ch 75 is out with Takagi laying on some innuendo. Waiting on 76 and that scene now.

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Also this chapter gave up a wonderful reaction image and potential Sup Forums banner.

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Dump it

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That smile can melt the hardest heart.

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This one's pretty good too.

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Superior bullydere coming through.

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I thought their kids were the new mcs.

so those chapters where not even scripted by the mangaka, what a shame

They have one kid, and no. She's shown up in two flashforward chapters, and is a main character in a spinoff about their family.

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i see a potential panel

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Why is she always so happy?

What scene?

She's with the man she loves.

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Didn't read it yet but I predict that she missed him on purpose in P.E. just to build his confidence and crush him now.

Can she get any more obvious?

The "suki" scene on the phone that leaves even her blushing in the next chapter.

this series in one panel

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Her forehead is normal sized in the lower left panel.

Are you suggesting they aren't actually talking about dodgeball?

she definitely isn't

Takagi plays games with a different set of balls and she doesn't dodge

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It's Shirou's high jump all over again


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Oh my.

This pretty much.

I wonder if she pulls this shit after they marry each other too.

>You're pretty manly huh? Surely you would want to go for one more round, to show me how good you are

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I liked Takagi better when she was called Iori.

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Look out for the spicy keychain!

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What is this shit.


How so?

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it's here

I love this show, but, does anybody else get a little frustrated with her always winning? sometimes I wanna see her stumble over her words when she's blushing!

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No way she is too powerful.

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It's a pretty boring series. If you've read one chapter you've read them all. It's a forgone conclusion that she's going to win, so it's pointless to read.

But it's funny to see HOW she wins.

a timeless classic

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It's mostly just her spontaneously knowing every step of the MC's plan, no matter what it is. She barely has to do anything except maybe make a single comment or just ignore him and his entire plan falls apart.

Sneak peek from their wedding night.

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Maybe I want some cute dates where they ,dare I say, handhold and she's blushing up a storm! Sometimes I don't wanna see how a girl win, I'd rather see what she does when she wins.

I find these work a lot better with edits compared to redraws.

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