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He Truly is the Survivor

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frieza is so overrated i really can't understand why he keeps coming back to the franchise

Cause's he's super popular in japan

Lot of my fellow western fans think the world revolves around them but it doesn't

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Just as to be expected.

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Golden Top hat frieza always makes me chortle

I love Freeza, and he had a huge impact on the series.

Also, the villains that come after don't compare.

Cell: I want to become Perfect
Buu: Hurr durr planet go boom boom!

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He will wish for everything past his saga to never have happened
Man that would be glorious, DBZ would be forever saved

>cell calls himself the perfect being
>needs 2 androids and thousands of people to power up

>Goku and jiren are equally matched and both end up knocked out
>Everyone wonders what happens in a tie
>Jiren universe gets erased
>It's "revealed" that Frieza was still around all along
>Frieza wishes himself out of existence knowing he can't beat Goku and would just get sent back to hell the moment he dies to suffer for all eternity
Either that or he wishes for immortality and sets up the stage for the next Arc.

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she's non canon trash

If Cell is "Perfect", than what is Android 21? "More perfect"?

She's literally Cell 2.0, Cell but better in every way

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disgusting pig western lips

>tfw you're the next big opponent

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nah, we have a few arcs to go before that

Dragonball Ultra (2019 - 2025) Arcs

>The Saiyans of Sadala
Episodes 1-17
>The Return of El Hermano
Episodes 18-49
>The Mystery of the Lost Universes (13-18)
Episodes 50-72
>Ressurection C
Episodes 73-85
>28th World Martial Arts Tournament
Episodes 86-112
>The Demon Realm Attacks !
Episodes 112-148
>The Grand Priest's Rebellion
Episodes 149-214

You know it will happen

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>still no loli Mai doujinshi

Really disappointed in Japan right now.

he's the series Joker

>this qt girl literally fingers herself over Frieza every night

How the fuck does he do it Sup Forums? This is insane.

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But honestly, Goku's El Hermano was Raditz and he ain't gonna appear ever again

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looks like a a generic ugly bitch
Who cares?

>destroys Planet Vegeta and Planet Namek
>gets rid of most of the monkeys
>will get rid of irl monkeys this Saturday when Mexico goes to war on each other
>wins ToP instead of his monkey teammates therefore saving his universe
>will even play a main role in the new movie
Being a servant of Lord Furiza is great.

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>imagine having taste this shit

Splendid, another thread for Caulifla

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Frieza is the only villain in Z with a huge amount of influence over the galaxy. He doesn't just threaten the Earth, but also many lives across the universe with his brilliant scheme to gentrify planets. Plus he's the only one with a unique goal of becoming space emperor for life.

Cell didn't want to be Perfect, He wanted to go on space adventures and fight stronger enemies, testing the limits of his perfect till he dies by Beerus's hand. If anything Cell winning means we would've gone back to original dragonball in terms of story.

>resurrection C
lol no

Based El Hermano

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I don't know about that, but Jiren is undefeated against Goku and Vegeta.
4-0 when?

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>dimwit getting uppity
5-0 when

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Can't survive the Survivor, baby.
Better cool your ass because this Saiyan shit is Frozen for good, it is the Frieza Timeline now. What a villain!

El hermano is a temporary antagonist, he dies at the end of his arc. He might come back for the el grande padre arc though

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What happened to yamamuro between 2008 and 2010?

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>Cell can't even survive a blast from a one-armed jobber child
Kek, pathetic.

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Because Frieza did nothing wrong.

donald trump joins the chadforce

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t. Tumblr landwhale who writes fanfics about Gohan not being an irrelevant jobber.

>Frieza will be running the movie as well

new ost for episode 131 leaked

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>Grande Padre revives El Hermano and gives him Angel Ki to fight Gohan Blanco and destroy Jiren

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I wanna kiss him.

Reminder that based Frieza is the true CHAD of the series.

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>some people see those lips that look like a puckered anus and have a boner

literally deviantart tier shit

>not getting aroused by puckered anus

Ugly stupid bitch stop posting this whore
Vore is disgusting kill yourself
The lips are fine shut your fucking trap or you'll end up with a swollen pair

are those leak pics real

Frieza a cute. CUTE!

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>Cuckgetafag is seething again

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>Dragon Ball stopped being good after Namek and Frieza
>Power levels are fucking stupid and make no sense
>Every character is the same level of strength and just have different Ki boosts at this point, hence why Goku can get BTFO by a shitty laser
>The ToP is in the Top 5 list of worst things to ever happen to this franchise
>No matter what happens, U7 is going to win, nothing is going to change, shitposting will still run rampant, and this series has forever lost any dignity it may have once had

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>killed his father
>killed his people
>killed his planet
>killed his pride
>killed his freedom
>killed him on Namek
>killed him AGAIN on Earth
>Cucks Vegeta out his promise to Cabba
9-0 when?

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>The ToP is in the Top 5 list of worst things to ever happen to this franchise
What are the other 4?

>vegeta becomes a kawaii magical girl
>frieza becomes an aesthetic golden god

Jobgetafags on suicide watch.


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>will literally steal a new powerup for the movie to be at MUI Goku level before Vegeta
Why is he so great? I fucking love him so much.

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I want to fuck this cute lizard girl.

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It is a obvious fact that he got style.

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>Grande padre
Away with you, spic.

/ouremperor/ has no equal when it comes to great designs

>implying Grande Padre is a threat

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Rate this team

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away with you newfag

Same here!

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stop posting my pictures.

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Is this a trap?

I know what the meme is, it's just that only spics like yourself actually like it. So, again, go away, spic.

But Goku got a win from Frieza in RoF, it's Vegeta who never got a win from Frieza.

Where did Gokufags go?

>Impersonating a girl on the Internet

No, I meant frieza.

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Can we count literal second chances? If not for rewinding time Frieza pulled a win there, the guy is basically the most glorious, golden cockroach around, you just don´t get rid of him on the first try.

Can this guy beat our emperor?

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>only spics use it
you couldn't be more wrong, then again you're just butthurt for no reason. Calling other people spic online will never make you white gonzales.

Will the spics in the US chimp out when goku loses? Cause we already had EBT down and that was rough already

7/10, not golden enough.

>that jealous dog

the spoilers don't necessarily say he will win right? might be to soon to jump the gun on this one

>But Goku got a win from Frieza in RoF
No, he didn't. Both of the retarded monkeys fucked up when they had the chance to defeat him and it took Whis literally rewinding time to bail them out.

Well we know U7 will win. If Goku is knocked out of the ring and only Freeza is left, then Freeza wins somehow.

>expecting stupid lizardfags to think rationally
They take after their character.

>Frieza is the last man standing against Jiren.
>We know for a fact this will lead into the movie, which will have a big role for Frieza.

While it could be argued its somewhat made obvious at this point that he gets that wish.

With Freeza being mentioned as part of the new movie coming out, it's safe to say that Jiren doesn't win. It's like either Freeza outright knocks Jiren out, or Goku somehow remains in the arena and U7 wins by numbers.

Manga leaks in 4 days right?

At least Goku didn't got it that bad
>killed his father
>killed his people
>killed his race planet
>killed his home planet

The spoiler says basically that Goku drops out and they all look at the Grand Priest thinking its over until Frieza is mentioned hitting Jiren. He is definitely going out by the end of 130.

What will /ouremperor/ wish for when he wins, lads?

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That which he deserves: Everything.

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If he's smart, Zeno's erasure ability. Depends on how much he trusts Goku to use the earth dragonballs to bring him back to life.

for his dignity

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Goku doesn't care about any of those though.


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This whole "everybody forgot Frieza was still in" twist is retarded. He's not sitting in the benches with them, they KNOW he's still there.

He cared about the Earth in RoF at least