Prison School

What is Hiramoto trying to tell us with the cover of the last volume?

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Catched the flowers that Hana threw to the girls that were present on her marriage with kyoshi

I haven't been keeping up with this lately, did we ever get an epilogue chapter or no?

Holy shit, did Chiyo really get the last volume cover? Welp. It's either a Chiyo or no girl end.

Next month.

He's having a laugh

>epilogue chapter
More like "a few extra pages inbetween". It isn't going to change anything.

>Another manga with a shitty ending

It's really the norm at this point isn't it?

Looks like Chiyo won.

>it's not what I wanted so it's hurr durr shitty

Just look at yourself once pathetic brainlet

Here come the tears!
Only question now is what your ship was.

>making another ending because your ending was one of the worst endings of all time

Regardless of who you wanted to win, it's incontestable that the manga turned to shit during the sports festival arc and never recovered.

Sports Festival arc was shit, I'll give you that; but the ending wasn't that bad - for me, at least.

>It's bad because nobody won

If Hiramoto somehow asspulls a Chiyo ending, I'm never reading something from this hack again.

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The ending was perfect because it was dumb, kinda funny, and a little cruel. It's a classic Prison School moment.

>I'm never reading something from this hack again.
not even you believe that

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The ending was amazing, stop crying already.

>cover is out
>it's happy chiyo

where is the epilogue? pls dump it.

So who won?

That Chiyo is fucking ugly.

Hiramoto's shit writing

It was awful and would have been just as awful if you swapped Chiyo for Hana.
The ending justifying Mari's insanity and absurd hatred of men, pressing the reset button for no reason is absurd.
Mari was the bad guy, even when Kate was. Everything bad in the series happened because of her. Making ANYONE Mari 2.0 is retarded especially since we know Mari never learned a damn thing.

Chiyo becoming Mari was the punchline to the entire series.

mari is right tho

go back to tumblr/reddit.

What do you expect from teenagers, they can't read.

the supposed epilogue comes out on april 1st, not out yet

Pretty much: "FUCK YOU".

Jesus Christ, she's hideous

>>it's not what I wanted so it's hurr durr shitty
I would've been fine with any kind of ending (Hana, Chiyo or alone), not this

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That counts as alone user.

>surviving the cavalry race only to get this
Hiramoto really hated his readers

You can make Kiyoshi end up alone, or you can be Hiramoto and ruin a character for no fucking reason

haha no.

>april 1st
>April fools day
We're doomed

>they will forever remain inside the jail cell

Oh no

>We didn't get the boys fighting back
I'm still upset, I wanted a bloodbath at the least.

it does feel off.
Her eyes kind of look like they're narrowed for a reason other than joy to me.


She was at Hana's wedding

>"Hahaha fuck all of you"

>no wet T-Shirt contest

>abloobloo muh waifu got mindbroken

It's not about shipping. It was about a character doing a 180 for a unsatisfying end gag. If they ended up not getting together through a satisfying manner I'd be OK with it, but I find hard to believe that something on that level of perversion would have really changed her heart when she saw things before that were worse. There was no closure and it felt rushed, just like I am a Hero and countless other manga.

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Wow what a brainlet

He was wearing another girl's pantsu during her crowning moment because he felt incomplete without them like Hana described. Why wouldn't she feel betrayed

She might be upset and feel betrayed, but that doesn't excuse Hiramoto from doing a 180º to her character

NTR changes a person, especially at a moment like that

I'm also disappointed fuck Hiramoto

It's funny to see Chiyofags still seething to this day.

>it's only chiyofags I swear

What are you implying?

Pissfags never recovered from that brutal rejection

That was funny too, indeed.

Hana's character got ruined too

>Chiyofags trying to pretend it's not just them shitposting about the ending
Hanafags enjoyed the ending, even the Nip Hanafags.

Stop being a retard. I will riot if the epilogue doesn't try to fix this mess and doesn't pair Kiyoshi with Hana

>t. chiyofag

You are some special kind of retard

>I waspretending to hate men and am dating Kiyoshi-kun in secret so that Hana wouldn'tfuck anything up

Why does it looks like she's naked?

Kiyoshi's character flaw was his not accepting himself and believing he needed to hide his true self. This ending is the comeuppance of that.

Chiyo's character flaw is her naivety and inability to see fault in those she loves. This ending is the comeuppance of that.

The ending was the natural conclusion of their flaws.

I'm more pissed that the rest of the boys fell to the wayside and never got proper conclusions. Hell, I'm pissed that they decided to focus solely on the shipperfags for the ending. Fuck you all. I miss the chairman lads

I liked the ending and I like this Chiyo

Given the mental state Hana was by the end of the series this sounds plausible

I am Hero is over? Oh boy time to finish that turd then

>How could he have seen through my falseflag Chiyobros?!

Going to pretend you're not one of the Chiyofags from when the chapter dropped that was trying to pretend everyone hated it and not just them? Despite all the Hanafags celebrating?

The only reason Hanafags celebrated was because no pairing happened. As for her character, I've seen a shit ton of complaints on how she was acting OOC out of nowhere and acting like a huge bitch when she was turning over a new leaf in her treatment to Kiyoshi. A lot of Hanafags thought she was regressing and blamed it solely on the fact that it was for a Chiyo ending since they felt Hiramoto was fucking up her character on purpose.

> I've seen a shit ton of complaints on how she was acting OOC out of nowhere and acting like a huge bitch when she was turning over a new leaf in her treatment to Kiyoshi
Ah I don't browse redit/tumblr so I wouldn't see that supposed ton of complaints. Only speaking for what I saw on Sup Forums and twitter.

What exackly were they celebrating? Her going nuts and being cruelly rejected?

That Andre should have been the main character.

I'm talking about Sup Forums though. Older threads had complaints on how her character was acting like huge bitch out of nowhere, and people pinned the blame on a Chiyo ending since they felt Hiramoto was regressing her character for said ending. Then we got the "final chapter" and some were celebrating because no pairing happened and the announcement of an epilogue made the Hana ending possible again to them. Before the "final" chapter, you had a fair amount of complaints by Hanafags.

The ones that gott buttblasted the most were the delusional Kiyoshi/Marifags t b h
Mari got a yuri harem in the end.

Nips liked the open ending giving her a chance, since she's the favorite

Sup Forums Hanafags just liked that Chiyo lost and Hana got her pee Ouroboros. Mainly that Chiyo got BTFO though

Mari and Hana were the only ones I liked so I'm content with the ending

>Hiramoto's shit writing
>Muh my waifu didn't won this writing is shit!!
The absolute state of chiyofags.

>Mari got a yuri harem
Delusional yurishitter

Not him, but it has nothing to do with shipping. The entire final chapter was shit. What even happened to the other guys?

Shipperfags ruined the series.

Literally everything was fine within the threads until the anime aired.

Okay so that turns her into Japanese Anita how?

What kind of drugs you have to be on to believe that? It was just as shit as anything past the cavalry arc.

They were not, stop rewriting history. Shippers got annoying way before anime aired

Yeah, he rushed the shit out of this. The love triangle was one of the weakest parts of this for me so seeing everything else take a backseat was a kick in the nuts.

Stop trying to disguise yourself as an oldfag in these threads.
Back then we could call Chiyo "Offscreen-chan" without anyone going nuclear over it.

Chiyofags didn't exist before the anime

You're Hanafag so it's understandable you didn't mind her constant worship

I'm still super fucking salty that we never got to see what Joe's deal was. I figured after the pirson-break, we might have gotten mini-arcs focused on the rest of the lads but nope, we focused on Kiyoshi only. Chairman never even got a proper conclusion even though he got a ton of flashbacks with Mari, showing they used to respect each other. Fuck all you shipperfags, you ruined everything

>tfw Hanafag

Only solace I have is that I didn't spend a single dime in this manga and dropped it long before the horse race.

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I'm the sole Mayumifag actually.

the raft ride was the replacement, with girls they actually care about

I can't honestly remember who any of those girls were.

>What is Hiramoto trying to tell us with the cover of the last volume?
Piss, fire and blood

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>kiyoshi gets the first volume cover
>chiyo gets the last volume cover

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I see the retarded Hanafag is still in denial that he wanted to see Kiyoshi and Hana together but can’t, and has resorted to accusing everybody who hates this shit ending of being a Chiyofag

Meiko’s the favorite though

So.. Kyoshi fucked Hanna while she was peeing him?

>Despite all the Hanafags celebrating?
You mean you and two others spamming the threads? Sure

Except Risa x Andre was solidified, Risa was best girl so I'm satisfied.
Kiyoshi is an idiot and deserves what he got honestly.