Gay as HELL

Gay as HELL

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You are gay as hell for downscaling images before posting to Sup Forums.

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Who is the man? My opinion is that Yuzu is the harem lead and Mei is the tsundere


It's a girls thing

Dang I've been eating oranges way wrong

I want to suck on Yuzu's yuzu

>no wedding ring
Absolutely disgusting

Shame on you sir. Shame on you.

three more anthology stories have been released by Chaos Team


But those are perfectly heterosexual girls.


Mei as a bodyguard is hilarious

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Happy end confirmed (again) by Saburouta.

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Can you translate what it says?

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i hate mei, she doesn't deserve yuzu

Happy future.

Too much forced drama.

>Thanks for buying blah blah
>After reading the 9th volume, if you read again from the 1st, there might be new something
>It may be painful now but people reading Citrus until now are something
>Well then, in their happy future!
>23.03.2018, Saburouta
Something like that. It's not very readable.


>if you read again from the 1st, there might be new something
So what Mei did and how she acted throughout the whole story was really planned from the very beginning?

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