ITT: Girls with THICC eyebrows

ITT: Girls with THICC eyebrows

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I see you're a man of culture as well

These eyebrows were made for kisses.

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Jesus it looks like a wood shaving.

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Rubbing penis over them would feel so good

Thick eyebrows plus dark skin makes me hard.

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Eyebrows are an abomination

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Don't bully my wife's eyebrows you little shit.

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When I think of eyebrows I instantly think of her

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How can she be so adorable?

Make way for the eyebrow queen.

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Too bad she's a nigger fucker.

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you are such a trash human being

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Don't call my daughter your wife.

Best cure gets best brows.

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How can a design possibly be this perfect?

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Why does she look like a Dog?

monogatari series

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That's her favorite style

everyone forgot about her, the one true eyebrows

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because she's a bitch

Nao Kamiya from idolm@ster cinderella girls

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>shaving with glass shards
She's hardcore.

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>0 chaika posts
absolutely disgusting

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canonically big eyebrows on best girl

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lmao stay upset mugicuck

Nobody remembers Chaika

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The only 3DPD I'd cuddle with

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I finally got around to watching this, why do her and the irrelevant girls even get any screen time?

Never forget.

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best girl


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worst ending

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Reminder that eyebrow color = pubes color

Well, she belongs to Natsu and I wouldn't want to get in their way


only the big brows may browse here

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What about Husbando?

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Why wont you remember user?

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This just in, men with thick eyebrows the best thing since women with thick eyebrows

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A cute.
She's fighting to be my waifu

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Because they're the only part of the show anyone likes.

Fuuka is not for lewd


very, very cute

*blocks your path*

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are they supposed to be cute? I didn't see the appeal of big ears until I saw them done really well I suppose. Oh but there IS Tsumugi so they're cute.

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God Mina is so adorable.

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Why does this mitsudomoe look older?

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'sup mugi

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ew dude

I'm disappointed in you, Sup Forums

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it was alredy posted

I considered asking the same thing. Thanks for being brave, user.

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fuk it was.
I'm still disappointed that it wasn't the first one though.

Literally best girl of her anime.