Toji no Miko

I just finished watching the first episode, That escalated real fucking quickly.

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That's as exciting as it gets, rest of the show is a snooze-fest.

Before you continue one question:
DEX build or STR build?

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STR if it's demon souls, dex everything else.

STR is always superior!

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Whichever gives you the biggest teats.

Yume is DEX and she's the best

But you posted a quality build.

Don't care, still has cute girls

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Endurance build

Gotta keep the Hitstun going

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You mean stamina build right? Chaining combos needs high stam.

Dump everything into cutenesss

Dexfags need to learn their place.

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Right wasn't END stamina?

In this shoe everyone has like 1 HP + 1 -3 free rezz. Se DEX wins.

They have man faces.
Actually the reason I dropped it. They aren't cute enough.

are you gay?

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Surely next week there will be another fight. Surely.

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You need your eyes checked.

This week we gonna get metal gear rising

>Rise DEX and CON
>Dump INT and SAB
>Meh the rest

Any other build is shit, pure unaltered shit! Shit I tell ya!

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Does trained guy ever win against smug anime girl?

Nah, I'm right here.
Just look at the sharp features of her face, or even her eyes That's anything but cute or round. Not my type for sure.
Probably people who love fighting/samurai series don't have that problem though since you're used to it.

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Overleveled piece of shit!

I actually never noticed it. That's a weird thing to get hung up on.

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Tsurime girls are the fucking best you faglord.

Character designs are something that matter the most to me if it's already about a cast of many girls.
I don't have a very strictly narrow zone I like, but TojiMiko girls just didn't cut it even after several episodes, and it's 2 seasons long too, so I didn't wanna stick any longer.

Yeah I see what you're saying especially if you watch a fair amount of CGDCT- I mostly watch action so the fact that this one had a fair amount of cute girls was enough for me.

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>skilled with fingers
Kaori is lucky.

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Don't worry.
It continues to escalate.

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All Rounder, it works out since I'm a genius so all my stats are high.

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Are you kidding? Her CON is into the negatives, and let's not talk about her WIS.

is she a batterudere?

Thats Kanami.

Yume just wants to play.

so she is a playmate?
Bunnygirl Yume where?

That's the aftereffects, it doesn't affect her CON directly as she can still fight at full power.

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Can't wait for her to become the princess new host.

Poor daemon, she deserves to stay with her wife.

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please no. This means we can't get a playable Yume for a long time!

It is just ketchup!

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Hiyoyon's pantyhose-covered legs.

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Hiyoyon ass

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Rape featuring Hiyonyon!

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And Kanami's big sword.

Can she become the Ryoubi of Mikos?

>thought she was renchon VA
>it turn she wasnt
looks like everyone and her mother can do that deadpan voice nowaday.

Stop reminding me that there will never be futa doujins.

Sell your body and commission one.

why rape a washing board?

She's got a very welcoming asshole.

What is SAB?

I'm very much interested in this.

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Studying aerodynamics with Hiyoyon!


DEX build all the way. Dodging shit is the way to go.

Imagine Kaoru looking like a spasming shrimp just from her f inger exercise.

Dodge dodge a giant hammer.

I want to fuck Yume before she dies!

You don't fuck Yume, Yume fucks you.

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I want Yume to fuck me until she dies.

There will be bloodshed.

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This, unfortunately.

Hiyoyon's anus is restricted territory.

They need to fix that gaping sinkhole before someone gets injured.

How can a girl with such a flat chest have such a loose anus?

It's all Kanami's fault.

STR is stronger, but DEX has cooler gear and can get you to *teleport behind them*.

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Some people have more than 1 HP, Hiyori managed to get stabbed a few times before dropping her glowy thing.

Kinda this

Kanami will just have to move onto someone tighter.

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Chino-chans love ketchup!

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