This is Astolfo. Say something nice about her!

This is Astolfo. Say something nice about her!

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His franchise is cancer and he makes it worse

she┬┤s really cute!

I want to kiss astolfo's cute little balls!



Would hug

Please post lewd pics showing Astolfo's feminine dick bulging obscenely out of his tight pants, because lets face it, thats the actual reason anyone entered this thread.

God I wish traps looked like this IRL. Would make me less depressed.

The best boy!

You're about to have sex with Astolfo then (s)he tells you to bend over

nice girl

he pleases saracens for the dinars


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Cute thighs!

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nice cock

He's a man among men and a super bro.

I would be super gay with her.

She's cute, would treat her like a king.

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
When will Trump drop some more nukes on them?

>draw a girl
>call it a boy

>draw a faggot
>call it a faggot

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>be a faggot painter

Muh dick!

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