One Piece

Spoilers soon. Perorin~
Will the chapter focus on Cacao Island events or the Wedding Cake?

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This is the face of sanjifags after the previous chapter.

Leave your condolences.

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Rate this arc 1-10

Intro box this chapter

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Big Mom dies to the KX Launchers
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Fuck off already.

Sanji-kun is so hot

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Am i the only one who likes perospero's design?

If you've been in these threads for more than 5 seconds you'd know everyone here loves Perospero's design, along with most if not all of the Charlottes



Tumblring this hard. I bet you care about character birthdays. oh wait.

>still that mad about Sanji
>if i don't like him, noone must like him

Sanji jobs this chapter

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How much of the anime can be considered canon by Oda?

Surely anime only explanations like what the crew did on their islands during Luffy's journey to save Ace are canon right? Sanji breaking out of being an Okama because of Ace makes sense.

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>Am i the only one

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The chapter will focus on Smoothie's Smooth ass.

Bobbins is going to save BM from Beges forces and kill Vito.

>It actually happens

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Fuck off Vito is the best Fire Tank Pirate why's he gotta be the one that dies

m-muh Sanji not cool :DDDDDD
Ebin :DDDD

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Shitskins being jealous. Just ignore them

>Caring this much about shitposts

>condolences to this faggot

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Post more please

>so many sensitive sanjifags in the thread
b-be careful user! If you even speak of Sanji a sensitive sanjifag will start crying over everything and just call you a powerlevel fag in the end!!!

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>tfw 700+ days without Zoro

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None of the Fire tank pirates are good though desu

>tfw 3 years with sanji and he's still a jobber

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The cutest

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>mfw One Piece is better then ever

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hello and welcome to 4ch now fuck off

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>hating on the capones


>tfw for a split second I thought this was the chad persopero vs the virgin katakuri one
Don't toy with my heart like this user.

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>4 years with sanji
>latest we saw him he couldn't dodge an attack of and knocked down by a literal who
>mocked about his signature move
>failed his plan

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The name of Chapter 898 is "Assemble ! Rainbow Kaiser"

>muh can't lose armor man speak about jobbing

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And no one who wasnt a zorofag cared

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Germa castle is a megazord.

>muh make good plans man speaks about a plan of saving

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>Because Oda know what this is more interesting for story and he dosn't care about crying powerlevel biased edgy Zorofags kids

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How do you guys believe the Zorofags would react if Zoro cried or lost in Wano? Would they abandon the asian who's dick they have sucked so hard for all these years?

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Number 7

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Yes, they'd immediately jump ship and call him a jobber

It'll be revealed that he is from Wano and lost his way home as a kid.

>literally nothing wrong happening
>Zorofag still crying

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Big moms crew in general has great designs..

I mean look at them all so unique and special

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>Not caring about power levels in a shonen

Reminder Sanjihaters wanted Sanji to ignore this.

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You're not supposed to pay attention to powerlevels, much less take them seriously or make stupid ass lists past 15 years old user.

>more interesting for story
>failing to save his captain is interesting
>shitty backstory
>saved his family who will murder innocents in the future
>cries like a bitch when the daughter of enemy turns out to be enemy he knew for a day
user i...

>nothing wrong
>being this delusional

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Is funny how the Sanji haters are the ones who want/expect him to be yonkou level

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Every true underage Zorofag will drop the manga aftrer he gets his ass kicked in Wano for the first time. The edgy Zorofags will hack post and claim there's an asspull the second time he get's beaten but will still eat the manga as they always have, probably jump to the supernova of the week is the best character wagon. But a true Zorofag will apreciate his growth and notice how he'll turn into more than just the crew's fighter.

...crying and bitching Zorofag? Yes it's you.

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Speaking of Perospero's design, is there any chance Toei gives him back his pink lipstick for the wedding? I want to believe.

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I don't find them that unique honestly. I prefered Doffy's and Crocodile's crew.
I do like some of them like Perospero and Katakuri though.

>hey, it's my shitty opinion
Who cares, lol.

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>interesting for story
Luffy vs Katakuri shits on Sanji's backstory my man. Hell, Katakuri himself shits on his backstory

>ignoring the main points

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>This face triggers the Sanjifag

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>panels from manga
>makes i don't care posts because he knows its the truth
sanjifag confirmed for btfo

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Hell, Katakuri's backstory is literally one panel long and its way more interesting.

>Implying Zoro would have beaten Daifuku

You mean this face

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>Having such bad taste

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Don't start, fag

>Brainless biased Zorofag thinking he making points
How cute.

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>shitty backstory
>when Zoro's backstory is literally "my friend fell down the stairs and died"
Fucking ultimate lel my friend

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>Base carrot was faster than Zoro. >Daifuku had sulong carrot on the run and stomped base carrot.
I agree, zoro would've lost to genieguy too.

>Luffy vs Katakuri shits on Sanji's backstory my man.
Nah. They're both pretty shit. When it comes to manly battles, Senor vs Franky is the way to go.

Why are these threads so fucking trash. I want to discuss about One Piece, not shipping and seeing two retards fighting eachothers about Sanji and Zoro

>being a literal failure

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>Sanji's backstory borrowing from Robin's
>Germa altogether have been underwhelming
It was shit. Get over it.

They're roleplaying as Sanji and Zoro respectively, bickering amongst each other like the characters would, it's an art form, you wouldn't understand

What do you think will happen in the next chapter ?

I gave up on One Piece threads, once Naruto and then Bleach had ended because all of those tards have now infected this place.

I want to breed with Carrot.

Then wait for spoilers

Roleplay somewhere else fucking degenerates, this is a discussion thread, not a /vg/-like discord circlejerk

>sent careening to the ground after blocking a blow aimed at Luffy
>is unhurt from either the blow or the fall

I guess. Bleach threads were fun back in the day though, even if the manga became garbage.

If big mom dies and katakuri really lost: 8

If big mom survives and katakuri really lost: 6

If Big mom dies and its revelead that katakuri actually let luffy go: 9

is this confirmed to be current Oda? this pic was used in an article about him
he can fix his teeth given that he's a millionaire

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Either Germa robot or we finally go back to BM vs Bege.
My secret wish is that it's about Brulée going back to the mirror world to save her bro and that's when we get the long awaited Charlotte flashback, from Brulée's pov.

Honestly I wouldn't be impressed if Sanji didn't purposely turn his back to Yuen to tank the hit and then spin himself around midair to tank the collision with the ground so Luffy didn't get hurt by either of them

It's a shame that nobody fucking understood Katakuri vs Luffy.

>R-Reiju said the same thing S-Saul did
>I-Its the same

Not it's not, Oda is fat from eating too much donutes and his teeth are fucked up. Can't be this hot oyaji.

Oda? More like Olda

>muh Zoro deserve more screentime
>where muh Zoro, Oda, reee
>tfw Zorofags will be forever brain damaged because of WCI arc.

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This. Why do brainlets even read this series?