What the hell happened?

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One is a creepy electromagnetic monster ghost, and the other is a child in a silly hat and cape that don't fit.

I prefer the design on the left, but I never saw it.

the latter is more like the novel

The former isn't in the novel at all.

That looks awful it will be the new Kino no Tabi.

I'm all for moefied Madhouse. Their old dirty pink/gray/dirt color palette pisses me off.

The staff for the new Boogiepop looks promising.

The PV is fantastic as well

Time happened.

Never gonna beat this OP

>character sheet vs dramatic anime shot

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ED was better desu

What the hell happened?

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Wish the novels got a complete translation. Maybe this will get people interested.

>those eyes

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I just finished watching this recently.....This makes me so sad. Boogiepop was one of the only shows that gave me that same vibe I got from "Lain". I doubt I'm going to feel that way with this art style.

Don't you mean

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What the hell happened?

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>Time Bokan
>Kino no Tabi
>Houshin Engi
>Cutie Honey
>GeGeGe no Kitarou
>Hokuto no Ken
>Baki (looks like QUALITY so far from the latest trailer)

>now this
When the fuck will they stop making remakes/sequels of older anime with shittier art styles/CG?

>Kino no Tabi
>Cutie Honey
>GeGeGe no Kitarou
Stop shitposting.

Why are you posting this here?