Do Sup Forumsnons like Rie?

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Worst girl

Roach was worst girl.

Why does this thread exist?

She is a slut and I like her for that.

I'm not gay.

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did she fuck Hayashi?

I have a dick.

I actually like Kohta's character more than I do Takashi's. Kohta actually goes through a lot of development and has more tangible motives compared to Takashi. I don't even care if he gets girls or whatever, it's just that he's so much more interesting in the spotlight compared to wherever Takashi puts himself on the story.

She was dating him so it's very likely that they often fucked, maybe in a Love Hotel.

>do Sup Forumsnons like Rie?

Bitch but wasn't too bad

Shizuka sensei was my favourite even though she was completely useless as a nurse.

>do Sup Forumsnons like used goods?

Made for hatefucking

guy died protecting this hot body.

any goods, living or dead.

>liking used goods

She looks like a whoreslut.

saeko will always be #1 for me. if roach wasn't such a bitch she might have been a nice waifu.

Very sad to see Sup Forums treat my waifu like that. I though you guys had good taste. Shame.

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pic related best girl

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At least she got an upgrade

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best girl coming thru

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Not even close of an upgrade. Rei was perfect, people just can't appreciate her character because they're used to one dimensional ones.

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Let’s see

1. Pushes her boyfriend away after she gets held back a year and wouldn’t open up to him about it.

2. Started dating his best friend and acts like it was his fault that they broke up.

3. Blames Takashi for Hisashi death even though he was bitten trying to save her. Tried taking it back after Takashi almost a ditches her ass.

4. Constantly brings up Hisashi while also trying to Cling to Takashi.

5. Has to get saved serveral times in the story.

She is the literal definition of a thot

>no more hotd ever again
>no season 2 ever


Every female in this series is an object. I'm not sayong that's morally wrong, but I just can't see how anyone can have any connection to a girl in this series beyond lust. The males, too, are just blank slates for you to self insert as. The series is dumb fun but all the characters might as well not have names.

Wasn't this series dead as well because the author passed away?

You only see it this way because you're a self-insert faggot. If you had any sort of relationship with a female, you'd know that the way she acts is perfectly normal. She is human and it's proven that females act more off of emotions than logic. She's in an apocalyptic scenario where the one she loves dies a brutal death and now she's stuck with the guy that was on the other side the whole love triangle. Of course her actions won't be logical, but that's the beauty of this character. That's why I pity Saekofags who thinks she's a well-written character. We call that a mary-sue, friend.

Not true at all. Well, partly true. I do have lust for my waifu but it is way deeper than that for me. Her personality plays a big role as to why I love her. Don't group everyone with shallow people like you.

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this desu. Takagi is made for sex.

Roach is a screeching cunt who has done nothing but yell at people and throwing tantrums because nobody wanted to listen to her to let people die

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Whatever. I don't expect a brainlet like you to understand a well-written character like Rei.

Roach is worst girl.

So you're saying she acts like 3DPD, and yet you find it surprising Sup Forums doesn't like her?

I like her

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are you a chad or something?

I guess you're right, I shouldn't be surprised. It's just crazy to me that people can't appreciate a realistic character with real emotions. I get that anime is not suppose to reflect reality, but it's refreshing to see a character like that once in a while. You don't have to love her but why shit on her like Sup Forums does? Only reason I can find is because people love to self-insert into the MC or are just too much into unrealistic, cliche anime tropes.

My man. She's great

Why are you asking that?

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Because only chads like Roach?

>the way she acts is perfectly normal
So being a short-sighted manipulative hole is excusable because it's realistic? You do know that people also don't like that behavior irl also right?

Well, I wouldn't say I am but if that's the label of Reibros, I'll take it.

So people don't like women irl?

How did the manga end? I remember something in the later manga made anons very mad/sad.

What made them sad is it didn't end

No, you're admitting that women are emotional cunts through your argument, which isn't a compeling trait to write for a character.

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I love her, as a cuck.

Best girl.

That’s a dumbass excuse she’s act normal and human. If you make her such an annoying character and a bitch that’s even worse than a Mary Sue, that’s a dumbass in distress.

Roach is starts fine but she gets eclipsed by Saya and Saeko pretty hard pretty fast.

>You only see it this way because you're a self-insert faggot.

That is horse shit and you know it.

Apparently accountability no longer exists.

Roach only exists to make sword and glasses look better

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Also Rei is a fucking cunt, so no.

Between her and Saeko, I'd choose Saeko. And she's fucking crazy and likes to kill kids.

She was hot as fuck and honestly, that's all you can ask for in a zombie apocalypse. She didn't whine much after leaving the school and if you get too attached to her, it would be all the more crushing when she gets bitten and turned. Rei is the ideal chick in that situation - good enough to save and protect for hot dickings, but not enough to break down and contemplate suicide when she dies.

I’m indifferent but now when I see her all I think about is that diaper gif


Fatso got a love interest that got killed, and then the author died

can someone post it? I somehow can't find it in my archives

>which isn't a compeling trait to write for a character
It obviously is to some of us who likes their girl with actual believable personalities. I'm sure the writer loved her and clearly it worked as it is appealing to her fanbase. Not everyone has to like your typical moeblobs and marysues.

>If you make her such an annoying character and a bitch that’s even worse than a Mary Sue
No, at least not for me. What's annoying to me is seeing the same type of girl in every fucking anime I watch. Yes, Rei may be kind of a bitch because it's not without context. Meanwhile, girls like the nurse or Saeko are just filling the typical tropes you find in anime so that waifufag audience drool over them. Stupid.

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Wait pink died?

Saeko is far superior, as horny as Rei, but skilled and loyal to one dick. Takashi prob thinks the same after the night in the cabin/temple

Is it wrong that I liked her better without glasses?

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No it wasn’t her it was a Feamale cop who was older than him

In the manga there is a police woman in that dies while they try to escape the mall. There is like one chapter after that before they went on infinite hiatus and the Author died.

Wait I thought they went to an island not a mall? Was that OVA anime original then?

The ova was anime only

Nakadashi this bitch until the insults turn into moans

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I want to do lewd things to the bus slut

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That seems like the logical thing to do would be go to an island.

>every time

I respect your royalty to the bus slut

no doujins of her, feelsbadman

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Nice. If it wasn't for Rei, she'd be my main target. Glasses, pink hair, bitchy. Everything I need for my dick to pump gallons inside of her.

Except there were zombies on the island. Even if they did clear off the island there are other issues with living on a small island. One is you don't want to live on a small island in the pacific. The monsoon season gets pretty bad for even mainland Japan. The other is that you are limited with supplies and limited further on how much you can bring back when returning from a supply run, also you become dependent on a boat.

At the end of the world you don't git picky. Just pup your seed into all girls to preserve the race.

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I do wonder how long it would have taken for Takashi and Kohta to divide the girls between them and start screwing them on a daily basis. Maybe once a year had passed and all hope of the world returning to normal was truly gone.

We dont need inferior genes, he can sit in the corner

Agree he had his chance with police girl, he can't be trusted with breeding.

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I would assume when they found a place that they were safe for more than a couple of days. It seems that anytime they found a place that was safe it would only take about 12hrs or less for Takashi to almost have sex with them. Rei had multiple times that she was read like in the apartment or at saya's family compound. The teacher I remember being ready at the apartment. Saya was ready to breed at her house and the mall. Seako was at the shrine, mall, and apartment.

>that doujin where the MC fucks both of them at the same time and cum inside both


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What a needy slut. Way to pick worst girl OP

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I like anyone with huge honkin tits

This must be your favorite anime, then.

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She left him to fuck his best friend all because she got held back a year.

The best she deserves is getting to be a desperate human toilet cumdump.

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Whatever happens to the busty blonde in the manga?

Nothing she just got pushed more the the background

The reason she gets so much hate is very simple. She's actually a completely normal girl with believable issues and emotional Hang-Ups. This is a massive turn off the people who want to avoid reality when they jump into their fictional stories. That's why I Saeko such a compelling option here, she doesn't bring any real relationship problems to the table and instead is completely devoted to the MC.

We do get a kind of jokey hint that she wants to fuck Takashi, though.

What a lucky bastard. Four gorgeous women all want his dick.

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I love teh Rie

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So, how do you all think the series would've ended?

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Probably a harem ending with the characters finding a safe place to stay for the rest of their lives

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