Will there ever make a Saya no Uta anime or will it have to be an OVA series...

Will there ever make a Saya no Uta anime or will it have to be an OVA series? And how would they tackle the sex scenes since they involve a lot of character building?

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OVA are dead.
N+ said the only adaptation they're focusing on is Muramasa.

Probably never ever

why must you ruin my dreams

My dream is for all early butcher stories to get adaptations, stuff like Vjed, Kikokugai and SnU.

But it's hard to admit it's a realistic dream.

It is a good dream though. We need more of this but sadly moeblob or isekai is all the rage atm.

Never ever
At least we are getting a live action

Could just portray as them cuddling together. The You scene can be just her naked and chained.
Not sure about NTR rape scene though.

>3dpd saya


I hope none of you anons are thinking about lusting after a flesh-weaving monster?

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moeblob is dying. Only fujoshit, idols and miltary musume is trending up.

honestly i think the fgujoshit is going up because more and more people are being prison gay


Otaku are harder to pander to nowadays as they got older and more cynical.
Pandering to fujos is easier and relatively novel.

>And how would they tackle the sex scenes since they involve a lot of character building?
I don't see how the dude randomly going rapist "built" any character. It's more like the standard nitroplus "AND SUDDENLY RAPE!"

Babies first VN.

I wanna hug the demon.
Not an argument

Sex scenes are not a big deal desu, just show fuminori cuddling with a fleshbob briefly. Itr's not like they are woven into the plot like fate.

But they absolutely are? She learns how to manipulate human bodies by ingesting his DNA every night.

And Fuminori gets charafter development in them, for instance, the scene where he explains he once thought blowjobs were degenerate but now he loves them. It helps showcase his descent into a deviant.

Actually a very good Lovecraftian VN.

are there even any others?

If you can read Japanese, 仄暗き時の果てより is pretty good.

Haven't read it yet but Dear My Abyss is a recent one.

Who knew lovecraft and a pure love story would be such an amazing combination?

SnU can work really well as a 2 hour movie.
But a 15+ anime movie based on an eroge has never been done before as far as I know. So it's hard to pitch it to producers.

It's been 14 years, no one has the balls to adapt a Lovecraftian eroge with a premise likes this.

It teaches Saya that she can't trust anyone just because they can see her as a cute grill.

They could make Fuminori walk in right after the neighbor pushes her to the ground.

God, I hope not. It's impossible to adapt it without butchering things that made it good in the first place.
This. I'd rather have a 2D flesh-beast than a disgusting real 3DPD girl.
Also, nice dubs.

A Saya no Uta OVA would be great, is there even a single anime that is truly Lovecraftian? I feel like practically nobody even knows what the word actually means anymore.

no 3dpd of my pure anime meat blob pls

Weirdly enough the closest thing that I can think of is Madoka, Urobuchi sure knows his Lovecraft.

The witch lairs certainly qualify IMO.

No. Most people arent into guro or disgusting ass things.

but its hardly guro, besides they could do it tastefully

I'm sure whoever animates it wouldn't do the MC-vision world justice.

If they do I hope they age Saya up a little

you shut your whore mouth.

but no really I would be okay with that change it would give slightly more mass appeal

I could watch a 2+ hours movie of it. With the Saya's Song ending of course.

Nitroplus should do a VR version of the game. It could be huge.

>Call of Cthulhu is the most profoundly memorable TRPG to me. You could say that Saya no Uta, my game script, was especially influenced by Call of Cthulhu.

>I feel that the original Lovecraft works tingle my heart the best. Other writers that came after Lovecraft like Derleth are very good but don’t tingle my heart like the original. But since it is a derivative work in just can’t be helped. But in that was Lovecraft’s work tingles my heart just the right way.


It's the trigger for both Saya and Fuminori to give up on everyone but each other.

it is indeed quite a bonding moment, and you get to learn sayas fleshweaving etc througn some of the yoh scenes.

i doubt it could work as an anime. Most of the meat vision works because we see it from Fuminori's perpective, and how most stuff happens without us seeing it. It's a simple, yet crucial thing that makes the novel work. Otherwise it would be just a horror trite with guro themes.

Porque no los dos?

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This was a great VN. Glad I finally ended up getting around to it at some point.

Yet they both go and rape that other chick no problem. Kind of a huge jump in behavior for the MC

>Monster blob that can kill her assailant with ease
>Cowers before the might of his cock
Also taught her that the dick can't be beat

Not really. The neighbor scene is when the story finally establishes to Fuminori that Saya is the actual monster in the story. He is given a chance to flip his perspective back right side up, but then realizes he doesn't give a shit about those people anymore and would rather view everyone else as a "monster" than Saya. And that's exactly what he does.

>implying that those things are mutually exclusive

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This was the easiest decision in any game. Always the red pill.

There's already a porn star whose stage name is from the game

>ywn have an cutie eldritch abomination help you cope with your hallucinations
Granted I never consistently had it as bad as the MC, but this VN was the first time I could 100% empathize with the MC. Urobutcher's earlier works are too damn good. What are some other early works by Urobuchi that are must reads?

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Kikokugai is great if you like cyberpunk and/or martial arts.

Ooh, I remember that character. Because of Saya I decided to try out Nitroplus Fighters and she was pretty fun to play as. she gets raped, doesn't she? Being a nitroplus heroine is suffering.

Aren't both by the same writer?

Maybe i should read before actually posting posting.

Wait, there's going to be a Muramasa adaptation?!

Saya is the one doing the raping.
And she deserved all the suffering.

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>she gets raped

Maybe you should read her VN before spouting bullshit

I think he was talking about pic related, from another Urobuchi VN.

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I realize my post was worded weird. What I meant to say was Saya got me to play the N+ game, which then introduced me to Ruili which I remembered was part of Kikokugai. Also, how dare you say Saya deserved her suffering. Any pain she inflicts is purely out of her naivete. It's not like she's a monster, or anything.

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I mean if she doesn't, that'd be awesome. I'm just prepping myself because it's Nitroplus. They kind of have a pattern with this stuff.

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Saya is a cute. A cute!

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>Any pain she inflicts is purely out of her naivete. It's not like she's a monster, or anything.
No. She is super-inteligent organism. There is no way she didn't know consequences of her actions.

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She's the number one cutest eldritch meat monster, that's for sure.

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>Saya no Uta OVA with original OST
too good to be true

You can be super intelligent and still think like a child. Unless I'm remembering wrong, she became fascinated with humans and tried to emulate them, and only just started to understand and care for people because of Fuminori. Although I'll admit naivete would be the wrong word to apply to her. It'd be closer to learning a wholly different set of morals.

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Everything that is entirely written by Urobuchi is worth reading.

They said that years ago but we haven't seen anything so far.
The problem is that Muramasa is very long and mecha designs are too complex to be done by 2D.

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Well, I hope they make a good one anyway, since that's never getting translated.

She may not have deserved suffering, but she certainly deserved death.

She just wasn't meant for this world. A creature with her abilities, regardless of her intent, was doomed to cause tragedy. It's a shame there wasn't an ending to help her return to her world. It'd be really interesting to see that explored, possibly with a split of whether or not Fuminori would follow after her.

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Wait. Who?

>And how would they tackle the sex scenes since they involve a lot of character building?

Netflix movie since they allow nudity/sex.

>mecha designs are too complex to be done by 2D

Muramasa adaption by Polygon Pictures using Ajin style CGI.

White World ending was kino

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>Muramasa adaption by Polygon Pictures using Ajin style CGI.

Muramasa deserves better than CG than that.
It also needs to be 3 cours at least.

I wish there would've been an ending where Fuminori and Saya get to stay with each other. Even in the "good" end, Saya dies giving birth. Would be interesting to see them living life together after all witnesses have been killed off.

Joke's on all of you, maybe you didn't pay attention when reading, because Saya does indeed get raped at a point....

Why would she return? She was sent with the specific reason to colonize earth, she juts gets into a detour when she reads about love in books.