Otakare Fujokano

Who's ready for some more disgustingly cute couple shenanigans? We got TWO chapters for you today, you gluttons.
Putting the title page first because >Rin is cute!

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If you didn't know, there's no Ch 3 raws. They're lost somewhere.

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Hard truths.

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>Glasses Rin
Hell yeah.

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Next Chapter coming up in a hot second. It's not up on MangaDex yet, but it probably will be later today. Needs a biiit more QC.

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>The state of gatcha players

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Why do they do this?

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Yes, the words were actually in his mouth.

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General reminder the Haruhi anime is nearly 15 years old and so is this title page reference.

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Yamato's Power Level may not be as high as we thought.

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That's all for now. We've got a pretty good rhythm going, so we're hoping to TL everything up to chapter 9 [and maybe 10 if the raws come out March 22]. And then snag the tank and get those sweet sweet extras. Cheers, Sup Forumsnons.

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Thank you