Coke or Pepsi?

Coke or Pepsi?

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I prefer Sprite.


Rias is cuter

Here's a more complete image for this thread, it needs it.
This being said, I'm a Schweppes man.

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Drink of intellectuals.

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Shit. What a dilemna


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Why is kurumi Coke zero?

between the two, pepsi, but the true patrician will do the dew

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>a ripoff that just a flatter version of the other
Gee I wonder.....

Coke and pepsi are both disgusting and you should off yourself for even knowing what they taste like.
It's all about the SCHWEPPES.

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My wife, Medaka.

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What if I mixed them?


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>tfw have both

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get off of Sup Forums, heat

She is unironically the worst girl of her series. Literally any other girl in the show is superior.

This makes me special then, right?

read the manga

Coca Cola for me i'm addicted to both Coca Cola and Redheads

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I think Medaka is hotter but you can never see her naked so I'm gonna go coke.

Mein neger

>unironically reading

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Wo ist meine fritz kola du hurensohN?????

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>no RC
Damn mundanes.

Next you're gonna ask for Club-Mate, you fucking homosexual.

Medaka because a mary sue is still more interesting than a cock sleave.

Well if Coke Zero gets to be on it, then why not add all the variations. I really wanna see cherry coke for example, or Schwepps Ginger Ale.

Dr Pepper for me thanks.

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can I mix crush cherry with sprite?


I fucking hate soda

Coke Zero > all

Cock and Bepis

Im drinking Pepsi Max right now, you know what that means?
The girl from Tiger and Bunny is now my waifu.

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OG Coca Cola all the way
Pepsi tastes like shit.

al dante

What girls are these

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Those two both have literally the exact same figure.

who is pepsi max?

Rias's breasts are 1cm bigger and I think Medaka's hips are 2cm wider

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There can only be one anons.

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Posing harlots, every last one of them.

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Pepsi, Coke aged like milk.

I prefer Coke but Medaka is the better choice.

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Pass that 7Up, senpai

What if I said Cream Soda?

>Rias's breasts are 1cm bigger
Well that settles that debate...

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In this case coke since Medeka>Rias. But if we're talking about the actual drinks then it doesn't matter since they both taste the same.

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Smirnoff gf

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Nothing like some nice refreshing water.

Have you compared Rias to Adult Medaka tho?

who is faygo?

The only good soda is Dr. Pepper and I'm not talking about that stupid anime girl that drinks it.

Carbonated water.

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My nigga

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My parents never let me drink soda and by the time I had one in high school it tasted like acid going down my throat, so neither.

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How the fuck did you get past the +18 warning?


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Medaka's sister was better.

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That Purple Flavor of Monster Energy

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purple drank

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>9gag shit

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RC cola

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Who would be Mountain dew baja blast?

Who would be Mountain Dew hitler did nothing wrong?

hard apple cider

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This is a very satisfying webm.

Coke Zero even though I fucking despise the drink

Look up Pepsiwoman on Youtube. I would a Pepsiwoman.

i'd rather pasito

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What a fucking relief for one of those to not cut out early

Why are all of the girls shit?


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When I have a choice, pepsi. But since I don't keep any soda at home I only get it when I go out to eat and that always seem to be coke.

based ebaumsworld, that takes me back.

Freshly picked berries.

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The fuck is big cola? That sounds like some discount general soda.

i want to marry rias!

Now I want a Yoo-hoo

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Cola is absolutely fucking disgusting no matter which company made it. I seldom drink soft drinks, but if I find myself in a situation where I must, it's Dr. P or Ginger Ale for me. Most crush varieties are okay and I don't mind root beer, but nothing will ever compare to Hires, which is nigh impossible to find now.

I'm assuming you mean Ultra Violet? It's a shame how many good flavours of energy drinks that have disappeared over the years. I really miss the Rockstar Guava flavour one.

Sprite should be Mugi, y'know, because both are loved by niggers.

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Mexican Coca-Cola > Pepsi >>> US Coca-Cola

I like grape juice

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