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New anime on netflix

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Everyone forgot about it already. Even less memorable than B.

Haruka Shiraishi sucks Jin Aketagawa's cock.

It's thanks to people like you that netflix is trying to ruin anime.
Thanks faggot.

it's ok, 5-6/10


Just finished it
5/10, pretty fucking retarded plot

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absolutely atrocious visuals for bones standards. completely uninspired. everything related to plot and writing were subpar at best.

I liked it a lot.
It's definitely generic and forgettable, but it's exactly the kind of dumb and fun SF I love.
I just wish it didn't get netflix'd, I think the weekly threads could have been fun.

it's the best "netflix anime" released this year

I liked it.

I liked the character and vehicle designs. The fights were okay. The plot was shit.

It was an okay show. I didn't regret spending 6 hours of my life watching it.
I did believe that the show would lose itself in weird over-complicated storylines that it couldn't deliver, because it would try to be too philosophical and deep.
Instead, the story was actually quite straightforward, there wasn't too much overtly complicated technobabble, and there was only one asspull retcon to explain why Aico (not to be confused with Aiko) believed herself to be Aiko.

So all in all, the made-for-streaming anime workflow did work wonder. The show is focused and right on point.

I do hope that more anime shows will be made for binge-watch streaming, instead of having to ruin their storytelling under the weekly TV broadcast model.
Especially action shows benefit from bingewatching.

Everybody sucks Jin Aketagawa's cock. He's all around.

>I do hope that more anime shows will be made for binge-watch streaming
Please no,it ruins the discussion on Sup Forums.

Good thing Netflix is on the shitter with $20B in debt.

>I do hope that more anime shows will be made for binge-watch streaming, instead of having to ruin their storytelling under the weekly TV broadcast model.
Worst opinion ever

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I want to fug tombutt

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this is Aico. she's fake. be nice to her.

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"eh" Perfectly generic but watchable. Doesn't really do anything new at all but is executed competently. I didn't find it to be a complete waste of time but I'll definitely forget that it exists in a season or two. I gave it a 6/10 IIRC. Largely forgettable though.

Yeah, we can't live without 500 threads shitposting about studios, fanbases, and whatever other nonsense that's completely irrelevant to the actual shows every week.

The problem is that it precisely kills discussion of the shows. And a good portion of the threads are shitposting about Netflix.

Devilman was discussed quite a lot. It only kills speculation, and as much as people want to meme about speculah being great (some to the point of saying that's why they like a fucking show), it's ultimately pointless.

>Devilman was discussed quite a lot.
That's because it's a adaptation of a classic manga with wide appeal. Shows like B : the beginning are already forgotten.

Active threads for months
No threads, no discussion, no hype/speculation, no fanbase AFTER ONE WEEK
Just look at this thread

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We're talking about the release format, not whether a show is an adaptation or not. You can find a mountain of original shows that not only are forgotten, but even got almost zero discussion while they were airing.

Still waiting for those parasite/tentacle/biosuits doujin by Naruko Hanaharu.

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So. No different from onahole?

Devilman Crybaby is the exception because it's part of a massively popular franchise, made by a famous director and got a lot of advertisement. It also lucked out by getting popular in the West which wasn't exactly guaranteed.
Now, B is already forgotten and A.I.C.O. isn't getting much discussion.

It was decent. They managed the tension at the climax pretty good, and the ending was satisfying in its conclusion.

With that said I lost track of who was supposed to be the fake pretty much immediately and just assumed the she was the fake since that was the only thing that made sense. Because that I completely missed that was supposed to be a twist.

You only have DAIZ to blame

it had great vaginas

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Let me see if I've got this shit straight.

Dr. Isazu connected his comatose daughter to the dozens, possibly hundreds, of duplicates they had in an attempt to replicate her brain in one of them. Presumably, his plan was to create a functional copy of her brain, then swap it out for the "real" one, so that his daughter would "wake up". However, he couldn't figure out how Dr. Yura was able to do that, so he's trying to get his hands on Aiko/Aico to dissect her artificial brain.

However, at the conclusion, it's revealed that simply disconnecting Yuzuha from her clones allows her to wake up. So if Dr. Isazu had simply stopped what he was doing at literally any point, he would have gotten what he wanted.

Am I missing something, or is this the single largest narrative oversight in the history of sci-fi? How can you have an antagonist whose entire motivation is to rectify a situation that HE IS DIRECTLY CAUSING?

He didn't realize it.
He was so focused on continuing what he was trying to do, that he didn't stop to consider alternative.
Also, it was only after they were able to talk with her, that they realized her brain is actually working. It is quite possible it allowed her to survive from the start, but she healed by herself over time.

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cake butt

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"This problem wouldn't exist if I wasn't trying so hard to fix it" is not a compelling narrative. It means that the conflict could have been entirely prevented through sheer happenstance. That's just bad storytelling.

The only thing I didn't like was the doctor suddenly becoming some sort mad scientist. At first it seemed like he was a misguided but still well intentioned guy, but then he suddenly becomes al crazy and evil on the last two episodes for the sake of having a clear human villain.

Agree. Overall I enjoyed this show but anime really needs to stop with the shitty crazy villain and psycho face trope. It never ever made any villain feel more threatening or a situation more dramatic. It just always makes everything trashier.

I would've given it a chance if it aired weekly.

>serru assemubura surii!

AOTS hands down.

When's the next anime dump?

5/10 if you are generous.
It was forgettable and cookie-cutter.

everybody and their aunt would have dropped it after 4 episodes.

I think there were way too many moments of them just shooting at tentacles.
It would have been fine if there's one episode weekly, but if you watch them all at once it becomes repetitive.

It was offensive. They assumed that the audience is retarded and needed a clear distinction between bad guys and good guys.

Yeah this was my main problem with this series. It was always the same anyway and half of the anime is just "nearing ground zero/progress". Would have enjoyed a few character-centered episodes instead.

Yeah, I expected them all to die one by one getting a story focus for the episode especially after daisuke died.

Who cares about Sup Forums, I want anime.
I haven't seen a dicussion in months, only shitposting and "muh anime too mainstreeam"

Wish best boy would have gotten some exposition. Whatever his name was.

>Whatever his name was.
This is the problem. I didn't remember any of the supporting casts names.

The show could have used nipples.

Made it to Ep 9 or 10, stop watching half way through the episode, no longer cared about it

>I don't actually watch anime or partake in conversations about it and only go in threads bitching about it
You could of just said so

>I do hope that more anime shows will be made for binge-watch streaming, instead of having to ruin their storytelling under the weekly TV broadcast model.
Fucking this, im tired of waiting half a year until i can binge watch the series that interest me.

i personally dont give a fuck about the shitposters or the "muh theory" fags, i dont want to wait for 6 fucking months until i can watch an anime jesus christ.

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Is it incest if Yuuya and Aico get together?

Depends for me. I generally agree with you but prefer weekly threads for those very few series I am really hyped for.
But these anime only happen once in three years so it's just an exception. Maybe I will be lucky enough that my next favorite thing will be weekly as well, for all other things I'd prefer everything at once I fear. Kinda got tired of discussing waifu wars and sales, hate posts, trolls and retarded shipper fag posts over the years.

Wale Children was better

There exist plenty of complete show already that you could binge while waiting.

Even B was better.

>it ruins the discussion on Sup Forums.
I only come here once I finished watching a show.

They really needed to embrace the weirdness and the body horror at the end. It felt like they were afraid to take it too far and ended up pulling their punches.

the problem is that i have watched the majority of good substitutes and then i switched to mangas, after i read the most of my interest group i switched to novels. (also some VNs but im not really into it)
And now im shoving scoop goods into my head in form of wuxias, just because they are long enough that im interested. I dont know why but at least its somewhat interesting(even if its always the same loop of shit over and over again).

trips of truth. at least it had a great villain.

If you started watching anime in 2003 you most likely don't have a backlog anymore.

>If you started watching anime in 2003 you most likely don't have a backlog anymore.

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Depedns how much time you have dedicated to watching anime.

It is, newfag. When you started in 2003 most anime were yet to come and those that happened before, well, you already had 15 fucking years of time to watch them. So if you still have a fucking backlog then it's your fault.

picked up

I do not believe that threads that are being kept alive artificially through constant meme reposting and trolling and tangential studio warring in an attempt to bait defenders of the studios thrown into topic discussion to be worth participating in them.
The community that is inside those threads quickly becomes too boring, too repetitive, is not being witty at all and then becomes too whiny.

>newfag thinks this is how it works
Kid. I've been watching anime since probably before you were born in the days when you had to record series from TV or get bootlegs from conventions. And no matter how many series I finish 5 more take their place from seasons I either missed, didn't see during it's airing, or straight up wasn't alive for.

If you don't have a fucking backlog, then you aren't watching anime period. Or you're a faggot who only watches the one or two major shounen shows or whatever seasonal anime is getting the most buzz.

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Most threads aren't like that though. Usually only the most popular one per season is.

Try going to threads that aren't VEG or Franxx

>he watches everything

>he doesn't watch everything
>miss out on the true gems of the medium

She recovered mid-way through his autism.
And by the time she actually recovered on her own, having a fuckton bodies prevented her from waking up in her actual one.

I have a huge backlog of stuff people tell me to watch, but I never advance it.
Even basic stuff like neon genesis evangelion. I tried once but didn't even make it through the first episode.

But then 100+ episode anime like legend of galactic heroes I have no problem of sitting through more than once because I actually like them.