Arc, Ciel or Akiha?

Arc, Ciel or Akiha?

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All of them are beautiful but I'll take Ciel.

Ciel a cute

Arc > Akiha >> Ciel.

A cat is fine too.

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I want to touch Akiha's long hair.


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Ciel. It's pretty obvious.

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Arc without a doubt but I enjoyed Ciel's sex scenes the most.

Arc is hotter but Akiha is better for emotional connection.
Ciel lol.

How long have you been waiting?

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Ciel's the real deal.

Someone who I wish had her own route


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What class would they all be summoned as in a Holy Grail war? I think Berserker for Arc, Assassin for Ciel, no idea about Akiha.

Akiha is best, though Arc is great too. Ciel is dogshit, and the only bad Tsukihime/KT/MB girl.

Who is a better fighter, Sasaki or Shiki?

Shiki cant servants

Probably Berserker for Akiha as well. Kohaku could make a good Assassin. Sacchin would be an Avenger, everyone forgetting about her led her to a path of vengeance.


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>Tfw mana transferring with Arc
I mean the love would be real and genuine but you'd probably be turned to dust during the process.

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>Implying Arc isnt a dead fish
Shes used goods

Best sex scenes Akiha
Best route story wise Ciel
Best character Arc

Only considering these 3 though.

>Best sex scenes Akiha

I enjoyed Ciel's more especially how kinky she was being.

Ciel is easiest to button mash with her black keys but Warcueid is even easier
Akiha is a bit too focused on special moves for me but life steal vermilion has is pretty cool

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Did Arcueid kiss her in all these places without her noticing?

Archer for Ciel, Assassin or Berserker for Akiha, and Arc would be Funny Vampire.


Stop spamming fateshit threads please,catalog already has 5

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This isn't Fate, though.

Arc+Ciel as god intended.

Begone, demon Akiha, who lives off of desire.

>Ciel is dogshit, and the only bad Tsukihime/KT/MB girl.
What did she do to you?

Its made by nasu, same shit sempai

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Appropriate picture.

Its a gif you goof.

She's ugly, boring, and a bitch. Her only redeeming factors are her abilities.

What is it that makes Mordred so charming?

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That one is wrong

The only answer

My man

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The only answer

What is this? Someone actually opened a post with taste?

Reminder that Len is the character with the best h-scenes because all of them are far better than the ones on the actual routes

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Correct choice

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arc-en-ciel, if you know what I mean

Isn't this a comedian? How is that related to Tsukihime?

The fact that you think she is just a comedian was all within my calculations

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>VERY fast vampire kissing at incredible hihg speed

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>ywn kiss Ciel
Life sucks

Haircut and face


I love L'Arc~en~Ciel.

I pick Hisui
Arc given the choices though.

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I want to kiss Ciel's thighs!

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So pretty, perfect, and cute!

Ciel can't look stupid if she is the best

She looks like a guy with tits.


Alcoholic lil sis > curry ass > atari dumbledore

Why did you just post a blank image?

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She can look beautiful, like here.

Why restrict to thighs? There's so many places to kiss and so many noises Ciel might make as you explore them.

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All of them.

The thighs would be more than enough for me user, you don't have to tempt me like that.
But of course, I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to cover her in kisses from head to toe!

You're a good user.

Thank you for posting that great Ciel pic, user.

Not really

Akiha is unironically the shittiest character in Turkeyhandle.

>NTRs her blood related brother with some adopted faggot
>Doesn't help Kohaku even though she knows everything
>Brings Shiki back despite knowing it will only cause trouble
Worst character confirmed.

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>NTRs her blood related brother with some adopted faggot

Out of those Ciel without a doubt
But man turkeyhandle is such a subpar VN, you guys have some pretty strong rose tinted glasses on
Don't know why you guys like gary stus or mary sues so much

How about ? Read the rules.

The OP is literally a cover from the manga, retarded newfag.


>People can't complain about a bad remake if you neve release it
Sad but true.

Ciel is trash. Anyone but her.

The red hair maids are so cute

>muh currybutt


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Out of all the possible ways to expand on Ciel’s character in KT, why did Nasu have to go with “lol curry”?

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That was only the comedy side, user. She got a cool encounter with Roa Elesia.
I wish she'd gotten some extra fights though.

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The real reason people like Ciel is for her backstory.
Specifically the Church experiments.

Akiha is the best char. ciel is hot tho

>Doesn't help Kohaku even though she knows everything

As if she could do anything for Kohaku.

>The real reason people like Ciel is for her backstory.
If you want to put it that way, sure.

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She should be stacked. Her tits are as big as Sakura Matou's, and that's a pretty good rack all things considered.

She should also be fit as hell, but you know Takeuchi.

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Not for lewd

That is all the dumb cats are good for.

Akiha for maximum ANAL pleasure

Akiha is for footjobs, Ciel is for anal.

What even is the appeal of anal. Oh look a hole that's drier and less pleasant than the vag and also you're probably going to get shit on your dick. How exiting.

That's not how you raise cats, user.