My girlfriend keeps taking pictures of me like this, how can I get her to stop?

My girlfriend keeps taking pictures of me like this, how can I get her to stop?

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Drink her delicious pee

Surrender sexually to her. Become her pet.

Put your lizard in her bum.

Take her too Casablanca, and fuck her stupid.


stop being worst girl

where is that?


Morocco. Better go back to school, nigger.
Or watch the show.
Best girl if you ask me.
Also has a great character song

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Stop being a lesbian.

It's too late, princess has already been spreading your embarrassing pictures everywhere.
Just give up and become her pet, its over.

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I love Beato, but song fucking sucks

Sorry to hear it's not your thing, user.

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Now I feel bad

My favorite character songs are Dorothy's followed by Ange's.

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No worries, user, everyone has different tastes.
They're all pretty nice.
I think the ED might be my favorite, honestly. It's just so powarm.

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Dorothy's everything is the best.


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Princess's tits...
Ange's legs...

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Why must Dorothy suffer so much and so many times?

Yo remember when her friend an hero'd right in front of her on the train?
That was brutal.

Nah, I remember the time she thought her dad was a total asshole but he really wasn't so she waited for him so she could apologize and celebrate with him.

Weird, I didn't know they made an anime about my daughter.
Still waiting on the
>apologize and celebrate with him

I wanna see them fug like animals

Because she was kind enough to call her her friend.

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Room for two more?

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>like animals
>implying it wouldn't be the most boring vanilla shit with kisses and handholding and Ange asking Princess if she's okay every two seconds

Just wait until Princess pulls out the BDSM gear on Ange.

Pour her a drink laced with cyanide. Cheers! Bottoms up...

That makes Ange a little sad.

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Yes Master, would you like some more tea?
Or perhaps I shall draw the bath?
Or perhaps you want something else...

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Milk Dorothy udders

Mission failed!
Dorothy has begun milking MY udders instead!
Requesting immediate backup.

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>ctrl-f "chise"

you didn't forget about her right...

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Unfortunately, I haven't.

Remember the time Beatrice's voice box went on the fritz and she ran away from everyone in embarrassment?
That was so sad, I cried.

Can't blame you. Beatrice's smile needs to be protected.

I wish that were my job

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Good thing Dorothy is there

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I wish I were Dorothy

I wish you were Dorothy. And would then tell me where to find you.

Just get a room already you dykes.

I wish you were Beato and would come and milk me

I wish all four of you were Dorothy and would smother me with your milk bags.

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I want to beat Beato up and her her scream.

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Stop talking about Beato

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Okay, let's talk about Ange's butt instead.

Is a nice butt

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I hope her crotch smells like tea and leather.

what a great ass

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Thanks, I've been working on it.

Does her crotch glow green too?

I'm about to go find out.
Wish me luck!
Rather, wish me lick.

What does Ange's butt smell like

Wanna find out?

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>usually love age gap /u/
>can't see Dorothy/Beato as anything but sisterly love

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Is this show as good as Flipflap?

Fix yourself.

No. It is very good, but in a different way.

I don't know, I haven't seen Flipflap, but I enjoyed Princess Principal.

It's better, but it's just a normal anime, not as artistic as Flipflap

The only thing these two shows have in common is the studio, so it's apples and oranges.

Season two when?

I want to like it, even more so because of all the suffering Doro has gone through, but I can't see it any other way.

Have you tried breaking up with her?

Ange & Princess are too busy fucking.

I want Ange to kick the fucking shit out of me.

>your average Sup Forums poster

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L-Like this?

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God, her small breasts look amazing in that.

Yes. Just like that.

GOD I want to use her hizamakura

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I want to stab those thighs with an exacto knife and lap up her blood.

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Small breasts are severely underrated.

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So Ange and blonde Ange are twins or just look alike? Blonde Ange won't give up the throne or something? I stopped watching ep 4

They're 魂の双子.

This. I'm not a lolicon but I'm forced to fap to it because small breasts. DFC is nice too, but I prefer a little something there. Ange's are pretty perfect.
Ange was originally the princess, and Princess was originally an orphan that met Ange through the cracked wall of their castle. They were playing together when a war/coup/whatever broke up, and they got switched. The orphan learned to become the Princess, and Ange (former princess) was out on the streets, eventually becoming a spy.

>soul twins
What is that supposed to mean?

It means they're twins of the soul.

That sounds like a H-Manga title, desu

shoot her tits off

Japanese girls are always the worse girls in any series.

"Oh herro, I come Japan. I oriental. Very mystery and rice. I use katana and am bushido. Sank you vary much."
Fuck Japanese characters and their smarmy attitude.

It's supposed to be a joke.

Well it's not very funny.

Stereotypes used to be pretty funny before the current influx of PC cancer.

You lost me there, I don't get into that kind of stuff.

I love Chise so much

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That's unfortunate.

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