Darling in the Franxx

Goro got friendzoned officially now, I wonder if Ichigo now knows that what she feels for Hiro is love.

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desuarchive.org/a/search/text/Goro got friendzoned officially now/

What is love?

the PV couldn't come soon enough

Well shitposter kun made the thread but we can still salvage this. Post your favorite Ichigoros

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>goro got friendzoned
It's not that way until she says "lets stay friends". There's still at least a week or two before that happens, though it almost certainly will

PV when?

They both know that what they feel for each other is love. Hiro is gonna ditch that dino bitch and live forever with Ichigo

Baby don't hurt me

Michlin stop anonfagging.

This. You can’t spell Ichigo without Hiro.

Its not him, its just one ESL retard

Ichigo please, he's mine

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Wow, cuckgorfags can't deal with reality

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I want to know why he asked for a pen.
It drives me crazy.

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Here these are the kind of pictures he uses
desuarchive.org/a/search/text/Goro got friendzoned officially now/


Why would any of the kids know what love is?

>Tfw Ichigoro made this a comfy week of discussion

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Sasuga speedwatching Sup Forumsermin Shitposter.

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The penis mightier than the sword.

For his wife.

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A really dope fountain pen can be quite expensive and stylish. It makes sense for his personality at least.

He wants to write "BELONGS TO MITSURU" on Kokoro's ass.

CEO Milkman that why

>a comfy week of discussion
Heh, still better than last week, so I can't complain much.

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>muh crossboarding speedwatcher
Oh fuck off already

Oh he’s definitely friendzoned, at least for the moment; if Ichigo had any inkling of interest in him she wouldn’t brush him off by saving her answer for later.

>gorofags WILL defend this

The Sup Forumsermin are out in full force today, probably coordinating more attacks with their tripfag leader on discord.

>muh discord

Why are you so mad?

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Ichigoro makes any thread a little bit better

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You need to go back.
t. Newfag

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Because kids can know what love is? Or are you so foolish to believe only adults can understand what it is?

Ichigo lost her hairband and is wearing Goro's now. Ichigo's vagina has therefore been transferred from Hiro to Goro's ownership. It might take a little while for Ichigo to settle down and accept it but it's done. That's how it works. Don't you understand anything about 2-D women?

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Good Morning, resindent /fgog/tar from the Fate threads in Sup Forums

>muh boogeyman

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It’s truly sad that friendzoned is what Sup Forums brainlets took away from that scene

I gave my sister a new hairband for her birthday, does this mean that....??

>She's so interested in Goro and the new hairclip she can't even sleep

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Does Ikuno deserve happiness?

Same model hair clip worn in the same place, the status quo is kept. Nothing has actually changed.

Reminder that our boy Goro will uncuck himself and win his strawberry!

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crap missed a spot.

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Is water wet?

of course

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He love is unrequited.
He knows his love is unrequited.
He's okay with his love being unrequited because of his best friend.

Pay attention kids. This is the true form of the ultimate cuck. You can't get any more beta than this.

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With a guy, yes.

Except it's goro's not Hiro's

>Anyone who disagrees with me is a siegfag

It's you, Isn't It?

I won't consider him uncucked until he stops being interested in Ichigo and goes for someone that deserves him


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You will get no (You) from me Sup Forumsermin.


Why is 02 so fucking perfect lads

I just want her to sit on my lap and feed me

Fuck off onislut.
Before I have to slap the slut out of you again.

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>Hiro’s hair clip drifts away as she rescues Goro
>She know wears Goro’s clip after he confessed to her
How are people stupid enough to misunderstand this?

Yeah, perfect garbage


Do you want me to bully you again? I have video of what happened the last time.

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Stop posting, Ichigo

Are friendzonegoro fags the new pegging fags that are going to be BTFO by the show?

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Because it’s a ruse?

Guess who?

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They've already been btfo by the show

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Ichigo is fine when she’s interacting with Goro. Once he wins her over and she stops orbiting Hiro she will be a wonderful woman deserving of our boy

His* love is unrequited. Whatever, fucked up one word in grammar, who cares. Deflect harder, cuckmaster Goro.


It's not that they don't understand, they are just shitposting so they try and grab onto the one thing they can shitpost for the rest of the week. Another good example is the NOBLED shitposts that came about after episode 3

Best girl Ichigo for best boy Goro.

Are they seriously just going to ignore Hiro's dino aids like it never happened?

Ichigo on suicide watch

>deluded gorofags thinking he didn't get frienzoned

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It’s pretty pathetic that they feel the need to shitpost a top tier couple like Ichigoro

Learn English, you delusional fuck

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He knows hiro would never pick the ironing board over 02. His calm is the confidence of a man who knows he'll get what he wants in the end.

Sup Forumsermin need to be gassed and massacred like the infestation they are. You need to go back

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It went away.

I would buy that Goro plushie.

I can’t wait for this bitch to die.

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>shitposter furious about Goro’s kino confession

oh, so michlan is the /fgog/tard boogeyman poster

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>t. bitter strawberry

I hope next episode is a Milkman one.

The doctor was analyzing his blood in episode 8. It will probably come back into focus once we have a 02 and Hiro episode similar to the ones that we have had for Goro and ichigo and Zorome and Miku.

but goro isn't okay with that

Stop typing like a retard

why does Ichigo carry a Hiro cardboard with her to the bath?

only if she really isn't het

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That never happens though. And even if it does it's going to be because Goro busted his ass for a relationship with imbalanced give/take defined by Ichigo's passivity. There has to be something better, though I hope i'm wrong

Because she’ll never have the real Hiro

Anyone have the ahegao edit? I neglected to save it.