What is the best kind of Christmas Cake?

What is the best kind of Christmas Cake?

OL? Teacher? Neighbour?

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Mom/Aunt who has been neglected > Neighbor > Teacher > Office Lady

Work Boss.

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OL > everything else.


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Florist workers.

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Creepy neighbor lady who never had a boyfriend because she's embarrassed about her niche fetishes which are coincidentally the same as yours.

loli cake

Trick question, they're all great.

I wish he would stop teasing us with these single pages and make a full blown doujin with her.

Yandere teacher.

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This, I can't imagine any way to go wrong with any of OP's options.


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>Used goods

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Since were talking MILF, is there anything worse than /ss/ or “””Femdom”””


>cake thread

blood related momcest shota

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How can it be a cake if it was married? that's like a wizard who's have had sex.

i somewhat agree with you. actual quality cake manga/anime is rare. to me personally yakumo is cake because she's been single for a significant amount of time despite qualities that would have men line up for her. more importantly, if yakumo doesnt fit in cake thread then theres not much else for her to be

/ss/ and/or femdom involving MILFs are perfectly fine fetishes.

When the L stands for Loli.

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between this and pretty boss I've found myself leaning towards co-workers/bosses

I'm tired of seeing this bitch everywhere.

A dead one
Have your kids before 25

Stay used to it; she'll be around for a long, long time.

Succubus; even better if she has glasses.

>blood related momcest shota

that's the best though

My Nihongoese teacher is a cute Christmas Cake.

I want her.

chapter fucking when?

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I want both

Baby crazy ones.
Cause they'll want to milk you until they are pregnant.


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Literally who gives a shit

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The kind that is intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.

>Sup Forums image
Please go and stay go.

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The teasing fat lady next door.

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Yakumo is a miracle

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My niggas

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Teacher Christmas cake who lives next door and dresses up like an OL for work, obviously.

Do you have the sauce?


Do you have autism too?

shiruka bakaudon


thanks mang
doubt it

I actually got tested for autism because I wanted to leech autism bux from the state, so unless you're saying they were wrong and you somehow know it better I'd say you're pretty much wrong.

they told you no because they didnt want to give you money

you have autism

Mom, aunt, widow, single mother, neighbor, teacher, office lady.

This is a fetish of a cultured man.

Definitely widow

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>still havent gotten to watch the anime
it was a different time but still, they shouldve bumped her age

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I only read the mango, they always change her style in the animated works. the original illustrations look so much cuter.

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Sheryl is much better than Ranka anyway

Wow that's exactly the inverse of the true order.

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pic related

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I love all types of cakes, but I have a penchant for OLs

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flat cake

this needed to be longer. the turning point was so abrupt

It's fine if she's a widow and the brat is well-mannered.

Scientist/academic with glasses

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I've been here since 07 and i still can't stomach parent-child incest as a way to indulge romantic or sexual needs. it's more disgusting to me than cheating, and somehow that's a controversial opinion even amongst normalfag weebs

OL, because their style

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What kind of cake is the one in bottom middle spot?

>Still no adventures of a Cake who got knocked up as a teen and was too busy working to provide for her daughter to have any time for romance

Has to see their students getting a boyfriend/girlfriend and even having a family. They must take care of what society thinks about her (they can't go arround sleeping with everybody). Usually they don't have much free time, so they can't look for a boyfriend/husband.

Turned to shit when that other bitch showed up.

So instead she starts dating one of her students in secret while waiting for him to become legal

Man, Sakurada is very lucky

So basically this?

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any time is seeding time

ex-wife to a cheating bastard

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What about a current wife who's a cheating bitch?

new chapter is up

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Teachers are the best, obviously

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>new chapters

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For me cheating is worst but that's probably because I know some people that have been cheated on. Sometimes I can enjoy parent-child incest but when it's shota then 9/10 cases I dislike it.


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Wow it's been so long since last chapter.

Depends on the circumstances

What about a gyaru cake?

I don't get it either man.

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That bitch sure is dense.


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Cute feet.

I want to make OLs cry!

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This nigga knows what's up.

Either that or like a ramen place owner? She inherited it from her parents who are dead and promised to keep it alive.

I want to become Yakumo-san's vacuum cleaner!

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Honestly this. The clock is ticking, they gotta get baby making or get dead fast, so she's gonna be riding you like there's no tomorrow.

based neutral poster


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