Who is the best domfu?

who is the best domfu?

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Satsuki-sama has a godly voice, though.

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she's a bitch

You can't just add '-fu' on the end of everything.


i just did, soyfu

gentle domfu :3

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My domfu.

Also best doujin.

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I loved this

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Japs did it hundreds of years ago with kungfu and it just caught on. Too late to cry over spelled milk now.

She gave me a semen_in_panties fetish after that one scene. Damn her.

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What's with all the submissive guys crawling out of the woodwork lately?

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*gets banned*

No matter how many times I see it this derpy shit never gets old. I asked for femdom, not femdowns.

this is a condescending glare and not a derpy look.
learn 2 emotion user


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I want her to rape me

It's not rape if you want it.

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>learn 2 emotion user

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Dumb frogposter.

It's alright, we're not gonna need social skills anyway

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nice trips

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A girl from one of /ourguy/ Akai Mato's doujinshis

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Fuck off, cancer

I need to know what this is in order to judge if your taste is shit or not.

I want to be the teen girl.

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it must feel so good having your nipples bitten

porn shills

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