Minna genkii?

Minna genkii?

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I wanna fuck Sylphy.

I want to cum in Muse!


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I wanna fuck Salama

I want to have sex with salamis armpits

Season 2 when?
Fairy spin-off when?

MuSento > Semento > PreSento > Sento

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Is Sento the pefect girl?

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Was Sento-Claus the smartesz joke of 2015?

God I miss the threads.

I want to fuck your asshole and have red and green fight to lick the cum from your gaping asshole!

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Is it worth watching, even just for the bitches?

Muse's body is perfect. I want to lick every square inch of it. I want to cum inside her and make her pregnant. Muse will be married to me and we will sire many children.

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Never, Kyoani only cares for money now and they adapt shit like VEG.

>shit like VEG

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>Fairy episode
>Muse is a great singer, but bad at typing.
>Sylphy is a great dancer, no real weakness.
>Salama can type fast, but suck at singing.
>Koboli has no real strengths, and she can't dance.
So really, only Sylphy and Muse should be holding the show, Salma and Koboli holds them back.

I started watching it with no expectations purely because of Sento. But it really was a great anime, well worth it. The cute girls are just a bonus.

>Sylphy is a great dancer, no real weakness.
> no real weakness.
What about thinking?

Genious often looks like insanity to plebians.



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...Is? What is it?!

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>That opening ost

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Sylphys weakness is that she has brain damage

Her brain damage does not impeed her ability to dance or sing.
Neither does the lack of typing skill matter for Muse's dancing and singing.
Meanwhile, Kobolo has no real strength, and damages elementario show with her terrible dancing. And Salama's typing skills doesn't help at all, while her singing ruins the entire show.


Second season never!

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I really want to pay Salama for disinterested sex.

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Yes, and also find lots of artwork about it later

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She isn't disinterested. She is using her phone to tweet out how good it is.


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Is that what she tells you?

No. My wife Muse told me after she read Salami's tweets.