Psycho girl > the rest

psycho girl > the rest

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Next season when?

Never stick it on crazy


Is RWBY considered an anime now that it's more popular in Japan than your favorite anime?


>strawberry + chocolate
But why? we all know Straberry + vanilla is the best combination.

Hopefully never since it went to shit after v3

No you

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>not having all 3

> not strawberry + chocolate + vanilla


sometime this year

I figured as much, just didn't know if the team had announced a release quarter/month yet.

Agreed. Chocolate ice cream in disgusting

Do you faggots really eat chocolate ice cream? It's the nigger of the creams.

Man of culture. I see

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>can't defend his shit taste and must resort to name calling
I doubt a single character in fire emblem would like chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate mixed with vanilla ice cream is unironically THE FUCKING BEST ICE CREAM EVER.

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i think its coming back in the fall

Cool, works for me; thanks.

Nobody actually buys this right? Theres over 1,000 icecream flavors which means theres over 1,000,000 combinations to make and you have to mix these two together? Disgraceful.

also, anime where best boy Roman is still alive, when?

This. They better not make faggot Kate Deal canon. Revenge is much better.

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I was really dissapointed in Jaune's power reveal. I was hoping it would be something related to spirits so that we could see him team up with his [/spoiler] dead [\spoiler] girlfriend.

Learn to CTRL S


Well at least it's more applicable than just straight healing.

Though, I'll admit I was slightly frustrated that the most engaging and fun thing that season was the gay chameleon.

chocolate is literally the best flavor you uncivilized swine

>dead girlfriend.

that reminds me, that only orange-hairs people die in this show


Is Jaune the most hated character in the series?

blake is 2000x worse

Nora still lives.

>implying anyone can hate Jeannu

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How is Neo psycho exactly? She is perfectly well-adjusted.

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I loved how she BTFO Yang without even trying.


>Finally going to be animated by japanese people

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What's this news?

huh, i never bothered giving the chibi series a chance.

That game she's going to be in is going to have animated cutscenes so that means she'll finally be animated by the nips.

Ah, gotcha. And nice double-dubs.

so is she his daughteru, waifu or student-fu?

or is this a haydee/count situation?

>chocolate is best flavor
>wars were fought just so your shit opinion could be seen on the interwebs
this is why we cant have nice things, user

Partner in crime

Nobody knows and Torchwick is dead so we'll never know. There's never been an implication of her being more than some kind of crime partner or hired help for Torchwick. However, I suppose it's worth mentioning that she's the only person Torchwick actually seemed to like.

The chibi series gives some serious waifu implications though.

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you say that, but isnt she like 14 or something? it could well be some kind of mentor/paternal thing, since I doubt they would do that kind of age gap

I really hope he isn't dead I liked his character the most. I'll accept any ass pull that keeps him alive, even if that asspull was her literally pulling him from the ass of that bird.

the bird got killed moments later, then the helicarrier crashed

Get this garbage-ass webseries outta here!

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>isnt she like 14 or something

No? She very clearly behaves like an adult. And I doubt a 14 year old would be that good at combat.

even better
>eats him
>falls to ground slowly since bird parts have big drag or whatever
>grim dissolve when dead
>he's there on the ground

>And I doubt a 14 year old would be that good at combat.
every main character
the dead bitch to boot.

Dont't, it's absolutely fucking terrible. I'm amazed at how badly RT writes its jokes, but then again, they're in charge of main show, so I shouldn't have expected anything but
Should've just given the IP to the Japs so we could at least have fanservice

>she like 14 or something

nope. nobody knows her age

The main characters fucking suck at combat you brainlet. They're so far away from an actual grown Hunter it's not even funny.

Get this tumbr trash out of here

this trash is not deleted. Absolutely disgusting

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pyrrha was almost enough to fight a maiden

besides, neo is also far below a "proper" hunter- the moment raven showed up she left

neo is stronger than the main cast, but shes not extremely powerful in the grand scheme of things

Well to be fair, raven is said to be equal to crow who seems to be an elite among hunters.

arent him, weiss's sister and raven our only real insights into what proper hunters are capable off?

Are you talking about the latest volumes? Volumes 4 and 5? Because then you'd have a point. The only reason they sucked in those was because Miles and Kerry couldn't find a way to make grimm menacing without making everyone else look like jobbers. RWBY and all the other students at beacon and even other academies during the first three volumes had objectively the best fights and looked like they were extremely skilled.

The head masters assistant, the coffee teacher, the bragging teacher also.

did we get any proper fight scenes for them? glinda fought cinder in ep 1 and some grimm during the invasion but thats it if i remember right

the other two got even less

>The main characters fucking suck at combat you brainlet

The coffee one had a fight on the train I don't remember how much he did on there though. The two of them fought a group of grim. iirc the group of grim they fought were made out to 'medium' level grim so its not un-impressive.

>I don't remember how much he did on there though
he took out some of the robots with dog-missiles

you can hide the thread, user

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This is nothing compared to how her uncle, her mother and weiss's sister fight, they would have killed that thing in seconds.

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If I really liked V3 but dropped it at the beginning of V4, is there anything other than cute girls that I have to look forward to?

Also, I was kind of hoping they would do something with the Schnees about higher expectations for rich people, but it seemed like they were just going to keep doing the usual, "rich people are evil," thing.

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you can look forward to jaunes powers being over powered.
>Controls others aura
>can control other people
>Can reach the aura of dead people
>can use others aura to boost himself physically
>can use others aura to give himself their powers.

remember when just one or two punch would be enough to defeat one of these.

Forgot to add. At the end of this Jaune is going to be the peak of humanity because he will become the accumulation of humanity. ruby will still save the day at the end since shes the main character though


You can look forward to the fight between Crow and Tyrian, which is basically the only fight to look forward to since in vol. 5 almost all the fights happen off-screen

>pyrrha was almost enough to fight a maiden
No she wasn't, her semblance is also extremely OP, has nothing to do with combat skill.

>besides, neo is also far below a "proper" hunter- the moment raven showed up she left
Raven is literally the strongest character in the show at this moment.

They're capable against jobber Grim, that's all. The RWBY crew could barely even handle Torchwick who is never shown to be an actual fighter. When Qrow and Winter dueled it was very obvious they were on an entirely different level. Weiss jobbed to a fucking random nameless White Fang member for gods sake.

Raven is stronger than Qrow. She beat fucking Cinder and literally killed her (but not really lol) while Qrow got BTFO by The Incredible Hulk.

I mean the Ursa.

>Raven is stronger than Qrow. She beat fucking Cinder and literally killed her (but not really lol) while Qrow got BTFO by The Incredible Hulk.
Yes what I said should have been put in context. Before she got her power up she was said to be equal to crow. So neo running from someone she though was atleast crows level wasn't an insult ot neos power.

The only characters the writers give a shit about in seasons 4/5 are Blake and Jaune. Theres literally an entire episode where the rest of rwby sit around wondering where Blake is and crying that she left them for the 3rd or 4th time in a row.

>Raven is literally the strongest character in the show at this moment.
her being a maiden was not known at that point

Raven vs Cinder maiden fight was good.

I knew Sup Forums was tsundere for RWBY

You can also fuck off to /trash/

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still no


not only anime but garbage as well. get out

She's still a legendary Hunter and given that she seemed to be somewhat famous as a bandit leader as well, her reputation is probably extremely high either way.

The original point was about every young character in the show being weak, and since Neo is not weak it is very unlikely that she is young.

Meh. Yeah that is true when you compare it to the rest of vol.5 fights. But in my opinion I couldn't handle the all the disappearing flying around and summoning giant swords. To me it just felt like a Bleach or Dragon Ball-esque fight.

Huh, well I guess I wrong. Alright then carry on.

she is shown to be strong relative to the other young characters- she beat yang easily, but as you state yourself yang isnt exactly the strongest

we also know that with proper training even young characters can be strong (pyrrha)

but some do die real easy like those wolf ones

I like jlullabys version of her tbqh

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uhh... ok

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That's exactly what I'm doing. By this time tomorrow Sup Forums will be closing it's borders. No one in, No one out.

i can't find a lot of japanese episodes

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what if i dont want that