build Fighters and Try
>still buy gunpla

I got a box.

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I feel like they could have used a smaller box for this one.

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I'd rather pay more and have top tier packaging.

I like that areolae slip.

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Cute fang.

I've received those poorly packaged stuff from Mandarake and have yet to receive a damaged figure. I think it helps being close to Japan.

>years later waifu still has no figure
I swear to god I'm going to buy sculpy.

Please glue Yui.

Happy White Day.

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Happy day to you too

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It's not their fault that an item shipping from Japan got damaged by a shitty postal worker somewhere. Mine got to me just fine and she looks great.

If anything I'd say Chino is definitely the weaker of the two. Slightly worse paintjob, especially on Tippy.

That Sakura is really cute.

Jesus did you take this photo with an nintendo ds or something?

I don't think the ds camera has a flash.

I never had an order stuck in customs for more than a day and now I'm already waiting for 5 days.

thanks for sharing

no problem. I'll keep you updated. :)

I think he was ironic my dude.