This is Kuchiki Rukia of Bleach

Say something nice about her.

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Her and Ichigo's friendship was very heartwarming.

She’s a tomboy who married her childhood friend.


Did she & Rangiku get their own Bankai?
I stopped watching after HM Arc, and just watched/read the last few EP/Chap of Fullbring.

I want to make sweet love with a bleach girl

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Yes. Pretty op bankai

She did, Rangiku did not.

so did she ever love ichigo? does she think of ichigo when she gets pounded by the other jobber?

Glad she ended up with best boy Renji

She loved Ichigo as a dear friend, there wasn't even a bit of sexual tension between them when she was staying in his freaking closet. Now compared that to the royal realm scene when she was supposed to be sparring with Renji but they ended up sweating and just staring at each other.

I love Rukia but she's done her fair share of jobbing too, it's baboon dick all the way for her.

Fuck off Narutards

She is Ichigos wife

Why is she flustered? she should compose herself more like her brother.

Renji nutted inside her womb multiple times

R E N J I - D

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no no no no no

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Want to talk about it user?

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One of my wives

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What are the chapters with Azien, I want to read more about this crazy bastard.

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Best girl who didn't win.

Still mad she didn't end up with Ichigo.

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She belonged to Ichigo at one point.

>Gets a cool looking Bankai with op powers.
>Gets the acknowledgement of her nii sama.
>Gets closure for Kaien's death.
>Gets to marry her childhood friend.
>Has a cute af kid with him.
>becomes captain of her squad.

user… she won big.