Bake full raw is out

Bake full raw is out

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Keep dumping OP.

I have some time, so will do until I have to got o work

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there is no page 06, it was probably magazine stuff

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Not full size, but thanks anyway.

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weird face here, hanekawa

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The art for this is beautiful

Ok, i have to stop for now. If someone wants to continue, feel free to do it

otherwise I will be back in 2 hours

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RRG looks handsome but the girl's faces look like shit

Yeah, the style is more vofan-like than watanabe's.

Someone is completely wet there.

Hanekawa looks ugly while smiling in this

Any idea when this might be translated?

glasses and some faces look traced desu ne

It's just Oogure being a great draftsmen. The guy's absolutely insane, in both his art, and his storytelling. Unfortunately, not in a good way for the latter.

Reminds me of this beauty

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hanekawa look like the girls from Aku no hana in the anime not the manga

I think Hanekawa looks great actually. I don't mind the realistic faces at all.
Can't wait until we get to the other characters.

I really like the art except for Hanekawa's smile a few pages back.
Though I've watched and read Bake like 5 times already.

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Looks like shit

back, let's do it

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Is he actually going to draw the entire storyline up to the latest novel, or just Bake? Is this franchise even popular enough for so many manga volumes? The LNs have dropped a lot in sales.

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is this the first chapter or what?
how many pages, dump user?

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77, it's the full first chapter

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Jeez that's a lot, thanks for dumping.

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no problem, I'm a Nisiofag after all
but if it is weekly I don't I can do it again

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hm is it discontinuos (or however you write that word) cuz we first see them on the bike, now the classroom, when is the catch? confused

It happens often for a first chapter

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>actually closing the staple
That's way more brutal than the anime version, that doesn't just pull straight out.

it started outside Oshino's place, then flashback to hanekawa and araragi in the classroom, while araragi was flashbacking to catching Senjou in the morning

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Not entirely sure about this. Is there really a need for a Bakemonogatari manga at this point?
The rehashing of something we've all seen and read feels a bit off.

If they did something different with it however, I'd be down for that.


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Oh nice thanks user

I love Oh! Great's art

It's ok, it's the start of a series, of course they will make it frist, it will leave a lot of people whom only read manga behind

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I'm loving this art holy shit

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OH fuck, look at that quality art

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This is just amazing, who is this Oh! Great dude?

here Ragi looks creepy as fuck

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next pic

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shaft BTFO

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>who is this Oh! Great dude
Not sure if bait or just new. In any case, lurk more.

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Oshino is all I am here for. Better be as terrible looking as Araragi implies.
Though given Araragi also shits on the anime for how cool Oshino looks, I'm not holding out hope.

Look I thougth the same thing, but then I realized its Oh Great´s art so its very much worth seeing, if anything they can stop at Bakemonogatari

He should at least do Kizu too to fix Shaft's mistake.

oshino is not in this chapter, only his sandals

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I can't wait another month to see this. That's just inhuman.

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No bait, new here.
Looked him up, first volume of Majin Devil is indexed here in germany...

if i'm not wrong this is a weekly magazine, still i'm not sure if the series itself will be weekly or not

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Looks surprisingly good.

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fuck off

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