Pure kino

Pure kino

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Is this from the new Madoka movie?

Holy shit guys
What if fifth round is actually about that servantless master in Extra?

Shaft did pretty well this week between Extra and 3-gatsu both episodes were beautiful and well directed, they can do things pretty well when they want to.

This has gotten really stupid and should have stopped long ago.

I don't know if you're talking about Fate or Sup Forums in general, but I agree.

Oh there need to be a new IP everytime you wake up !

Yes, Fate extra should be stopped
FGO anime only important

Extra is old as fuck pretty stupid complain about it getting an adaptation

I think it will be pink haired girl or maybe hakunon

they should have just adapted it normally and gave it to a better studio

LE is fine they needed more episodes and Shaft is fine they did really well in this episode, Extra isn't fight focused anyway

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Tables are probably blackmailing Nasu with prices at this point after Apoc flopped so hard.

Based Shaft always finds a way.

They did fine because it was so heavily stylized, LE has a problem with jumping around far too much though a straight adaptation of /extra would have been better

Should I just encode an .mkv with the subs that are out?

Best episode. Hope it stays this good for the rest.

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More like pure flop

This is why I said it needed more episodes, I really doubt a straight foward Extra adaptation with only 12 episodes would work too.
They need more time to explore each floor,master and servant.

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>only 12 episodes

Is it not guaranteed 20 episodes? There is no way they can put 4 floors into last 5 episodes at the pace this was going.

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It's 12 episodes + special broadcast and it could be anything maybe some OVA episode or something like that or annoucement for a 2 season but I don't want to be too positive and be dissapointed.
If it really is a 20-25 episode anime it would be pretty weird rushing Drake's floor with that weird pacing.

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A special 1 hour broadcast could pull it i guess.

>only 12 episodes
It's 2-cour

I think it's more of a 1 hour special like user said but I would be cool if it's 2 core

Yeah, just like your life.

So is anyone else missing the whole sea aesthetics?

This episode is definitely the best one so far.
Let's hope this is the turning point.

Eh, i rike it


>We Prisma now

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I see Madoka season 2 is coming along well.

No one's made that comparison yet since it aired, but now you mention it they do look a tad similar.

what a great episode for a Rinfag

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Why is Madoka in my Fate?

Just watched the episode. is Alice's origin suffering or something?

did you not watch the last episode?

I did, but didn't think the monster would be what Alice ended up as.

Yeah, I liked the idea of the lunar mare and the ocean aesthetics. I think they should have find a way to keep those in the anime.

Amazing vagina bones

>Gay Bulge
>Attractive women in a skintight vaccum

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Maybe one floor with it, every floor would be boring

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Oh if you think it's stupid now, just you wait

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Sad Loli Noises

turn me on.

>You will never read fairy tails for a cute like Alice

why even live

That scene really pulled my paternal heartstrings.

You don't have any

I hate hardsubs so here:

What will happen user from the future ?

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