Darling in the FranXX


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You fucking wish.

OP, I...

PV soon

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Are the kids' love lives being engineered by Dr Franxx?

The PV cannot come soon enough.

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PV when?

GuYs iS 02 bEsTgIrL yEt?

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She was always best girl you mongoloid

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How shit is this show now?

why did you make a new thread

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Best love story ever told

Except you’re wrong, donkey brains

Why is 02 so perfect bros?

Because Discord fags and Sup Forumsermin shitposters will never kill us.

Ranking of X-fags, from best to worst

Hiro > Oni >> Ichigo > Zorome >>>> Goro >>>>>>> Milkman


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We only have a few moments before the discord ichigofags arrive

He's totally correct.

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I-I wasn't her the whole time or anything baka.

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Because she's a normal girl and I love her.

Lets hope this thread goes better

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02 a cute. CUTE!

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Who is best girl?

And why is it 02?

The last one was truly terrible, dear god
Here's some cute Hir02

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>Implying incorrectly

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Posting comfy Ichigoro for comfy thread

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It can only go better if we keep on posting Ichigo.

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Miku and Zorome love each other.

You wish

Powerful digits.

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It will be an honor watching our boy win with you, Gorobros

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Just nuke every thread until Thursday and Saturday, maybe let us discuss it a little more on Sunday too.

>little with her stuffy

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This is impossible, thanks to gorofagbot spam pics

always has been and will continue to be

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Next episode is supposedly the best one yet according to leak user
Lets hope he is right

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Bad photoshop.

I don't believe it.

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Fluffiest pair

>"grr ichigofags ruining threads again"
>literally entire thread so far is hating on ichigo, calling out goroposters, and sucking oni cock

Better than (you)rs

>getting roasted by veteran Miku with my squad
>suddently squad leader Zorome enters the room
"Hey babe, why won't you try picking on someone of your level instead of these poor guys. What do you say? My room, in ten minutes?"
"Oh, my cute pistil is angry! Careful guys, she might eat you!"
>Miku goes full tsundere and storms off
>"Hehe, no need to thank me guys, just try to not piss her off again. I can't garuantee that she won't just go full "firing squad" on all of you next time."
I might have a problem...

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He said every key positions is done by one single person, who worked on star driver

>tfw this turns into a Fate story

That's way too cute. Do you have the first one drawfriend did?

keep the change

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Touching Milkman's hair.

Sounds like a good thread to me

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>autistic shitflinging behind boogeyman is now a bannable offence
what would you do?

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Fuck off, those pictures are cute

It's like there isn't one picture where Ichigo isn't cute.

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Leave Sup Forums

Did he say anything else about the episode?

>Episode 24 epilog
>IchiGoro's daughter playing with her mother's old stuffies
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I gave myself a diabetes....

He has pretty much won already.

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Why doesn't anyone her horns?

Reminder that la Fresa only loves Hiro in the ideal and is therefore satisfied with their current relatioship, and so loses nothing by having an actual romantic relationship with Goro.

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Reminder that the owner of Sup Forums is called Hiro and it's a bannable offense to bully him

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Please do not associate Darling with gookmoot, he doesn't deserve that

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But goroposters and Ichibros are fine.

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Reminder that yuri is the purest form of love

I can’t wait for an Ichigoro kissu to power their Franxx with love

Hiro will.

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Maybe for you, tranny.

This is good thread

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It's okay Miku, we knew it already.

Reminder that completely pure substances are poisonous.

Thanks, user.

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realistically, what do you think will happen to ikuno?

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>There was no closeup cut of this scene
I will burn Trigger

Fall in love with Fatboy. He has tits like a girl.

Her bloomers are cute!

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>she on her way to steal your man

Reminder that 02fags are normalfags

Reminder that crossboarders HATE 02

Either she gets fucked straight or Papa initiates the "50000 Volts" Plan B.

Today, I will remind them

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Oh well, if you say so

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Comfy sleep clothes.

Imagine the Pence/papa crossboarding shitposting if that happens

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Calling it, her week's Klaxosaur will be an electric-themed one and will lead to her finally connecting with her partner Fatoshi at the end
sasuga Pence-sama

15 will never have big tits like that.

Reminder to just like the girl that suits your tastes and ignore perceptions like these.

And here we go again

Reminder that Hiro x Ichigo is endgame.

Best end

Ikuno hates it!

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