One Punch Man

I don't want to see genos jobing anymore

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Atleast he delivers on the product placement.

I got some bad news user

His job is to job

To be fair, it's ONE who makes him job. Murata likes Genos so he makes his fights more fair. I can't wait to see what he does for when Genos fights all the Dragons at once.

I know, but he could be so great, i just want to see him break his own limiter

He won't job anymore in the upcoming neo-HA arc

This, genos is going to be the hiden gem of the MA war

Just wait for his inevitable arc

Not going to happen.

There is no evidence that cyborgs can't break their limit

And there is no evidence that they can

This isn't DBZ, there won't be several other characters breaking there limiters. That's Saitama tier, and the whole point is that he's so above everyone else, that's why Garou getting there took so long and was the focus of like half the webcomic.

Just to be sure cause I'm a big stupid dummy, this is the same guy that wanted to quit hero work from chapter 20.6 right?
I'm reading through this recently

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Stop speedreading.

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I want more Fubuki.

OPM fighting game when? Everyone's got a well defined and unique fighting style. Pack in the S class, Saitama, Fubuki, Boros, Garou and some of the MA and you could get a decent realistic roster.

At least he looks cool while doing it.

New chapter tomorrow boys

literally who

Here ya go

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Murata is a MADMAN but the chapter won't be tomorrow

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I'm not speedreading but I guess I missed that, what chapter is that?

>OPM fighting game
>Saitama only uses "mediocre" attacks
>Instead of losing life when hit, Saitama just gets bored, sits down and starts playing video games after you "damage" him enough

Is an extra chapter, something like 24.5? 42.5?

Don't spoil yourself, keep reading and you'll know him when you see him

Or saitama will be the final villain that you have to defeat

fuck that. Make a OPM fighting game with ONLY A class heroes including saitama when he eventually reaches A after the garou fight

That'd be completely retarded. Why make a fighting game full of unpopular characters instead of focusing on the popular ones? It's just an arbitrary restriction.

Did Murata think it was a waste to not use Saitama's hero training look and somehow grafted the design to Glasses?

More like ONE, since he didn't look any different in the storyboards.

Glasses had such a great showing vs Garou.

He's still jobbing?

Wait until Fubuki saves his life from a frontal attack.

Would you?

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Sorry to disappoint you, but that's his job, until Saitama saves the day.

Anyone else really like this guy?

Wish he didn't end up just being the butt of a joke in the end, hope he comes back.

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His fights before monster raid were cool

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You make it sounds like his fight with Choze wasn't great.

*before Gouketsu

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Wonder how he's gonna appear again. ONE showed the "fodders" at the hospital, but he didn't even get a panel.

How long until mods will archieve this thread?

He'll probably join this Neo Heroes group after the MA arc

> he'll join the rival organization of the one where his heroes (Saitama, Snek, Max) are


New model, King this time.

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So this guys tactics is to literally just support other heroes? What a bro.

Smurf whats the program you're using for your 3d stuff?

He was cool. Everyone jobs to baldman though. He'll probably show up again in something extra.

Mostly Zbrush for sculpting. Marvelous designer for clothes too.

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Could he defeat Demonic Fan now?

He and the whole Gatling team would get completely destroyed by Demon Fan. Even Fubuki couldn't beat it.

thanks m8

If we dont get a chapter soon we might get the first S2 preview or at least the first key visuals. Its going to be close to 6 months since they announced JCStaff was going to do OPM S2.

>If we dont get a chapter soon we might get the first S2 preview or at least the first key visuals.

It's not like the chapter's release and the anime are related.

>unique figthing style
>tech shit
>sword shit
>esper shit
>martila arts shit
each of those have been done time and time again

Bang's and Bomb's techniques are pretty recognizable.

Murata will also supervise Season 2, to make sure Kubata doesnt fuck up Fubuki like in the OVA.

When are you going to shut your dumbass up. You retarded headcanon about Fubuki isn't coming true

Fubuki is a shitter
You should have said that even casual Tatsumaki didn't kill it

>implying "i can deflect shit with my bare hands" and "razor sharp wind created by hand motions" havent been done way too many times

>the MA war
Dude, do you even know what manga you're reading? There's not going to be a war, and that's the joke.

I guarantee you Saitama will casually walk into the MA's lair and fuck destroy everyone before the HA even knows what's happening.

> S level
> shitter

Glasses will never get anywhere near her level retard.

The point is that they LOOK recognizable.

Unique as in every fighter fights differently. A lot of fighting games are too repetitive because they focus too much on martial arts.

So do people ever find out how powerful saitama is or is it just going to be teased the entire time?

Black Sperm would be the Arakune function

Read the webcomic you fucking retard

Wanting to have everyone recognize Saitama’s strengh would be boring as hell. It’s mostly his fault that he’s no popular anyway.

Quite a lot of people are aware at this point in the manga's crawl. Bang and Genos have known for a long time, but most of the S-ranks witnessed him knock out Garou, and he's crawled up to A-rank. Tatsumaki's realized that he's not an easy target either.

read the webcomic

He's literally as power as the plot demands. Finding out his limits would ruin his character, even him having a tough time is just against the whole theme. He'll just be overwhelmingly stronger than whoever faces him, just how King will never be outed.

Homeless emperor would be the long range spammer that probably would be a broken support.

Who cares? Go watch DBS if you want to see the peanut gallery of jobbers sit there slackjawed and orgasm about how powerful he is

His circle of "friends" is rapidly growing (King, Bang, Bomb, Rider, Genos), and apart from Fubuki, I'm sure they're all aware of Saitama's true power.

Fubuki didn't even put a dent into a demon level. She isn't even on Puri's level.

Garou vs Saitama is gonna be pretty fucking awesome in the anime i cant wait

How about you, numbnuts? Bet you thought there was going to be an epic battle with Gouketsu, too.


Too bad, it won't happen for some 8 years.

She humiliated DoS even though she was in a very unfavorable situation, and Genos pretty much stated she’d be strong enough to get the first A class spot (if it wasn’t for Mask), which is also means good enough for S.

She litterally stopped an attack that would have killed Genos, who is much thougher than PPP.

>S level

she's stronger than puri puri

She isn't look at the association's stats. She's high A class.

I actually loved his character arc, he went from bratty, incredibly powerful human to a humbled man after seeing how small not only his power but his mind was compared to the real world, he's easily my favorite secondary character.

> HA batltle stats
> meaning ANYTHING

Those same stats says Mask is weaker than IaironNand TTM.

King's is accurate tho

One punch man threads are bad without her.

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>Those same stats says Mask is weaker than IaironNand TTM.
They don't though, check them again.

They does. Mask is a 7/10, like Fubuki. Meanwhile Zombieman is 9/10.

What the hell are you talking about? The stats are eight numbers from 1 to 10, and there isn't one stat that determines power levels. They are only general parameters.

So can I expect anymore action from garou this next chapter or will it just be the HA beginning their invasion of the MA headquarters or are we even close to that point yet?

Retard. The last stat is litterally «FIGHTING ability», and Mask is only at 7/10. It’s obviously bullshit and you’re a retard if you think those are accurate to determine which character is stronger.

Hot pot happens, Child emperor finds the HQ. Garou will rush in, kill RR in probably this chaptdr, then next chapter he should fight Rover. The HA team raids begins when the Rover fight ends and Psykos wrecks Garou.

Stop talking about a shit b tier "hero" and start talking about Tatsumaki.

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but user, I prefer talking about C Tier Hero

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The Japanese word is 格闘力, ie hand-to-hand fighting ability. Context tells us it just refers to fighting ability as in good technique, but that's not all there is in a fight. A strong enough bazooka would defeat the strongest of martial artists.

Amaimask is only low in that aspect because he doesn't have a defined style, and he relies more on brute strength. The parameters aren't really 100% accurate to see who's stronger, but they are good enough to see who's on more or less what tier when we are told their rankings aren't accurate.

>A strong enough bazooka would defeat the strongest of martial artists
not true in OPM's setting, Garou can't be defeated by firepower

The stats are too vague and made to be far from accurate. They have plenty of bullshit. Stating Fubuki is only high A because of it when the webcomic and manga proves she’s way beyond that is stupid.