What's Lain?

What's Lain?

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Made for tender loving

A cute

Seemingly an honest man

>naked lain with her legs open
She's so hot.

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Don't talk to me or my God, ever again.

Isnt there a versione with the japanese commentary on each episode?

Did you make this thread purely to ask that quesetion again. Fucking google it and let Lain breath.

Eiri gave Lain a body...a loli body... was he a lolicon?

you mean average nip teen body

She looks younger...but yeah, i guess it's pretty average in nipland

Average nip teen body. The best kind of body.

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Sing me a song Ruri

an autist

I did part of my university dissertation on Lain. It was a good time in my life.

How do I love Lain when she's not real?

What was it about?

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I presented something on fractale. It went well. More to that flop than you'd think.

Posthumanism in Sci Fi anime. I did Ghost in the Shell 1+2, and Lain.

I really enjoyed it

Lol what? And I am sure you wrote something like "Lain is about internet...." which is totally wrong

Good taste.

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Does the anime pass the test of time though, or is it dated?

Its idea about taking your persona online is dated.

It gets more and more relevant with time.

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Are they opening "Club Cyberia" for real?

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post it

Lain is love, Lain is life!

The best

lain is shit

The best part is it's about reality of today
Game is even better about that

pretty much this, even more so relevant on Sup Forums

your opinion is shit

Still looking for a decent explanation, episode by episode, frame by frame, shot by shot

You should understand everything about it after your second rewatch

Uh...so why all the reviews/analysis/explanation theories on the web are radically different?

Post it

Tell me about Lain
Why does she wear the bear suit?

Heretics like you should be burned.

Wasn't too applicable at the time, but is getting more and more relevant with each passing year.

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So plebeians only watched it once.

If you only watch it once you dont write an essay. The truth about Lain has yet to be unveiled

What is this

I had your thesis bookmarked at one point, but I can't find it now. At least if you are the same user from awhile ago.

Club Cyberia

Real Lainposter hours
Drop your rare Lains if you up

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Honestly most of mine probably aren't rare, considering I pull 90% of them from here, /c/ or /w/

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it scares me

Confirmed common, but still a nice crossover.

Now that's pretty rare

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